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Recommended YouTube Poops of April 2018

Crazy Luigi

Hey, I want to apologize for getting this out so late. There have been some personal changes going on with some of our lives, which have affected the output in our entries recently. Furthermore, we did want to let our newest member have his own say on things here as well, and as his entry notes, it took a bit longer than expected there. Still, none of that should be considered excuses to hold back for another month. Of course, while it did take a few days longer on my end to get things done (mainly because I honestly wasn't 100% sure on my entry I ultimately chose after all), I did manage to warrant an entry just in time for this past month. So without further ado,  enjoy what we thought were YouTube Poops we'd personally recommend for the month.

Crazy Luigi's Pick: "YTP Tennis Round 1: SpaceHamster doesn't remember anything about his game" by Octopus Cookie

Sometimes, whether we like to admit it or not, the best YouTube Poops made are also technically considered Tennis entries. Yeah, those personal competitive videos of sorts that would usually be made just for shits and giggles can also provide some of the best material we could see throughout an entire year for one reason or another. However, there's something about the nature of those videos that appear to create some rather high-quality YouTube Poops that might not have ever been done otherwise, starting from the very first one by Conrad Slater and Misselaineous10 to this very day, especially nowadays. Of course, I admit that I'd rather have my variety be spread out as best as I can, but with the way things are these days, it's tougher to do that now when compared to before. Regardless, it's always nice to find someone new that you haven't heard of beforehand creating something you found genuinely enjoyable in its own right.

Before I do begin, the thing that should be mentioned is that someone named Octopus Cookie managed to have JokeyBRPG (a YouTube Pooper who's grown to be a bit like Geibuchan at times with his edits recently) as a YouTube Pooping Tennis opponent. The reason why it should be noted is that having an unknown personality taking on a promising, growing user like JokeyBRPG should mean the unknown should have the capabilities to at least match-up with an opponent with experience in their own way. Luckily, I can say Octopus Cookie does exactly that with the different things done here to make this user someone to keep an eye out for moving forward. For starters, I've noticed that Octopus Cookie is quite the observational cookie when it comes to the edits of this video, at the very least. I mean, from the introduction alone, you can tell he has quite a good sense to humor relating to the nature of Tennis here, as well as how someone like SpaceHamster can feel rather similar to other people covering the exact same thing. In fact, that introduction where he interlaces audio from SpaceHamster's actual friend PeanutButterGamer, jacksepticeye, and Matthew Patrick from The Game Theorists' Game Theory show may showcase how easy it is to replicate that kind of style for certain video game shows on YouTube, but later edits in it showcases a sense of enjoyability for SpaceHamster's and some of the absurdity involved there.

The entire video is actually done in a way that's rather simplistic in nature for its own comedic highlights. From having SpaceHamster talk about how Game Theory sucks and hearing SammyClassicSonicFan's screechy kid voice to the idea of SpaceHamster coding a Sonic game of his own because there apparently aren't any Sonic games, the ideas shown do have quite the humorous scenarios in their own special ways. I mean, the game that was created during 12 seconds of coding was essentially a knock-off of the infamous Sonic.EXE creepypasta fangame with edits involved to make the situation more comedic than potentially horrifying to certain people, much like how Link being playable first means it actually isn't a Sonic game after all. Things like the bit with the rather underrated Drawcia Soul music from Kirby: Canvas Curse and the surprises from Wario also help give it some character moving forward. Really, it goes to show you that videos like this are always needed to help keep things grounded on your end a bit, as well as try out something new in the process.

TheOneManBoxOffice's Pick: "DMX adopts a shelter kitten" by Garbage Igg

In the world of music, I'm not that much of a fan of the rap genre, but even then, you don't have to be one to find YouTube Poops of rap songs funny. Such is the case with "DMX adopts a shelter kitten" by Garbage Igg, which is my YouTube Poop of the Month for April. For this one, Igg uses the classic DMX song "Where Da Hood At?" and mixes the lyrics to portray DMX as someone who cannot find neither the east or west sides, the woods and wolves, and loves cats...a little too much. All of that is through sentence mixing, which is the main highlight of this video. Again, I must bring up these music-based YouTube Poop comparisons with cs188's "The Death of Eleanor Gravy" in that this is one of those videos where if it was just the audio, like an audio YouTube Poop, it would still be just as funny, and I just about pissed my pants near the end of it. Really, it also goes to show how easy it is to turn a simple rap song, whether old or new, into a complete hodgepodge of unintelligible nonsense while keeping in rhythm with the original track. To conclude, the guy who made this is anything but garbage. He is comedy gold.

Dieathan's Pick: "The Centurionsionsionsions" By TheBigL1 (April)

To be honest, my pick for this month caught me by surprise. Not just because of how soon into the month it was uploaded, but because I somehow felt from that moment it was going to be a worthy contender for my monthly recommendation and it ended up becoming so at the end of the month. Yes, TheBigL1 has given us quite the marvel of a Centurions: Power Xtreme YouTube Poop here, with plenty of quick and clever gags, pitch-shifts, sentence-mixing, and even when the pace decides to slow down for a bit, it still manages to deliver a good laugh. One thing in particular about this YouTube Poop that stood out to me was one of the reoccurring jokes in the poop which revolves around Ace McCloud constantly opening doors (or really, the same door) all over the place, and it eventually builds itself up to one last twist on the joke near the end to wrap it up. The joke itself evolves over the course of the video, trying to present itself in various ways, only suddenly to subvert expectations by going against the one common similarity between every instance up to that point, and present something completely different to top it all off. While I could say I was expecting the joke to pop up one last time, I was pleasantly surprised to see it have some form of conclusion by the end regardless. Either way, it's another stellar YouTube Poop from TheBigL1, and you should do yourself a favor and check out arguably his finest work yet.

NitroEdits' Pick: "{YTP} - Ajay Singlehandedly Sacrifices Himself With The Power Of Milk" by NKPower

To be honest with you, it was tough picking just one YouTube Poop for the month of April. There were so many good ones it was hard to choose. Even at the end of the month when I was asked to pick one, it was still a wildcard. Little did I know, I was about to be blessed with a gift before May 1st had hit me.

A couple of hours after I thought I had made my decision, NKPower blasted me with this wonderful video. I watched all 5 minutes of it and to say the least, I was floored. NK's style of YouTube Pooping taking quirky British children's shows and exploiting the ever-loving hell out of them never fails to amuse me. The source here is Planet Ajay, which I can only assume is an inane odyssey chronicling a weirdo named Ajay who uses kids to save the planet from an Ali G impersonator with bad teeth. See where I'm going with this? NK takes all this stupidity and morphs it into a fun filled fast paced joyride that uses about every trick in the book flawlessly. The stutter loops are impeccable, the jokes are gold, the faces Ajay makes are equally as hilarious, and not once did It seem like he was losing my attention. He had me strapped in for a roller coaster filled with intense milk drinking, bags of pee, powdered milk, and Olympic rings that revved up and never slowed down. 

It's safe to say that at this stage in his career, NK is up there with some of the greats, and this video was the one to solidify it.

And that concludes our list for the Recommended YouTube Poops of April 2018. If you've noticed that this month was shorter than usual, I'm afraid it was because Mackenzie's personal life (relating to job hunting and vacation time) didn't leave her enough time to find anything for the month. Luckily, she did inform me that she was going to try to find something for the month of May with her vacation to Italy concluding, so that's good to hear. Of course, if there was a video any of us had genuinely missed this month that we didn't talk about here, please let us know about it down below! Otherwise, enjoy the videos we selected for the month. Oh yeah, and while one spot has been filled up for the Writing Staff, we're still open for a few more if you're still interested and haven't applied for a spot yet.

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I felt happy that I have a real opponent that I not only I can work with, but has a real synergy on wanting to build up on existing rounds and take them in unpredictable directions. I will take me a while to develop round 2 as I have also something in stores.

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The vacation part is correct, however the 2nd reason would actually be my uni entrance exams and the 3rd one (the biggest one) simply being that I just couldn't find a video I wanted to talk about. I'll check these recommendations out, too! Well written, as always. 

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I never expected to be on this list ever. I'm not big into view counts or being super professional with my edits or being some top-notch entertainer. I mostly just make these as a hobby and to share around with my friends. Seeing my video on the list made my entire month. Thank you

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