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Recommended YouTube Poops of April 2017

Crazy Luigi
  • While it has taken a bit longer than expected, the best of April 2017 is now confirmed at last! Plus a special announcement at the end of the article.

Hey, I want to apologize for getting this article out later than expected. Work lately has really left me exhausted lately, both physically and a bit mentally. Still, I did commit to getting the best for April 2017 down before the end of this month, and I did exactly that! Not to mention I have a bit of an announcement in regards to the guest writer announcement from last month, as well as for YouChew's The Best of 2016. However, I'm afraid to get to that point, we'll have to get through the Recommended YouTube Poops of this month for this particular year. So let's not waste anymore time in that regard!

Crazy Luigi's Pick: "229- Requiem for a Croquette Sandwich" by Combuskenisawesome

You know, before this video came out, there was just something missing for me when it comes to YouTube Poops released this year (for the most part). However, for the longest time, I just couldn't point out what exactly that was. Oh sure, there were still some videos I managed to find that managed to entertain me very nicely (including my own choices for the past three months, as well as Mama Luigi Watches Dinosaur Adventure by Waxonator), but for the most part, I wasn't really feeling most videos that were released this year for some reason; even a majority of the ones at the very top, despite them being edited supremely well, didn't do much for me this time around. However, up until the release of this video, I didn't know the reason why that was the case, nor could I feel like I could articulate it properly. Thankfully, Combuskenisawesome has graced us of her presence once again with another fantastic video; one that, I should note, helped me figure out why I feel like I have more of a blast watching this particular video (or at least, its style) over most YouTube Poops I've seen so far this year!

One thing that caught my eye to showcase what I mean there is how light-hearted and fun-spirited it really makes itself. While most of the YouTube Poops I've seen tend to just take you straight into the action (for better or for worse), Combuskenisawesome usually has a narrative introduction for her mainline videos, such as here with the Kamen Rider narrator setting up the Pokémon Sun & Moon anime in his own clever way. When it does get into the actual meat and potatoes of the video, it also manages to have jokes that help add to the scenes in question. Take the introduction of the Rotomdex, for example; not only do both Ash and Professor Kikui get moments to shine, but Rotom (or rather, the Rotomdex) also showcase how insane it can really be, what with it saying it comes with an assortment of languages, but can't recognize the word "awesome" and later tries to utilize the word in its own way. However, I think what best caught my eye on this particular video was some of the sharp wit and direction that came about once the Rotomdex mistook Ash's Pikachu with the more common (in Alola, at least) Mimikyu.

Starting by that point, I feel that's where things really picked up in terms of how I was enjoying the video. Between the "spooky creepypasta" direction when talking about Mimikyu, the background effects used to enhance certain scenes - including a pretty clever literary reference, and the reaction to the rogue Litten ("That's why the Litten is an asshole!"), I can safely say I got some genuinely great laughs out of the video. It only gets better once Team Rocket meet up with the Mimikyu in question, with Mimikyu trying to be that one peer pressure guy you see in those anti-drug commercials and Team Rocket noting to it that it's a kids show and they're a drug-free organization, similar to D.A.R.E., instead. I could continue going on and on about the video's style at hand (including the ending that was used with Meowth gazing at a Gardevoir, a Lopunny, and a Glaceon for some reason (and later, a Gabite) in loving eyes, as well as the Pokémon narrator saying that their journey continues (or not)), but I think I've said all I really could on that regard. Instead, I figure that I could end this by saying maybe we could continue to switch up some of our styles for YouTube Poops moving forward for the rest of the year. If nothing else, that's why I've decided to name it my Recommended YouTube Poop of the Month for April 2017. Well, that and the fact that Rotomdexisexcellent named it 'An Excellent YouTube Poop.'

Biodegradable's Pick: "Roger Roasts Rabbit For Herman's Post Easter Birthday Passover Feast" by JokeyBRPG

JokeyBRPG has weaseled his way into the Recommended YouTube Poops articles for a second time as he brings us a wonderful romp of good fun with his video using the opening short from the 1988 classic film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. This YouTube Poop is a terrific blend of classic and modern techniques that spits squarely in the face of every single one of those crusty old dorks who reckon YouTube Poops haven't been interesting since 2009. Much like his previous masterpiece, Kiss The Girl, Jokey displays some terrific handling and top-notch prowess with his use of complicated effects, but this time around he goes for a simpler and faster-paced editing style that prevents the video from dragging despite being five minutes long. I have to say that he's really nailed it here and in my opinion, this is Jokey's best work to date and the level of precision and effort he puts into his work is inspiring. One of the aspects I love most about this particular video, aside from it working as a terrific love letter to the medium as it pays homage to the classic style while also cementing itself as a stellar example that YouTube Poop continues to change and evolve to the point where it shows no sign of slowing down, is that it feels like a YouTube Poop where Jokey really comes into his own and the video feels much more like a video of his own as opposed to being a tribute to Geibuchan (his greatest influence), who by the way thoroughly enjoyed it himself. Good on ya, Jokester; your YouTube Poop hero finally acknowledged your work and I couldn't be happier for ya, mate. It has been an absolute joy for Yours Truly to watch JokeyBRPG grow and develop as a YouTube Pooper since first discovering him last year and having the distinction of being one of his very first subscribers. If you are one of those moaning wankers, huffing and puffing that YouTube Poop isn't fun anymore, I suggest you subscribe to Jokey's channel this instant before I come to your house and beat you around the ears with a bag of old peaches.

RGS' Pick: "Grillerz in Space" by TrailerPoopers

One of the most important album releases of the year so far was Humanz by the acclaimed virtual band Gorillaz, created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. During the hype for the record, fans started to create a ton of edits, memes (the bath, anyone?) and, of course, YouTube Poops, centered around the new single “Saturnz Barz” featuring Jamaican reggae singer Popcaan. However, while most of them were pretty mediocre and hastily put together, at least in my eyes, TrailerPoopers, a YouTube Pooper who started back in 2015 and, as his name implies, got lots of attention thanks to his videos based on movie trailers (although he does ventures into making YouTube Poops on whole movies and music videos), came out with “Grillerz in Space”, the third installment of his “Grillerz” series. Not only does this have quick comedic timing and editing that a lot of YouTube Poops on the source lack and some superb sentence mixing (of both “Saturnz Barz” and another Gorillaz single, “Ascension” with rapper Vince Staples) that caught me off guard, but it's all compressed in a short, fun YouTube Poop. Sometimes other YouTube Poopers make projects that are unnecessarily long with filler jokes, but “Grillerz in Space” is a great showcase of how much you can do in just about a minute. It's simple, yet effective; one of TrailerPoopers best YouTube Poops and I’d extremely recommend it, as well as his other works.

Thebluespectre's Pick: "YTP - Link Pirates a Movie" by Jimmy Davis

Sometimes, April Fool's Day on the Internet isn't as fun as television told us it would be. Cartoons depict April Fool's pranks as being these complicated setups with multiple people collaborating and a sequence of events dependent on everything going perfectly... yet most corporate websites have "pranks" that can be summed up as "We have a new and silly sounding product, oh wait, no we don't". This can be funny if it is self-aware, like when Nintendo claimed to be selling Jelly Belly beans with a "Prince Sidon" flavor, but more often than not, it usually falls flat. While I wouldn't want to have to endure anything as pointlessly painful and cruel as, say, the booby trap Squidward set up for SpongeBob that one time, I do want to question my reality for just a little while. Life has to have a bit of mystery to it, you know?

But then Jimmy Davis comes along. What we have here is a mashup of a mashup. Using the footage of his previous YouTube Poop "The King's Nostalgia Trip" as a background element, he creates the story of CD-i Link being a dumbass as usual and pirating a movie with his phone. The joke in this case is that the pirated movie is out of focus and barely audible, with the YouTube Poop becoming about Link arguing with other CD-i characters as they chastise him for piracy. The sentence mixing is exactly as awkward as it needs to be, and totally dependent on the audio tracks it is spliced from. The mayor needed almost no edits to make sense in context (which is funny by itself), while CD-i Ganon had to have his relatively mild argument kit-bashed together from five or six sentences of loudmouthed death threats and shouting "NOOOOOO" while being banished to the netherworld. The character animation, while limited, appears fresh and original. The intrusions by other CD-i game characters are a strange mix of being rather unexpected and totally expected, including I.M. Meen being exactly as menacing as a man defeated by a 5th grader's grammar lessons should be.

"Link Pirates a Movie" really manages to be a fun April Fool's prank by being like nothing we'd expect from a YouTube Poop. The Philips CD-i games advertised themselves as having impressive audio and video, and while that's... rather questionable today, nobody can question how many laughs and smiles we can get out of their cutscenes. Their characters are goofy, fallible and surprisingly human, a team of jerks and underdogs who can fill seemingly any role. It may be a mundane context for some fantasy heroes, but they truly feel right at home.

And that does it for this month's entry. I'd tell you to say if you have any entries we missed, let us know about it, but I doubt anyone really cares on that part. Instead, I want to spend some of this time talking about the guest writer articles and YouChew's The Best of 2016. First, in regards to guest writers, we're still interested in anything that you might think would work for the Writing Staff. Second, after this article's published, expect our first guest writer to have his article be released sometime next week (more specifically, either this upcoming Monday or Tuesday). It's going to be something rather unique and fascinating for us to publish, to say the least. Third, and probably just as important, YouChew's Best of 2016 article was temporarily delayed due to Dopply's unfortunate resignation from the admin staff. However, thanks to the gracious help from Biodegradable (with some help from a couple of fellow Writing Staff members, myself included), expect the last mentions of 2016 for this year to come out a week or so after our special guest writer gets his piece out.

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Correction: The previous "masterpiece" poop title referred in the article is Kiss the Who: A Disney Youtube Poop.


I enjoyed another detailed reflection from a fine Australian fellow like @Biodegradable since he knows what I am attempting to accomplish:

Understanding the techniques used by the various poopers, how they use them to develop their own character, and how I can turn it around to make myself stand out. Having the Blue Red Purple Green colors is becoming a standard "branding" for my poops, and I feel that I can find clever ways to take nodes from poopers of ERA 1 (2004-2009) and ERA 2 (2010 - Present) while still finding opportunities to stand out more!


P.S. my Roger Rabbit Poop is now available at the Youchew Video page of May.


P.S. 2, I hope you figure out the double reference of the two eras of Youtube Poop along with a certain trendy show that I hope to poop due to strong influence and combination of cartoons and anime tropes.

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