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Interview With Stuart K Reilly


This is my interview with Stuart K Reilly. A pooper that began back in 2008, and today known as the host of the infamous YouTube Poop News Show! I've been wanting to interview him for a while since I was curious as to how he came to be, seeing as how he's VERY big within the YouTube Poop community. So, without further or due, here we go!

Me: How did you get introduced to YouTube Poops?

Stuart K Reilly: HOO doggies. That's a hard question really. I keep thinking it was one thing and then another but I KNOW FOR A FACT that it was 2008 when i found it.

It seems I was just looking for funny videos relating to Mario and such. And I came across flash videos, awesome series', sonic bullshit, and what have ya. And I think some how or another I stumbled on to something that related to the "X says Y while I Z" fad. May have been Mario Says No While I Play Unfitting Music. I asked what that was from and the dude said Hotel Mario. And I said to myself "hey I remember that name." I saw that in an old game magazine. Flashbacks ran back to me about seeing these MSpaint looking fat Mario and Luigi characters and Link with this STUPID ASS look on his face. I think it was the look he made when he said "no match for The King". ANYWHO. While looking for the cutscenes to this mess I stumbled upon Youtube Poop. I dont remember which one it was but OF COURSE it was your standard "spa-dinner die die im so hungry I could eat ship" thing. And I got real interested and chuckled up about it, mostly because I thought everything on the poop was so badly made. It was the source I laughed at more than the poop. Mind you this was my FIRST encounter with CD-I. So I looked for more of these "Youtube Poop" things and got more and more involved and some how or another I got to seeing the old videos that were on the first page back in 2008. Ya know Toys Gone Wild, Ashs Retarded Adventure, He Touched Me In- blah blah blah. and i decided that this was a HUGE fad that I needed to be part of NOW, because I just loved the fact that people were taking old cartoons and cutscenes from my youth that were so badly written and drawn and just make them even worse than they were. It was magic. COOL magic. Not pixie pony sparkle magic.


You will find no pony magic when involved with Poop....

Me: When and how did you come up with the idea for your news show?

Stuart K Reilly: Well you see, I had left YCP after they had made fun of a bunch of my shitty spa-dinner WMM poops that I was jerking out faster than bill clinton's semen at the backstage of a press conference. And I shunned them. And now I dont blame them. I was your run of the mill sonic fagtard at the time (not as bad as that guy I commented on on my recent video. But pretty damn bad). THEN I found this website called "PoopTube.Ning.Com". It's gone now. The guy who made it went apeshit and I'm PRETTY certain he commited suicide or something. I haven't seen him ANYWHERE on the internet after he lost his mind. His skype STILL after 2 years has the message "Hello Stuart K Reilly are you going to give up yet" on it. ANYWHO. I met with the people on that website. Their names: Pilli10 (robotnik pooper), Milesaaway (retired YTPMV'er now TF2 fag), Nazeem38 (best gay nigger), Absol (who was Not An S back when i knew him), and JabberDash (who you know today as an Imaperson style pooper who frequents KevinTAckerman's Top Ten ). I made friends with all these people quickly with my southern drawl and lightning fast wit *faps to own awesomeness*. And they got me OUT of the Spa-Dinner rut, helped me get vegas, and made me a MAN, man.

After a while i got to thinking, "ya know theres message boards, channels,playlists, and a wiki for youtube poop. but WHATS MISSING. how can YOUTUBERS find out the new things about Youtube Poop?" Answer: NOTHING. There was ABSOLUTELY no way for anyone to know what was going on in poop unless they asked some one else "DUDE WHOS THIS POOPER/SOURCE/ETC EVERYONES ON ABOUT TELL ME I DONT KNOW FUCK". and at the time the "Don't Be A Dick" rule on YCP wasnt being enforced very well. so a LOT of people didnt wanna go on YCP for fear of being "ATTACKED" by these people.

So I figured. "Ya know? There ain't no show for Youtube Poop. No podcasts, commentaries, NOTHING" I RECKON I'LL MAKE ONE"

So I got vegas 9, a shitty mspaint desk:


and my old acer laptop's old mic.

and THUS Youtube Poop NEWS: Episode One Part 1 "Walrusguy Channel WTF" was made:

Me: You're a huge role model to a lot of poopers. So what do you think of the success you've gotten within the community?

Stuart K Reilly: ROLE MODEL!? I AM THEIR KING! THEIR LORD AND MASTER! Dad gum shit willies!

But anywho, it's a mixed bag. I'd reckon a lot of my quote unquote success has to do with the fact that I'm the first person that ever made an attempt at this.

I'm the friggin Henry Ford of Youtube Poop. Took an existing idea and stuck a motor full of hot air in it.

But I really do appreciate the fact that people think of me as something of a role model, and authority figure. Makes me feel good I guess.

i get messages all time saying

"hey man watching your show opened my eyes and keeps me informed my poops have gotten so much better and im getting WAY more views now".


and what it is is people just taking what I say a little too seriously. You see people joke that "POOP IS SRS BIDNESS" but to a lot of people IT IS. Sadly thats whats killing poop at least to some people. When poopers get a strong opinion about whats hot and whats not (rape for example). That's what they believe, that's their RELIGION. That's what they will take to the grave. And when a certain southern drawl decides that he has a few words about their favorite pooper/source/fad/etc; ho ho look out and get your waders the bullshits a gonna get thick.

So long story short what they need to learn is these are my OPINIONS. NOT the "True Gospel". I am religious yeah but I'm not gonna shove my ideals down your friggin face and make you eat them. I'll bitch and moan if you dont, but I get over it. Because that's you. That's your opinion. And I just think them boys need to calm the hell down. If they would. Uncle Stu wouldnt give them their ass on a platter.

And in all honesty, I think it's FUNNY more than anything. You get these "HOW DARE YOU" comments where the fanboys of a certain thing really rage like "HOW DARE YOU TALK SHIT ABOUT WAXONATOR YOU POOP NAZI HE IS THE NEW WALRUSGUUUUUYYY YOU DONT LAUGH AT HIM BOOOOO HISSSSSS". And when the fanboys get mad at me, I know I've done my job.


And there's Stu having a laugh at his enemies now!

Me: So.... how about those ponies?


But anyway. I will give a good answer to this. When the new Pony show came out. I Instantly remembered the old 1980s and 90s commercials with these badly modeled unicorn looking things meant to target the little girl toy isles and I was like "OF ALL THE SHIT TO REBOOT THEY PICK THIS!?". And HULKY FUCKING SHIT it took off. Now you've got grown 20 year old men changing their names to STARDUST, MOONBEAM, RAINBOW BRIGHT and spending good time on e621 fapping to EASILY DRAWABLE ponies. I mean damn the shit look like it was made in flash by your normal everyday flash fag. You know what I think? I think the reason YCP got into it is because of those 2 ponies that look like Panty And Stocking. ANOTHER FAD I never could understand.

Good god almighty. You can't even mention ponies or horses anymore because of that shit. And on the subject I'll quote a Bon Jovi I did on Planet Freedom





Me: Ok, last question: Do you have anything to say to any new poopers or any up and coming fresh faces. Maybe something to a pooper in particular?

Stuart K Reilly: NEW POOPERS: Watch my top tens and obey. In fact ya know what. Just OBEY altogether. If you don't do what I say you will benefit from the awesome power and tranquility that the republic of the Stuartists will bring upon your life.

CS188: DANG AT THE SEX JOKES but I think you're getting better cool to see some one saying fuck you to the "I hate sex joke crowd" and rolling with it with extreme prejudice. And I like you as a person a lot. Collab/tennis sometime?

Waxonator: I honestly don't know how in the world you're getting all that popularity. Your style of poops has been dead since the early years, adding "memeish" Vegas visuals over it

don't change a thing. You're an inspiration to spa-dinner fags everywhere.

Walrusguy: In all honesty man I liked your last poops your ever made I won't even lie. It was really your fanbase and the bullshit that I didn't like. And I wish you luck with the Youtube Poop movie you plan to harbor to film festivals and I hope SOMEONE who's never seen Poop gets to see it and be anal raped by it.

ChemistryGuy: You friggin rock, sir. You're showing the world that age is not a factor in Youtube Poop. People can look to you and say "see? even grown men with a job and a family can make Poops!", and make them amazing. You're my new favorite.

Sabrina: I LOVE YOU. Fuff.

Me: Thanks! That was rather informative. Thank you for your time!

Stuart K Reilly: No problem.

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That fucking kid


So thats the yiffin skunk-fucking redneck we all know and love,


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Glad I caught this!

I agree about Wax, definitely.

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stu already has 2 Q&As and an interview where imaperson and comgwo ask the questions and it is all spoken

well, another one for the lot, I agree about wax

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Reading is good for the soul. Besides, not everyone is aware of that.

I thought I covered this already.

No more comments like that please. Because while interviewing him, I knew that he has a shit ton of Q&A's and interviews, but not everyone has bothered to watch them. Besides, I wrote this interview for you guys, and to hear that you don't like it because it's been done before is a pain in the ass. Besides, he agreed to doing the interview. So yeah.

Anymore comments like that will be deleted.

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Well I've never read or viewed any Q&As for Stu before, so it was a good read for me CTC. Great job, I look forward to seeing more articles from you :mrgreen:

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Stuart K Reilly


I knew that he has a shit ton of Q&A's and interviews, but not everyone has bothered to watch them.

thats why i keep putting out new ones every 6 months or so

dumbasses think its the first one i ever did EVERY time.

yet i still get comments asking the same damn shit.

God i wanna disable comments

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I liked it. It was a good interview, I'm glad you joined writing staff.

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And thank YOU, sir.

Keep on doing what you're doing. Your news and poops are awesome!

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