Interview Time with Fiv95!

  • It's always helpful to learn how YouTube Poops happen - like an anatomy class! Today, we shall look at the anatomy of Youchew member Fiv95.

It's always helpful to learn how YouTube Poops happen - like an anatomy class! Today, we shall look at the anatomy of Youchew member Fiv95.


thebluespectre: Good evening Fiv95. You’ve been making YouTube Poops for years… tell me, where and how did you first find out what a YouTube Poop is?

Fiv95: Well it's really a generic story seeing how many YTPers, mostly the older ones, went through a similar way of finding this genre of videos. I was really REALLY young, was browsing YouTube in mid 2009 looking for videos related to the video game character Mario, particularly animation stuff, when I found out there were edits of the CD-i game Hotel Mario, some made in Windows Movie Maker and others in Sony Vegas. At first I thought this was a cartoon TV show, seems I wasn't the only one at all judging by YouTube comments I saw eons ago. Besides being interested especially in the effects on the Sony Vegas videos, I decided to look up info about the game and after some time I found out about the Zelda CD-i games as well I found Vegas 9 after using WMM and Photoshop for effects, which were my very first programs I used for my first YouTube Poop videos.

thebluespectre: Vegas 9? What can you tell me about your video editing software? How have your tools evolved over time?

Fiv95: Well, I started using Vegas 9 after some time of being into rather technical users of effects on their YouTube Poops, back in late 2009 I believe. I was already interested in doing destructive, wacky effects for some time so I decided to find plugins for my program when I lurked YouTube and read info about the program itself and its effects...

thebluespectre: Do you still use Vegas 9? What kind of setup do you use these days?

Fiv95: Over time I started having issues with Vegas 9 so I tried 7 and 12 each in 2010 and 2013. Nowadays, since late 2014, I've been using only the latter due to Vegas 7 fully breaking on me; in terms of plugins, I collect them basically. Boris Continuum Complete 9, NewBlueFX Total FX, Genarts Sapphire 8, Bororo 3D, Red Giant Universe, Hitfilm... you name it, I occasionally used programs like Debugmode Wax, After Effects, Resolume Arena 4, Avidemux, and went back to Windows Movie Maker lately, with added effects this time.

thebluespectre: Do you have a favorite kind of effect you use in your YouTube Poops?

Fiv95: This usually changes, and there are many of 'em... I like 3D (although I also wanna use the program Blender for better 3D, but can't find motivation to learn) stuff like BCC (Boris Continuum Complete) Layer Deformer and Extruded Spline. Another effect I've been overusing is Hitfilm's Sphere, it's very fun to use.

thebluespectre: Huh… what do you consider your best YouTube Poop so far? No need to be humble man, show me what you got.

Fiv95: Well, while I think some of my stuff from 2014 was solid and had some of my best technical editing, I've grown very fond and proud of my latest videos from late 2015 to this year. I currently have a bit more favorite videos than just one.

thebluespectre: Ooh, lay them on me


thebluespectre: What’s your favorite source for footage to splice into stuff?

Fiv95: Either the Angry Video Game Nerd, or to a lot of people's disagreement, Michael Rosen. They give me the best results for my videos, and I find them to be the most exploitable sources for me to use.

thebluespectre: Have you ever seen Micheal Rosen’s reaction to learning that he was a meme? There’s a certain power to YouTube Poops. How do you think your view on life has changed since you started making videos?

Fiv95: First of all, I believe I did but I was always confused about it since in one vid, Rosen said "I love you poopers!", yet other times he blocked YouTube Poopers on Twitter randomly. It's just weird. 

As for the second question, I think it definitely changed especially since 2013, which is when I came back from a hiatus since very late 2010. I don't want to involve personal details about my depression, which helped my view on life change quite a bit. Besides being a lot happier, when I was a young-in in 2009-10 my view on YouTube Poops was really different. I was very easily impressed when the videos I watched were all about the trippy effects; I may still love trippiness but I've become harder to impress as I gained more experience with Sony Vegas in the past year. When I came back to the community in 2013 I was probably at my dumbest, until 2014 which was one of the worst years of my life, but also some of my most productive with 2015 in YouTube Poop. 2014 was at least the year where my passion for music became a LOT bigger thanks to discovering my current favorite ( rock ) genre, shoegaze, and different artists that made ethereal/spacey and/or dark stuff, besides finding out a proper genre to label my own music, IDM. Music talk aside, which is what I overdid the most in my life, I might have not matured as much in the past year but I definitely changed, I used to be less shy before 2014, away from keyboard and my workrate in all my hobbies has gotten slower lately too. Since last year (2016), my depression gradually got a lot less severe but my inspiration and motivation got really low, for a year, so I decided to take a short break. While I am back on track nowadays, I believe I am in a good condition and hope for the best in the future.

thebluespectre: How do you think being a musician makes your approach to YouTube Poops different than other artists?

Fiv95: Well all I know is that I kinda have a more refined sense of rhythm and melody on my YouTube Poop Music Videos, and I like to make rhythmic stutter loops occasionally. I also have the chance to add my own music and samples to segments of my videos!

thebluespectre: Actually, yeah, that’s pretty cool. How is your new album coming along?

Fiv95: I did say my workrate was a halt for some time, right? This improved this year and I've been coming back to it slowly, so I've been experimenting with sound for now, and while I've been struggling with confidence in my own work (mostly the mixing, which is my weak spot, but not for my song ideas) and how my songs sound (also related to mixing), I'd say I am making some progress. If I'm confident enough, this album will be released late this year or the next. Another thing to add is that I'm revisiting old music I did in 2012 and 2013, with a rather new take on the sound. I also am looking to make my songs less tediously repetitive than before, aka improving my songwriting.

thebluespectre: Hey, you can’t rush art. Speaking of which, what do you feel like doing for your next video?

Fiv95: Well for now I actually have more than one unfinished projects I'm currently working on, besides a collab entry. But I might do the same as always on two major things; compile old videos to add up for the length of the big video I'll end up making (I like to look back on old projects on all my hobbies except drawing, haha), and try to improve my effects. I also wanna try to be fast-paced because that impresses me the most. At least when it features creative effects that I don't see often

thebluespectre: One last question man; what advice would you give someone who wants to start making their own YouTube Poop videos?

Fiv95: I kind of have a hard time saying something that doesn't sound mean or generic, but an important thing is to make something that you have fun with, rather than searching to be like the next PewDiePie in terms of subscribers. Also, even more important to me and which applies to a lot of art forms, don't be afraid to experiment at all! Besides being fun (but scary at first) it's a nice way to improve and find out new things, especially about your resources; the editing programs at least. Last advice is, YouTube Poops don't HAVE to be funny (despite me joking about the opposite in previous videos)! I struggle with normal humor for my videos, especially since 1.) I am not a native English speaker and 2.) I am alienated to most humor and avoid it for most part, somehow & surprisingly. But yes, what I'm trying to say is that, if you don't feel confident in relying to humor, especially because of reasons similar to mine, feel free to think about other cool directions to go for your videos, while being influenced by other people that do interesting things!

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To those wondering what happened to the original article that was published yesterday, it's a long story that kind of relates to coding. Don't worry, though! You can still comment and upvote this article here, only now we got the proper mechanisms working also!

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I wish i could have an Interview by someone... :P

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