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An Interview with ProfessorCheeseBall by NITROCONCRETE1

Crazy Luigi

For those of you that may not know who ProfesserCheeseBall is, he's a YouTube Pooper that makes videos with lots of ear rape and heavy effects, yet is still able to make funny sentence mixing jokes, references, and other various effects throughout many of his videos. He only has 631 subs, but I, NITROCONCRETE1, honestly believe he should have more because he puts plenty of effort in his videos, which helps makes me laugh every time I see his Poops. I did this interview because 1. I was curious about many different things about him, and 2. as a fan, I thought I could interview him as a means of having us both know more about each other. With that said, enjoy this interview with a wonderfully talented individual.

NITROCONCRETE1: So, where did you first hear about YouTube Poop?

ProfesserCheeseBall: I don't exactly remember the first YouTube I've ever seen, but it was probably some sort of Spadinner Poop from 2007 since I remember seeing a lot of those at first.

NITROCONCRETE1: Did you enjoy Spadinner when you first saw it?

ProfesserCheeseBall: I did, but then I discovered Poopers such as CommanderGwonam and Imaperson and quickly got into that style afterwards.

NITROCONCRETE1: Ah. And what Poop with that style did you first see?

ProfesserCheeseBall: Once again, I don't remember exactly which one (MEMORY=10/10).

NITROCONCRETE1: Okay. So, which one of your Poops are you most proud of?

ProfesserCheeseBall: As of right now, I'm most proud of Burgers I. I feel like it has the style I've been trying to achieve since the beginning.

NITROCONCRETE1: Ah, so longer Poops and more effects in one part of video is the style you like?

ProfesserCheeseBall: To me, it doesn't really matter how long a Poop is. It could be only 10 seconds and be the most beautiful thing I've ever watched. However, the really fast-paced and heavy visual style I seem to like the most. I still like seeing many other styles of Poop, but this just happens to be my favorite.

NITROCONCRETE1: Alright. If the heavy effect and visual frenzies didn't exist, what one would you like the most?

ProfesserCheeseBall: It would actually be pretty much tied. I can't really decide since all of the YouTube Poop styles all have at least one thing unique to offer.

NITROCONCRETE1: Ah, that's interesting! Who are your favourite Poopers and what famous Poopers have subbed to you on YouTube?

ProfesserCheeseBall: Oh there's quite a list of them....

NITROCONCRETE1: Can you list at least 5?

















Stuart K. Reilly



TheCaledioScope (although it was before he became well known)

These are all the people I can think of at this moment.

NITROCONCRETE1: Alright. If you could describe your style in one word, what would it be?

ProfesserCheeseBall: I guess I'd say....hectic. I like to try and give my videos that feeling.

NITROCONCRETE1: Okay, what do you think about today's Poops?

ProfesserCheeseBall: I think that many of the Poops made recently (that I've seen) are great. It's what I thought since I'd first seen it.

NITROCONCRETE1: Since the Spadinner days, right?

ProfesserCheeseBall: Yes. That's what I meant.

NITROCONCRETE1: Alright. Have you ever made a Poop of yourself?

ProfesserCheeseBall: I actually have in one of my first videos (so, it's not really as good as the stuff I have now).

NITROCONCRETE1: Do you regret making it or not?

ProfesserCheeseBall: I really only made it for a certain collab that got cancelled. So honestly, I kinda do, but I won't be taking it off YouTube.

NITROCONCRETE1: Good to hear! Have you ever regretted make any videos?

ProfesserCheetoBall: If I didn't like how a video was turning out, I wouldn't finish it. So, other than the Poop of myself, no.

NITROCONCRETE1: Okay. Have you ever gotten a real life friend to make an account with some YouTube Poops on it?

ProfesserCheeseBall: None of my in real life friends have ever made a YouTube Poop account. I've shown some of my videos to them and the best reaction I got to them were that they were okay. So, I don't think it's happening anytime soon.

NITROCONCRETE1: So, on a scale from 1 to 10, how important is YouTube Poop to you?

ProfesserCheeseBall: That's a pretty interesting question. I really wouldn't say something around 1 because I probably wouldn't be making YouTube Poops at all. Then again, I wouldn't say something around 10 either because I really only make these as a hobby, and don't really dream to become a film editor of any kind (but I still have fun making them). I guess I'll say...6.5.

NITROCONCRETE1: Alright, what's your opinion on Spadinner?

ProfesserCheeseBall: If it's used in a completely non-serious matter, then I still find it amusing, but otherwise, it's just not that entertaining to me anymore.

NITROCONCRETE1: Well, how much would you say you improved since you started making YTP's?

ProfesserCheeBall: I'd say that I have definitely improved over the years. I seem to like my own work more and more after every video I make.

NITROCONCRETE1: Basically, you would say the video you just posted was the one you were most proud of?

ProfesserCheeseBall: That's usually how it goes, but at this point, Burgers I is my absolute favorite. The newest video that I'm working on might change that though.

NITROCONCRETE1: That's interesting to hear about! Have you edited something which is not a YouTube Poop?

ProfesserCheeseBall: I actually haven't.

NITROCONCRETE1: Ah. Have you ever thought of doing so?

ProfesserCheeseBall: I thought about having a possilbe career as a film editor, but that's about it.

NITROCONCRETE1: Good to know, then. You have 600+ subscribers. How do you feel about that?

ProfesserCheeseBall: I don't really care that much for my subscriber number anymore. I mean, seeing more and more people that like my videos is always nice, but what's really most important to me is that if I enjoying what I'm doing. If I don't than what's the point of making it in the first place?

NITROCONCRETE1: I see what you mean now. So what do you think of older Poops?

ProfesserCheeseBall: There are many out there that I still enjoy to this day. I probably would've never gotten involved in YouTube Poop if it wasn't for some of the older Poopers like CommanderGwonam, Imaperson, avojaifnot, and others that I may or may not know of right now.

NITROCONCRETE1: Well then, what are some sources you'd like to see in a Poop?

ProfesserCheeseBall: Although it really doesn't matter too much to me anymore, I still really love seeing Filthy Frank Poops.

NITROCONCRETE1: Alright. How long does it take for you to make a regular video?

ProfesserCheeseBall: On average, it usually takes about a month. It may take longer or shorter depending on how long I plan to make it.

NITROCONCRETE1: Why would they sometimes be like that?

ProfesserCheeseBall: It depends on how many ideas and how much motivation I have.

NITROCONCRETE1: That makes sense! What are your favorite sources at the moment?

ProfesserCheeseBall: Like I've mentioned earlier, Filthy Frank (literally every new video he uploads is good Poop material) and manwith10toes are sources I still enjoy to this day.

NITROCONCRETE1: Alright. Do you like viral videos as sources?

ProfesserCheeseBall: As a source, yes. Most of them I don't actually like though.

NITROCONCRETE1: Okay, is there anything else you want to say before this interview ends?

ProfesserCheetoBall: Nope. That's all I got.

NITROCONCRETE1: Good to hear. Thanks for letting me interview you! Have a good day.

ProfesserCheeseBall: You're welcome, and I'll see you later.


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These interviews are always really awesome, it's great getting an insight into people's styles and how they perceive youtube poop.

Excellent work.

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"So, on a scale from 1 to 10, how important is YouTube Poop to you?"

I really like this question.

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I known youtube poop since 2006 and i was 6.

I made an account in 2012.

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So PCB hosted the Whose Line Is It Anyway? collab a while back, and since they're bringing the show back on the air, does PCB have any interest in hosting another?

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Crazy Luigi


So PCB hosted the Whose Line Is It Anyway? collab a while back, and since they're bringing the show back on the air, does PCB have any interest in hosting another?

I'm not too sure since I wasn't the one who interviewed him, but anything's certainly possible at this point in time.

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So PCB hosted the Whose Line Is It Anyway? collab a while back, and since they're bringing the show back on the air, does PCB have any interest in hosting another?

Youthboy14 was hosting a second one, but he's now retired. It's currently being hosted by a pooper called JammeKamme.

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