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Interview with Pimpsahoy



Love him or hate him, Pimpsahoy has been a major influence in the history of YouChew. He has been behind many of the most infamous moments this forum has ever seen and left and left a permanent mark in our veteran culture. After weeks of frivolous scavenging I managed to find his house. Just in time too, as he was about to fly away on vacation to Taikogi Tower.

Here is my interview with the man...the myth...the Pimpsahoy.


To start things off, when did you first learn about Youtube Poop?

I first became aware of YouTube Poop through theeyeclops. He was a moderately popular Halo mapper at the time, and I was a moderately stereotypical Halo player at the time. Naturally, I came across his work. The first poop I saw was titled "Evil Feet."

What was your mindset when you made poops? What did you try to do?

My mindset did not work out well for me. I tried to make many different genres and variations of poop, and almost never succeeded. My skills were lackluster and as a result most of my poops were uninspired and cliché. For this reason I have retired from the poop making scene and will most likely never release a poop again unless it is of high enough quality.

Who were your biggest influences when you were part of the poop scene? And who were your favorite poopers?

As stated previously, theeyeclops got me hooked on the poop scene. He and I never really communicated though. The first pooper who I communicated with on a regular basis and who inspired me to actually create poops of my own was Calculate900. Calculate900, at the time, only created CD-i poops, so upon arrival to the poop scene, I only took interest in CD-i sourced poops and remained interested in those poops exclusively for several years. I watched many of these CD-i poops from poopers who are no longer active and whose names I cannot remember. After finally realizing how hideous CD-i poops were, I moved on and became a fan of BMATF, Stegblob, McMaNGOS, and pretty much any other moderately popular pooper who followed a similar format. I don't watch these poopers as much as I used to though.

You've sort of dropped off the radar over the past few years. Are you "done" with Youtube Poop? Do you still enjoy watching them? Are there guys you still like to follow?

I am pretty much done with YouTube Poop creation. If I ever have the free time and the willpower, I will not hesitate to attempt the creation of a poop. That being said, I still enjoy watching poops, just not as often as I used to. I am almost entirely inactive in the YTP/YCP community, aside from the Steam group. I can occasionally be found in the Steam group's chat room.


You were very well known for your "Top 10 Monthly Moments." What made you start doing these? What influenced your choices? How did you react to the popularity they received? Also, why did you eventually stop making them?

The idea of the top ten monthly moments came to me from nowhere. It just sparked suddenly. It was originally planned to be a one time deal: a terribly formed top ten list of CD-i poops made with WMM. After receiving such positive reception, I decided to continue the top tens on the monthly anniversary of the date that the original was uploaded: the 29th. My choices were very biased. Only poops that appealed to me in their visuals and audio would be selected. No other opinions or votes would be considered and the idea of having other users vote for top poops was brought up several times. I rejected these suggestions every time. Other users even threatened to make their own top tens to counter mine, but my viewers knew my top tens as "official", and so everyone else's top tens were discredited even if they were of higher quality. At first, I selected only CD-i poops. After accepting other poop forms later in my "career", I selected more diverse poops, eventually to the point where the top tens had no CD-i in them at all. It was fun at first and I enjoyed it. After some time, I began to lose interest in YouTube Poop and thus did not watch it as frequently. If I was not watching YTP on a regular basis, I couldn't create top tens. For a few months, I would scramble to find poops during the last few days before the 29th just so I could release something. It became increasingly tedious to create top tens, but I felt obligated to make them. After a few months of this routine, I got tired of what I was doing and decided it was no longer worth it. That was when I gave up on the top tens.

I'd like to get into YouChew now. When did you first learn of the forums and what made you join?

I wish I could answer this question honestly, but I don't know. Not shortly after releasing a few basic YTPs, a certain member, whose name I cannot recall and who may or may not still be active on the site, encouraged me to join YouChew. I was passionate about YTP at the time, so naturally I joined.


You're a very notorious figure in YouChew history, referring to numerous infamous moments that have centered around you, such as when Conrad made you a mod and your numerous bannings. Looking back, how do you view moments like these? Do you have any regrets or disregrets? What was your favorite moment on the forums?

Conrad and I were both fools. Everyone acted foolishly and I don't have a problem with that. Thinking about all the stuff that happened back then is good for a laugh. I have no regrets in regard to what I've done because it all had some sort of value in making a humorous YCP website history. I'm glad to have been a part of it. I cannot pick a particular moment that I enjoyed most, although I will say that I preferred the old Vanilla forum. Conrad was in power at the time and I highly enjoyed his administration. I don't say this because he was more lenient with me, but because I thought he was able to better manage YCP overall.

What do you think of Youtube Poop now? Where do you think the future lies?

YouTube Poop seems dead to me now. I think it has a future, but not for me. As long as creative individuals continue to discover this form of art, it will inevitably continue to be produced...and I hope it does continue. The future in unpredictable. The creation of poop has definitely slowed down since several years ago, but that means nothing. It may boom again...or it may not. Either way, it will still exist and it ought to be embraced.

Finally, is there anything you'd like to say to the folks reading this?

My time on the forum was definitely worthwhile because of everyone who participated and posted...thank you.

Awesome! Thanks for your time, Pimps.

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I enjoyed that interview. I liked the brevity too!

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