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      (YTP) King & Mick's Bready Adventure [Feat. a lot of people]

      By: Nintendom64
      Description: A huge collaborative YTP story made Chinese Whispers-style by 11 wonderful YTPers. Join King Harkinian and Michael Rosen on a bizarre and tangent-filled quest for a loaf of bread.
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      YTP spingebill gets corrupted (Entry collab)

      By: TheYTPkid859
      Description: omg, I've rendered this for like 6th time! cause Vegas pro keeps on fucking up my plugins.
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      Peppa Pig's Big Whirligig Thingamajig Gig

      By: Paperking99
      Description: Try saying that 5 times fast. After more than a year of absence, Peppa Pig is back and she's better than ever. Join Peppa and her family as they sit on George at the supermarket, lick Nintendo Switch Cartridges, and get high at Sin City. Fun for the w…
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      Anarchy Collab 3

      By: Dark Fox
    7. 7

      Robbie Rotten Goes To Pizza Hut

      By: NKpower
      Description: Join Robbie Rotten as he tries to order a pizza, disguise himself as a blue elf, and get into a freak accident involving a frisbee! This YTP is my longest one yet, and I'm incredibly happy about creating making it from start to finish.
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      YTP T3^^I5 - wthblkgltchnwdi

      By: AygoMedia
      Description: Round 4 vs. Blockglitch. I must say that the results of this round are much better than what I expected, and I hope it gets better as I continue editing and re-rendering.
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      {YTPMV} ~ SparksterHotelMario

      By: Sixtyforce
      Description: This video sucks ass. Also, I think I'm the first person to make a YTPMV out of a song from one of the Rocket knight games. (I'm willing to bet that I am, lol). ====================================================== Twitter:http://twitter.com/Sixtyforc…
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      Maltese Computer Fever Dream

      By: mapo
      Description: Round 4 vs. Soucisse Verte