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As members of YouChew's Writing Staff, we love to write articles tackling different subjects on the site, and we love to see what you think about our pieces. However, because of stuff happening in real life, such as school, work, etc., we cannot always post back-to-back articles. This is where you come in, where you can have the opportunity to write a guest article for the site, and everyone on the forum is eligible! So here's how you can become a guest writer.

It'll be similar to how we accept applications for new members on the staff. Simply put, you just write a review, essay, analysis, interview, or a nonfiction story, and send it to one of the Writing Staff members via PM. Mind you, it can be about anything, whether it's about movies, games, music, etc. Our only requirements are that they should be of length, longer than that of a standard blog post (at least 1000 words minimum) and that there is little to no grammatical errors (though minor ones we can correct or let slide). We then look over the post and decide whether or not to schedule a date to post. It's that simple!

If your piece is applicable, it will be shown on the site for all to see, and you will also get the Front Page Contributor medal (4fdMm3i.gif) as a bonus! So, if you're interested (and we hope you are) and want your story to be seen on the site for all to see, feel free to share it with us! We look forward to seeing what you can do!

Happy writing!

- The YouChew Writing Staff


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1 hour ago, ccateni said:

I'll try to do this asap.

There isn't a due date, nor is this a limited time event. Take all the time you need.


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