1. 11

      Maltese Computer Fever Dream

      By: mapo
      Description: Round 4 vs. Soucisse Verte
    2. 12

      maxithousand dooqs doggi brok :(

      By: BoomDaCorgi1337
      Description: b a r q   d o g g i
    3. 13

      YTP - Sir, Private Sauce Sir

      By: Antstein
      Description: My entry for the Full Metal Jacket Collab. 
    4. 14

      (YTP) Mama Luigi Goes To Little Caesars

      By: ThirtyTwelve
      Description: And then Mama Luigi ends up getting shot there. I forgot to add a watermark on this, but who cares anyway?
    5. 15

      Cessame Street

      By: Naut
      Description: In this episode of Cessame Street, Big Bird becomes upset and Elmo discovers what love is. My first stab at something resembling a YTP.
    6. 16

      Pingu's Nuclear Powered Belches cause Global Warming

      By: NKpower
      Description: Pingu goes an misadventure and nearly gets a heart attack.
    7. 17
    8. 18

      {Tennis with szjdfgs} ~ She then died of food poisoning

      By: Sixtyforce
      Description: Rip Virinha. And rip this match. It's over now, YAY! Go sub to szjdfgs now plz: http://www.youtube.com/user/szjdfgs ====================================================== Twitter:http://twitter.com/Sixtyforce64 Youchew:http://youchew.net/forum/i…
    9. 19

      Horrid Henry attempts to break the 4th wall but fails

      By: ThirtyTwelve
      Description: My school holidays are almost over, So here is a quick Horrid Henry YTP Before I start school again.  I made this yesterday and it turned out as a combination of rushed and bad.
    10. 20

      The Disney Cartoons Collab

      By: NitroEdits