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YouChew Community Spotlight: An Interview with Metroid998



WalrusGuy, SuperYoshi, KroboProductions, Stuart K Reilly, Geibuchan, Deepercutt, Guysafari, Imaperson, McMangos and mrSimon, these are all names we hear a lot in our little world of wacky abstract videos. We know them inside and out. But that’s the thing, we know a lot about people of their ilk with their immense popularity and whatnot, but what about everyone else? In my own journey as both a fan and fellow creator of YouTube Poop, there have been many people who have come and gone throughout the years. A lot of the people I listed are more or less retired or inactive, and we know their stories intimately. However, there are many others who have been quietly contributing to our odd little medium for aeons with nary a mention of their prowess and accomplishments within it. And I firmly believe that my friend, Metroid998, is one of them.

Metroid998, or “Metro” as I call him affectionately, is a rare and enigmatic creature. He is one of the few remaining members of one of the post-Boomer generations (2008 to be precise) still happily plucking away at it in his own way. In Metro’s case, it’s YouTube Poop Tennis. He fell into the sport very quickly after joining the YouChew forums and had his first match against some character named “Onule.” Suffice to say, Metro hasn’t stopped playing since, except for a brief hiatus in 2014. A veteran of the sport with over 50 matches and 9 tournaments under his belt, Metro is one of the most decorated and well-established players to grace the Poop-stained tennis court. He is however, a humble fellow who has never really sought the recognition I personally thinks he deserves. Metro is a prime example of someone who hasn’t forgotten the true spirit of YouTube Poop: to have fun.

A shy individual by nature, Metro tends to keep to himself unless prompted. When I first befriended him in 2016, it took a fair amount of effort to get him to talk. He can however get quite chatty about his interests (computers, video games, The Simpsons, cats, YouTube Poop) and can be a right cheeky cunt when he wants to be. When he’s not crafting one of his splendid tennis rounds, Metro is busy at university studying computer science-which makes him quite handy when I’m having a technical quandary-and working his job at a gas station. Overall, my motivation for interviewing him was because I believe he has contributed a great deal to Poop, yet nobody seems to talk about him that much. Heck, he doesn’t even have a Chewiki article written on him. It’s time to shine the spotlight on my friend here and allow YouChew to get to know one of its staff members and fellow poopers a little more.

What was it about YouTube Poop that appealed to you the most as both a viewer and later a creator of your own poops?

Well, it all started around 2007 when I first stumbled onto YouTube Poop. I’ve found it as a weird concept way back then, but very amusing. I just accidentally came across it after searching video game cartoons like Super Mario Super Show and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog though mostly Sonic since I remember that show the most as a kid. After looking at clips of the show I noticed some videos with “YouTube Poop” in the title. One of them happened to be Robotnik wants KFC by MrSimon/TheElectricCheese.

I’ve pretty much fallen in love with that video and have been a fan of the medium ever since.

It wasn’t until late 2008 when I acquired a copy of Sony Vegas (through other means yar-har fiddle dee dee) since there was a stigma of “WMM is a bad program” at the time. Creating YouTube Poops during my early career I was mostly fond of the soundbite memes of 2007 like putting “Pingas” or “Spaghetti” and the like onto various footage. I do think it's a bit cringe-worthy by today’s standards, though considering we’re now in an “ironic age” of YouTube Poop, it’s just funny to reminisce about old times like it was before.

Which poopers past and present have influenced your work the most over the years?

There have been quite a few poopers that I’ve felt inspired to do these type of videos. MrSimon/TheElectricCheese, Boogidyboo, Kroboproductions, Deepercut, the list goes on and on for that type of stuff. As for the tennis side of things there’s the usual suspects like MycroProcessor, Gamebop, Cyggie, AshcrementVII, ChrisGendo, Knorruptionsound, and various others.

You’ve been making YouTube Poops on and off for almost ten years. That in itself is quite an achievement in its own right. What do you think has kept you around all this time?

Honestly, I’m not sure how I managed to keep making videos for this long. Usually most people quit after like 2-3 years and just go away from the internet or something. But usually when I muster up some free time or I'm bored, I usually try to make something little by little as time goes by. Nowadays a video could take me anywhere from 2-3 hours working on something nonstop or maybe a few months on and off depending on how busy I am.

What does YouTube Poop mean to you, personally and how do you channel that meaning into your videos?

To me, YouTube Poop is just about anything you want it to be. No matter the style you choose, it’s just video editing. Whether just simple edits to the most extreme effects-side of editing, it’s still a YouTube Poop. I usually tend to make whatever I feel like and I usually don’t go out of my way to please a specific audience. I just do what I want and people can’t stop me.

From looking at your work, one specific trick you like to do a lot is video layering. It’s a technique that’s rather time-consuming, but can yield some rather visually-interesting results. Why do you do it so much, eh?

It’s just a technique that I like to do. It does take some time to do and can be exhausting. But with some proper planning and motivation it can yield some very interesting results. I usually try to experiment with layering to see what shapes I can make out of it.

Of all the poopisms/techniques that’ve existed so far, which ones do you think have been neglected lately and that you’d personally like to see a comeback from?

I personally would like to see “Aidless AIDs” make a return in the future. As for those who aren’t in the know, “The War of AIDS” was time period when CD-I Poops were just stagnant with SpaDinner jokes to the point where it was just unfunny for a lot of people. So the only way to make CD-I more enjoyable in those days was to just to edit the fuck out of it like crazy. Ear rape, effects, etc. Something more akin to IT'S A MUSHROOM GOD DAMN IT! by MasterGwonam:

Maybe I’ll try to give it a small resurrection with a collab or something in the future. So stay tuned.

You utilise a lot of gameplay footage in your work. Is there a specific reason for this, or are you just a big nerd?

If I’m going to be honest, I mainly chose to use gameplay footage as one of my main sources due to being more unique compared to other people. Though once I started doing it, it seems I wasn’t the only one to use those types of sources. Poopers like Furnessly, Gamebop, MycroProcessor and possibly many others have used gameplay footage as a source since 2007-2008. As for the “big nerd” comment, I just like playing video games and have been for most of my life.

Primarily, your work in our odd little medium revolves around Poop Tennis. Having participated in 9 different YouChew-sanctioned tournaments and with over 50 completed matches under your belt, your contributions to the sport are something to behold. What would you say are the main qualities of Tennis that have kept you playing over the years?


There’s always something interesting in the magical world of Tennis. The thing that keeps me coming back to this community is the new people to meet and talk to. I have made some good relations with the tennis community, even though I am fairly shy sometimes. I’m always interested to see new people who are out to try out tennis for the first time or returning after a long break. It truly feels like one of the best communities I’ve been in a long time.

When scouting out new match opportunities, what do you look for most in potential opponents?

When it comes to seeking new opponents, I personally look at how they handle a tennis round. If it’s very destructive I won’t find much enjoyment in a match. If it’s very creative, then I’m in for a good time. Like I have no issues on handling “bad” rounds, but I just won’t feel as much enjoyment as I usually do with a good round.

How would you describe your creative process when constructing a tennis round?

When it comes to my creative process it depends on if I’m serving or volleying. If I’m serving and depending on the opponent I try to see what they can mess around with. Obviously it depends what ideas are presented to me. Whatever ideas are presented to me, I usually tend to follow up to keep the match flowing. Whether it is something effect heavy or continuing a joke from the previous, I try to respond to it to the best of my ability.

What do you personally enjoy the most about playing tennis?

What I personally find fun about tennis is the opponents I face, whether it’s someone with basic editing skills or someone else that’s very experienced. Every match I played has been a different experience and I always have a fun time.

Of all the matches you’ve played, what’re some of your absolute favourites and could you explain why each of them stood out to you?

Hmm, there’s quite a few matches that I’ve played that have become favourites of mine. One of recent memory would with Razerek from the Match Voting Tournament. That match is one of my favourites due to the consistent theme throughout the match and we were able to communicate with each other very well.

Another match that’s a personal favourite would be with AshcrementVII due to it being my 50th match. While the match started way back in 2011 and finished in early 2016 a match roughly 5 years in the making. I found it a fun match just sharing our interest in what we enjoy.

I guess a really old match from my early days that is a favourite of mine would be my first match with Piodx. That match kind of helped me learn more about Sony Vegas’s potential in the effects that it could pull off.  Another match that’s a personal favourite of mine was Magmalord vs. ChrisGendo vs. me from the 3-way tournament in 2010. The fastness in terms of responding to the rounds was quite interesting and it was quite possibly the fastest match to finish in the tournament. It was definitely a lot of fun and the other players were definitely having fun as well.

There have been many dedicated tennis players throughout the years. There are few veterans such as yourself still around, so in your opinion: which newer current players today do you think stand out the most in terms of carrying the torch and keeping the sport alive?

There has been definitely some newer faces joining in the tennis scene. Some very talented and have the potential to keep the sport alive. Some of these include VidTens443, Mapo, Tetrtauex, ZekiiLeaf, TogeBesso, Biodegradable and many others that I might’ve missed.

Of all the different tennis match formats: singles, doubles and multi-ways; which one do you find the most fun/interesting?

I’m personally more into multi-ways because there’s always something interesting about them, especially when it’s a decent amount of people with various editing styles. When you mix a group of people with different styles, the results can be quite interesting. There’s definitely quite a few multi-ways that work in this matter, especially from the Multi-Way Tournament from 2013-2014.

If you could have a match with any veteran tennis player of your choosing, who would it be and what kind of match would it be?

Oh this question is too easy, obviously I would have a tennis match with MycroProcessor. As for the way the match could go, it could be various directions. Though we both have a fondness of the Metroid series. So a match revolving around that could be interesting, though other stuff will be mixed in to keep it fresh. Not sure if it is ever going to happen at this point, (maybe in 2024 or something) who knows.

One more question to wrap things up: What advice would you give to any pooper who’s considering giving tennis a go?

One piece of advice I could possibly give to new players when starting tennis is probably start tennis with a friend or someone you know. Though if you’re really new to the community there’s also the Tennis: Wanted section on Youchew if you like to get a start there. Also read up on the poop tennis rules as well if you haven’t either it’s definitely important if you don’t know how it works.    

Thank you very much for letting me interview, my friend. I'll see you on the tennis court.

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This was a really interesting interview. I remember seeing Metroid998 talked about in your Tennis article, so it was intriguing to learn more about this guy's work in-depth. I'm not the biggest fan of experimental YTPs but I can definitely appreciate the work that goes into making them. Definitely, tell Metroid998 has a lot of talent in the craft. Great stuff. 

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I love this guy, his use of skeleton footage is astonishing, top tier

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