1. 31

      Cessame Street

      By: Naut
      Description: In this episode of Cessame Street, Big Bird becomes upset and Elmo discovers what love is. My first stab at something resembling a YTP.
    2. 32

      {YTP} ~ Mmmmm and the fjsdklfsdjafh

      By: Sixtyforce
      Description: I decided to experiment a bunch and bring some of my Sylv3on influences back to the table. I've been trying to break away from my Spore and Avo influences. I feel my style's been getting a little too samey. ===============================================…
    3. 33

      {YTP} ~ Mikewith10toes and the uninspired titles (Collab entry)

      By: Sixtyforce
      Description: Entry into Mighteyes' Michael Rosen 71st birthday collab Full collab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wj0rzVaREjo ====================================================== Twitter:http://twitter.com/Sixtyforce64 Youchew:http://youchew.net/forum/index.…
    4. 34

      (TENNIS) Scout encounters a big twist

      By: Sagan Blob
      Description: ......and a lot of WTF Booms too. Round 4 Vs. GSgiraffes in the Giant Screaming Blob Productions tennis.
    5. 35

      [YTP] Pingu's Pyrotechnic B-Day

      By: Cosmic Collision
      Description: This is my entry for NKpower's Pingu YTP collab. Join here!!!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlrxmOG1TLQ Nearly all of this video was made in Premiere. I avoided using AE in the long run for better render quality. That being said, Premiere is SUUUUPER…
    6. 36

      Jontron slaps his PEEPEE off!!!

      By: Master Sword
      Description: epilepsy warning  
    7. 37

      Ed goes deaf for 10 seconds

      By: OmegaPC777
      Description: My entry for HackerYTP 00's 10 Seconds of Ear Rape Collab.
    8. 38

      イワシがつちからはえてくるんだ 184 (COLLAB ENTRY)

      By: KingGr33n
      Description: Finally, this took 4 weeks to finish. Idc if there are any missing parts. Honestly, I give this a 7.5/10 since I pretty much rushed most of it This is a collab entry for Me and Oface Studioes' Loud House Collab (It was originally gonna be fully Lo…
    9. 39


      By: thapoint09
    10. 40

      Shadz 'n Pally: Transcended Mindrape (Uno)

      By: TehShadzify
      Description: Round 1 of a rematch with Palette