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Interview with TangerineImpz


TangerineImpz has been an influential voice in the YTP community in the years that he has been a presence, giving inspiration to many fellow poopers. He has also been an integral part of YouChew's affairs, having once been a moderator for the forum. In this interview, I ask Tang about many things, including how he was introduced to poop, who has influenced him the most, among other related subjects.

Let's start at the beginning of the story. How were you first introduced to YouTube Poop?

Way back in 2002, I started seriously playing this online-only game my dad had bought back in 1997 called Starsiege: Tribes. If you know anything about that series, it was extremely unique when it came out, and for me it was even more bizarre and awesome. As a 10-year-old at that time, this was my first exposure to really interacting with the internet in a way beyond looking websites for Dragon Ball Z (or sites that came up when you googled "Anime Babes" - I was too afraid to look for actual porn). I had played both the Paintball and RPG mods that came out for it, because Anni. and Ultra Renegades were too hard for me. There was a guy named "Road Dogg" who was the first person from the net to talk to me on Windows Messenger, and he was big into two things: progressive metal and modding. Because of him, I am a metal fan today, and a lover of online communities. I later drifted away from him, because I was far better at playing the Paintball mod, and joined various clans - each had its own unique forum, and that is where my Internet interest really bloomed. With all my clan friends on the forum, in Tribes, on Messenger/AIM, I became obsessed and practically only lived in the online world.

Not long later I came across Lemon Demon because of this, and while Neil's music wasn't really my cup of tea at first, I loved his crazy animutations. I joined the forum and created my first and persisting moniker "Tangerine Imp", as a cheap knock off of "Lemon Demon" (I was still in fucking middle school at this point, what did I know) I became obsessed with animutations, which were the flash equivalent of poops, and later joined Animutation Portal. At this time I wandered about other online game communities - mostly America's Army with some school friends, and Counter-Strike - but NONE have ever been as fun as Tribes was in its heyday. Sometime before June 2007, there's a thread on Animutation Portal that talked about "poop" (it was actually part of a bigger YouTube-centered thread, I think) and I was curious, since by that point animutation was practically a dying "artform", and it was time to expand beyond. After that I literally googled for a poop website, and found that Vanilla forum we all know and love today.

The poops I first saw were Freakazoid! and CD-i poops, so that's kinda what I started with in my first three videos. However, considering the sources most poopers used at that point in time, I was pretty original after that. My first account was TangerineImpz, but that account has long since been gone. Imperade was made back in 2008 when I was first suspended, and now I have no way of logging into that account, but it's still up with MOST of my old poops there still. I was the first to poop The Magic School Bus, and helped kill that ol' WTF BOOM clip by putting it at the beginning of all those poops. I would pop out poops like it was nothing at that time - sometimes 2 a day (a great poop joke in there, I'm sure). Thanks to Conrad, I quickly became a radical poop splinter from the norm not long after my Magic School Bus phase, becoming the weird obscurity I am now.


How do you feel about the way in which the medium has 'evolved' throughout the years? Do you believe there will be anything exceptional in store for the future?

The evolution of poop really divulged and separated in late 2007, I think thanks in part to the website. While things in 2008-2009 would really definitely solidify and create the subdivisions, I think 2007 is where we can kinda start to see things really changing. Most of 2007 felt plagued by CD-i and Super Mario World crap, unless you were looking at what people like Duke or Yamino and such were doing. However, once Miss10's and Conrad's tennis match came out, at least to me, it was like "shit just got real". I mean, here I am doing this stupid WMM poops that no one likes, and at the same time you have the Vegas and Adobe crowds just making some of the most amazing and different stuff ever seen. I always felt like Mr Simon and Stegblob really were the forerunners of the more advanced and "professional" poop scene at the time, among others.

I would argue 2007 and 2008 were sort of the Renissance of the poop world, and my favorite time period to be apart of poop, second only to the Yamino/Strangebutts era.

I do not believe, however, that there is a future for poop right now. I think it is perhaps in it's most stagnant and uninteresting phases I've seen - mostly because I feel everyone who was best at it and most influential don't do it anymore, and most of what new kids are doing is the same post-2009, 1-minute-long video style crap I've pretty much seen a thousand times before only done better when the old school YouChew folk were first doing it. At the same time however, I yearn for people to go back to the old days of pooping - pick an episode of Hey Arnold! or some shit, and make a good solid Steely Phil shit. It's unfortunately not something most poopers these days are interested in doing, nor are capable of doing well in the old style, because they weren't around for it.

I would have loved to have seen the "faux poop movie with obnoxiously long credit sequences" style of videos that Butts and Yamino, among others including myself helped concieve, become something much bigger than ever were, but I guess their appeal was just to narrow for them to have caught on - and to be honest, at the same time, I'm proud of that. The jokes stayed stronger and closer to home, knowing how small and personal they were.

I hope the community stays strong, and that someone can kick it properly old school who has the time, because it's what poop seems to be waiting for but no one has been able to properly do.

Who have been your largest influences regarding YTP?

I could go on and on, really, but I'll do sort of a list here for the sake of being able to read easily:

-SuperYoshi: There's no doubt in mind SuperYoshi was probably my biggest influence, he set the rolling ball of shit in motion, and I've always considered a good friend on the forums. To be honest, seeing Matt comment and enjoy some of my videos, was a major driving factor for me to keep going - I felt like I had all the support I needed coming from there alone.

-SeductiveBaz: This guy was my poop HOMIE. My brother. There are no words I can think of that express just how much this guy inspired me to go on, and to this day, he is the ONLY one to have made the REAL YouTube Poop movie. Long live Phil Collins, and long live SeductiveBaz.

-JazzDanceForChildren: Jazz was the third edge to the rape poop triangle as far as I was concerned - 5000 CLAMS will follow me into my grave, and to be honest, I think was the real and true rape pooper among the three of us, back in the day.

-Yamino: Between Fred Phelps, Johnny Bravo, and knowing you more personally now, I always strove to make my videos more like the Yamino classics. I still don't think I've ever come close, but it's because of him that my style changed so drastically once I got Sony Vegas.

-Strangebutts: For a while, this man single-handedly got me to continue pooping when I had probably no inspiration left. It was truly just me and him for a looong time, or at least it felt that way, and it was the greatest exchange of poop ideas I've ever had in this community.

-DukeofFortune: Sorry guys, but hands down the best pooper of all time. No one executed the classic style of pooping better than him - ever. No matter how hard I or any else had tried, no one can touch his simple and elegant execution of poop.

-SpamNapkin: Let me put it this way: I love you. You supported me my whole career, and I love your stuff. Long live Spam.

-MrSimon: Probably the best of the "professional" style poops, and easily the most influential figure of the poop world next to SuperYoshi himself - though I'd argue Simon reached a far wider crowd directly with his videos.

-Stegblob: Robotnik, Robotnik, rah rah rah.

-JingWu: I really don't have to say anything here. King of poop obscurity. Huge influence.

Plenty more have inspired me, like Conrad, TINS, and Emperor Ing, but those guys above were truly the driving forces for me to make poops.


What sort of things motivates you to make videos? Are there any specific factors you're aiming to achieve by making a poop (entertainment, reactions from others, etc.)?

The old question of "what is the point of poop" is one that always troubled me. Right now, I can say it had little to do with the videos themselves, and more about what I gained in the end. I gained interaction with people I shared similar interests with, and became apart of an active community that I loved.

I made the videos to be apart of something I truly wanted to be apart of, and because of my own interests and humor, I was able to do it. There's also something to be said about the feeling of "completion" that comes with seeing a finished product you've made and someone talking about it. Even if poops are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to something that anyone has "made" I think the allure of wanting to make something, even if it's bad, is an ecstasy we tend to forget about in this debate.

I honestly can't speak much about the humor of poop videos, because some I feel just have this sort of rhythm or "thing" about them that makes me want to watch or see again. Few make me really laugh out loud, especially my own which instead fill some sort of image of what a video "should" be in my head and then I just make it.

How much would you say that your tastes in media has influenced the way that you make poops, if at all?

I was making these as a kid, as a lot of us were, so I pooped anything I was watching at that time or that I could recall seeing. I didn't see poop as a means to simply criticize anything, I just thought it was a cheap and easy way to find footage to edit in WMM and make something.

I pooped whatever I could get my hands on, but rarely did poop actually influence what I liked. It was rare to find something someone pooped and want to watch it or know about it, unless we're talking about all the shit Jing's messed with it, but that's because it was obscure/interesting/bad in the first place and therefore interesting. I still don't enjoy the sonic cartoon, no matter how many poops about it I love. Poop was litterally a shit off of my media interests, and once it hit the toilet it rarely came back to influence my media interests. Pooping things like InuYasha, Johnny Bravo, or Yu-Gi-Oh! during the Yamino/Strangebutts era was super easy because I had already loved and enjoyed everything being made fun of, so I was already part of the joke from the get go. I would rarely go find a poop about something, and then love the source simply because of poop.

The exception, of course, would come when we would find random obscure and violent anime, but that was kinda the whole point of doing it anyway - so we had a new source to watch and poop, not just watch it. At least for me, that how it worked, though I do love Mad Bull 34 very dearly, and I hate most of the Power Rangers or Super Sentai seasons as well.


Your videos have influenced many other poopers and you have been a prominent member of the forum. What can you say about the sort of impact you personally have made on the YTP community in general?

You know, I have not a clue on how I've influenced people. I have ideas, but no way of knowing really. I like to hope and think that I've influenced somebody.

I think what was most unique about what I was doing, was that no one else was really doing it or trying it the same way. The way I did rape, tennis, classic poops, and Vegas poops are all very different from what most people do - and most people hate them or disregard them, while a few others really seem to enjoy them the same way I do. I've never been really popular as a pooper, nor have been publicly regarded very highly by really anyone important, and yet I've managed to leave some sort of mark in YouChew history. Between being a moderator here and a spammer, I've done quite a bit here. I've become friends with my idols, like Matt, Yamino, Butts, Tetsuo at one point, and such. I kinda would facilitate an idea, and everyone would hate it. I was very good at doing that.

Anything relative to the Bob Barr thing all comes from "KEVIN BACON" and spamming of him. I made the original Africans meme, that everyone hated. N'eggers was another one. The Critic, where I had first used the "critic answers the phone" gag, long before it became that meme/fad. I was the first Magic School Bus pooper, but those vids really sucked. I'm sure there's more unfunny and uncreative things I've helped make but aren't enjoyed by anyone, but I can't think of any more besides those and a good chunk of my videos.

My influence has always been the biggest question I've had about myself, and I don't think I'll ever truly know at this point because anyone I would've influenced in my prime probably is long gone.

Lastly, what words of advice can you give to poopers everywhere?

Poopers, even if you don't have my approval (haha, like they even know who I am), do what makes you feel fulfilled and happy. That's why I did in the old days, and if it ends up being something I don't like, than you're closer to be similar to me than you think . . . which might be a bad thing, at the same time. . . . Oh well, only way to find out is to do what you feel like doing. So, do it already. Think less, do more, if you want to poop.

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I don't know if this'll make a difference, but you recently became my favorite pooper, and you've definitely influenced me in a few ways. I'm addicted to your WMM style, whether it be those short and fast rape videos, your awesome Hey Arnold poops, or your ventures into Strangebutts territory. I can't wait to see what the future holds for NewImperade.

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Despite the not-so-nice past I had with you, Tang, I very quickly grew to greatly respect you after my transformation into a semi-tolerable person in summer 2009. I regret ever disliking you even a little. You're damn cool, seriously.

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I think you influenced me just as much as I influenced you back in the day.

I still say "MEH HEH TCH HAH" is one of the funniest poops ever made.

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This is one of the finest reflections on poop and the poop community we may see for a while. Well said, Impz. Keep doing your thing.

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Tang's always been the Mang, and always will be. I'm just waiting for his music career to really take off now.

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The Neoprene Junebug


What can I say? Tang was and continues to be a big influence on what I do in my videos. Great interview, Spiral.

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Tang was probably the first pooper I became a fan of as a result of the forum. Even though it might not seem like much these days, TangerineImpz was one of the first poopers to utilize a number of sources in the same video while still maintaining a characteristically poop-like style. Through 2007 and 2008 particularly his rate of output was really high yet the quality still remained very good. Even though nowadays people might identify him as a more "classic" style, I think it's important to remember that he was one of the pioneers of this style instead of a follower.

A lot can be said about his style though really those who haven't should just actually see his material.

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