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Recommended Poops of February 2012


JackTron7000's Pick: "Sam I am samples Greggs" by pilli10

Yet another YouTube Poop of the short cartoon based on Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham, “Sam I am samples Greggs” brings several new interpretations to the table, much like every fantastic poop of the cartoon I’ve seen. The reason I enjoy Pilli10’s poops as much as a do is likely because has always utilized a style that I can relate to. It appears that he conjures up clever gags one at a time and pieces them together as he goes along. The entire poop is loosely based on the abbreviation of “green eggs and ham” to that of a popular bakery chain in Great Britain. Much of Pilli10’s background lies under the crown, so the regionalist humor brings some cultural interest into the video. The protagonist of Green Eggs and Ham claims to not like Greggs Bakery and every time he claims so, a franchise installment is destroyed with a missile. However, refusing to reuse the tired route that AlvinEarthworm took with this source (his video consisted of close to nothing but the Knox refusing gay sex from Sam I Am), Pilli10 interpolates other varieties of jokes in his poop. For instance, a subtle running gag in the video is one where the bulk of the foreground objects are drained entirely of color. Later in the video, the Knox finally vents his exasperation with Sam’s attempts to force his favorite dish on him when he declares, “For fuck’s sake, I do not like you, Sam. No one likes you,” which is abruptly followed by a cut to the credits. Pilli10 also calls attention to the fact that the cartoon’s score at the moment the Knox discovers that he does, in fact, like green eggs and ham bears an eerie resemblance to funky mood music by replacing it with Marvin Gaye’s 1973 super hit, “Let’s Get It On.” If those jokes sound up your alley, then the rest of the poop retains roughly that very caliber of humor throughout, so give it a watch!

Captpan6's Pick: "Ethan Mars is Gay" by Deepercutt

I've always enjoyed Deepercutt's stuff no matter what it is so perhaps there's some personal bias here, but regardless I don't think anyone should miss this gem. Without going into the secret videos hidden within, I can safely say this is a rare 10+ minute poop that will definitely hold your interest. The material is brooding and dark, almost uncharacteristic of the type of source material Deepercutt likes to use, but he uses it to his advantage and creates an easy-going pace that makes the jokes more memorable and at the same time holding onto the quirks that he has been known for (i.e. "8 minutes later"). There are several notable gags involving showers, flying, and the always expected Sonic references, and many of these gags are what you'd expect from a poop like this. But there are also some darkly comic moments that Deepercutt introduces, which I won't spoil. Many see this as a return of sorts, and while that technically is true (he hasn't concocted much within the past year) it also shows that despite the stress of long hiatuses and high popularity that he isn't afraid to try new things. With consistent humor, new techniques, and a source that is tough to tackle, Ethan Mars is Gay is living proof that Deepercutt can still dish it out.

Bematt's Pick: "Jerk 'n' Douche Tell Us About Homestuck" by AbsoluteBillion

When I was young, I loved Drake and Josh. Now these days, I love AbsoluteBillion. Okay, maybe that's not entirely true, but this video is amazing. There are very rare moments in life where I hear ear rape and I end up laughing until my lungs are screaming for mercy, and this is one of those moments. Billion has been making really great videos for a long time now, and this has to be one of his best. Drake and Josh is a simply hilarious source, being one of those live action sitcoms that makes way for easy editing. It has a beautiful pace, and the gags used are simply perfectly timed and executed to hilarity. Billion does a great job of keeping the effects fresh and humorous, and it's short and sweet for easy viewing. He also works well with clever sentence mixing and wordplay that really leaves the gags fresh. Billion has always had this way with executing jokes and methods of editing that really enhance the viewing experience, and let me tell you, when I laugh this hard at a video, someone has done something right. Billion proves that no matter who you are and how long you've been going on living, there's always one question. "WHO WANTS TO PLAY BINGO?" I do, Drake and Josh's grandmother. I seriously do. Never stop.

Spiral's Pick: "Typical Day at the Office" by SeductiveBaz

SeductiveBaz has done it again with this latest video of his. "Typical Day at the Office" uses a Virgin Media commercial featuring record-breaking sprinter Usain Bolt impersonating Virgin's founder Richard Branson, which has plenty of exploitable moments that were used to great effect. Baz used techniques such as repetition and stuttering in a fresh and hilarious manner that doesn't grow stale at all, and it manages to keep one's attention to the very end. Through the video is short with its one-minute duration, it still leaves a good impression that may very well lead you to re-watch it several times, as was the case for myself. I can safely say this was my favorite poop of the month—simple in style, but incredibly well done. With that said, you will get something out of watching this video. At the very least, knowing that he's Richard Branson.

supreme_slayer's Pick: "Da Kong Extended" by DukeOnklenNukem

I cannot even begin to describe how addicted I am to this video right now. I don't usually watch a lot of YTPMVs, but this one has me listening over and over again daily, and has once again gotten the catchy song "One of Us" stuck in my head. The very beginning for me was slightly hit-and-miss for a while, though the more I watch the video the more natural the first 30 seconds comes together and the more I can appreciate the rapid stuttering coming from King K. Rool. The fact that he also managed to shove in a shot of Donkey Kong's over-sized and over-detailed butt is just icing on the cake. Not to mention he found the pefect sound to use during the intro and thereon. I had never even noticed such a beautiful thing in the original One of Us. I am by no measure a connoisseur of music, and some other members probably could point out flaws within this video I had not even noticed, but to me the whole thing just melts together into a wonderful mess of goodness. I think the best part of all this is that I only found it because of a comment I made a long time ago on the original "One of Us" video on YouTube stating "someone should make a remix of this". I got a reply linking me to this video, and it's a miracle I followed as I have never before followed a YouTube link someone puts in the comments. You hear me, DukeOnklenNukem? Your video is comparable to a miracle--an act of God!

Silverstreak's Pick: "The Grandpa Effect: The Living Room Filled up with Leftovers" by AGSMAentertainment

What can be said about this masterpiece that hasn't been said already? Critically acclaimed by many members on the site and otherwise, The Grandpa Effect: The Living Room Filled up with Leftovers (the third in a trilogy by our own AGSMA), takes us on a thrilling cinematic Poop adventure. Unlike most typical "YouTube Poop: The Movie" attempts that usually fall face-first due to a slow pace, this video mixes a very subtle plot with rape-styled Pooping. The best thing is, you can interpret this however you want. Personally, I watched it as a touching adventure of King Harkinian, Fat Mario, Gay Luigi, and Morshu (a family complex is even suggested early on in the Poop), in their attempts to escape from Donald McDonald, and to stop Oz from, what appears to be, drilling to the Earth's core with a giant pineapple. Other people have told me that they've construed it otherwise, and that's pretty phenomenal for any piece of drama, let alone a YouTube Poop. A bit of Flash, a bit of rape, a bit of classic, and a bit of everything. The Grandpa Effect has got it all. If you have yet to watch this ten minute tale, I recommend you watch it henceforth. And if you already have, it's time to watch it again.

LightningLuigi's Pick: "A Very Bird-Related Portmanteau Special" by HotFriedSkadoosh

After a rather lengthy and rather disappointing hiatus, HotFriedSkadoosh has finally released his first poop in nearly a year, and I'm quite giddy about it (text cannot properly display my enthusiasm, so just go with me here). I've always appreciated the way HFS blends sources together to form the perfect punchline, and this video is a perfect example of that. The creativity and the obvious dedication that went into making this (as with most all of HFS's work) really stands out, and it's hard to not admire the well-spent effort. There's hardly a second spent that doesn't lead into some kind of joke, be it visual, sentenced mixed, or both, and that's the kind of style you rarely see these days. And there's a couple of YTPMV sections in there that are quite well done as well. Overall, this video is just fantastic, and I warmly welcome HotFriedSkadoosh back to the wondrous world of poop, and look forward to more videos from him in the future.

Combuskenisawesome's Pick: "The Tester in a Nutshell 2 - Betty Spaghetti" by holdenmcclure

It's really interesting first finding out about something through a YouTube Poop. After all, many of my favorite YouTube Poops take the approach of highlighting the badness present in a bad source. Checking out Sony's The Tester, like a lot of reality programs, it is a bad source, as in, not bad for pooping, but bad in the "oh god why" kind of embarrassing way. Holdenmcclure did a marvelous job of poking fun (or tearing apart, depending on your point of view) at the idiocy that is contained within The Tester. From what I can tell of the person's other videos, The Tester in a Nutshell series is likely his first, or close to his first YouTube Poop videos. Heck, given the tags on these videos, I don't even know if the creator really considers these YouTube Poops at all (But I do). Even so, this series is one heck of a debut, finding such a ripe source to use. Now, I chose the second in the series for three reasons: One, I felt the first one was a little bumpy, expected of a first-timer, of course, but the second improved on it a lot. Two, I think this one is better than the third one because the third one relies a bit too much on meme insertion to me. (Betty Spaghetti is also guilty of meme insertion, but I felt it was less relied on and did see some effective use, such as the "get back in the kitchen" clip's music being continued over footage of the show). The third reason is also the reason I chose it for this list. See, for me to really, really like a YouTube Poop, it has to have one or more "really sticky moments": moments I will remember and laugh at even hours or days later. This video does it for me, primarily thanks to the ending, with the gut-bustingly funny repetition of the guy in the red shirt shuffling back and forth. That clinches it!

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Even though you already know my opinion on effect-heavy poops, AGSMA deserved a spot. Personally, I thought it was just random stuff.

Also, I've never heard of that Tester show before. Nice to see a longer list.


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I liked a lot of them too, my favourite being pilli's, mainly thanks to the wonderful brand of humour he uses in it. Much love for AGSMA as well.

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Thank-a you so kindly Jack for playing-a my gaaaaaaame (saying mah name).

All are works I admire from poopers I admire I just love them all.

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I haven't listened to many of these guys, just mostly the well known ones on the front page, but some of these are still quite good. Sentence mixing is the most creative and best asset I think, and I loved the ones from 2008-2011, but I don't see the same kind of humor that I saw from many of the popular guys, like cs188 or Hurricoaster.

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