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      By: TogeBesso
      Description: My first long vid, he had been doing it for a couple of months and i stay like this
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      Stop Eating Stones Japan, You Dipshit

      By: Biodegradable
      Description: My entry for GSGiraffe's History of Japan collab
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      Weebs explain japans full history

      By: Master Sword
      Description: Entry for The History of Japan Collab
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      The Most Horrendous Excuse of a Movie Adaptation

      By: NKpower
      Description: In this YTP/early 10K Special thingamajig, Henry tries to do as many juvenile acts as possible while attempting to do his "homowork" from his teacher (who doesn't appear anywhere in this video). It's gonna be a rocky ride from start to finish... oh dear..…
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      EvanZONE ReflectionWERsig 2 bass so cute ハイスピード ver

      By: VanFather
      Description: A somewhat old collab I published here only because Tetrareux told me to do so.
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      Pingu's mother leaves the equivalent of a 5 year old child in charge of babies and unborn fetuses.

      By: ravinrabbid123
      Description: My entry for NKpower's Pingu Collab!
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      Story-driven YTP with 3D visuals (trailer)

      By: Kolyasisan
      Description: An experimental trailer. Tried to make something cool and interesting. Made the 3D scene in Unity, modeled in blender. What do you think about it?
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      The Hoobs are Somehow Noobs at Mending Broken Tubes (10K Subscriber Special)

      By: TheWackyWeevil
      Description: Here's my all-new YTP of the source The Hoobs, to celebrate 10K subscribers! Thank you all so much!  
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      {Tennis with BoonDaCorgi1337} ~ Sammy LaBeouf's loud noises have Afterly Effects on the universe

      By: Sixtyforce
      Description: (Round 1 VS BoomDaCorgi1337) His channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-MZFHd-uFuadSw3dojOaUA Yeh, I wanted the title to be a reference to Adobe After Effects in some way shape or form, lol. I used it a lot here and this actually marks a milesto…