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Recommended YouTube Poops of December 2016

Crazy Luigi
  • While it was a bit later than anticipated, the December 2016 YouTube Poops are right on time this week! Now, please enjoy what the best of the last month of 2016 had to offer us this time around.

Crazy Luigi's Pick: "YTP: Shoe0nHead Eats the Skeptic's Big, Meaty Sword" by Palette

I don't think it's going to be an exaggeration when I say that for the middle portions of the 2010's decade (especially this past year above all others), one of the more stigmatizing topics of our era involve things like feminism and "social justice" (dear God, I can't believe I'm going to be talking about this topic now out of all possible times). If you check out the Internet throughout this point of time around the mid-2010's (maybe even the late 2010's, for that matter), you will definitely see plenty of videos and topics that showcase both sides of the coin for and against them clearly to the point where you'd want to bash your fucking skull onto the side of the road just to make it stop altogether. Regardless of where you stand on those topics at hand (I'm personally neutral on them to where while I can see some sort of understanding at hand for both sides, they both need to shut the fuck up and reassess some of their own problems at hand first and foremost), I think it's clear that they both managed to make a mountain out of a molehill with this situation to the point where they've earned the distinction of mockery at hand. One YouTube user that manages to mock the side against those kinds of people in mind (or at least, the more extreme feminists of the world) is a female known as Shoe0nHead. She's managed to create a proper balance between good points against stupid things like Buzzfeed's videos against men and having good comedy to add to it. So it would stand to reason that she'd manage to be utilized in a YouTube Poop to someone's advantage. It just so happened that the one user that would utilize her well would be PaletteBlockhead.

One thing that you'd usually describe Palette's style whenever you first see it is that it's visually appealing to the eye. What I mean by that is that throughout the first twenty or so seconds of the video, we get to see some nicely done visual effects that please the viewer while also providing a spectacle that one would usually find for a YouTube Poop that's focusing on visual style. Of course, that doesn't stay that way for too long, because we are then treated to the comedic styles of Shoe0nHead as the main focus throughout the rest of the video. I have to say this much: whenever the maker finds something with her style that she likes, that thing really becomes amplified to a whole new level that you wouldn't expect to see from her. Granted, one of the jokes was exactly what I described there with a preacher guy actually being someone else instead, but there are other things to the jokes/effects that really utilize Shoe0nHead's style to PaletteBlockhead's advantage. After all, excluding the joke with the preacher being disguised as someone else, some other jokes I also managed to enjoy very well was Shoe0nHead's explanation of what "internal Luna" is to a woman that's ever capable of "manspreading" somewhere, the birthday scene with her apparently turning 30 years old, the mentioning of "rape is rape" and "life is gay," the scene with Shoe0nNice and her boyfriend watching TV, and her mentioning of the badass mafia toolbars. Those jokes in particular are especially standout with how they managed to not only be quick-witted, but also make them Palette's own moving forward. However, if there's one thing with it that's even better than the jokes, it's easily the visual effects at hand.

Of course, you already know that I talked about the opening just fine on it's own, but there are other standout moments beyond just that which help push its boundaries into something truly great! For starters, near the end of the exorcism scene with the possessed(?) Shoe0nHead saying things like "Garrity is gay" and "Anita Sarkeesian is a gay cock" (the latter statement not necessarily being a lie), PaletteBlockhead somehow manages to induce not only the "power of feminism" image into the pure, blood rape scene, but also distort into a great effect to the point where it's no longer recognizable to the viewer anymore (kind of like what the more extremist feminists have done to the movement in the first damn place). Not using such imagery alone would be unique in its own right, but the way it was presented in the scene in question (especially after showing the plights of modern-day feminism) helps make it feel like a powerful source of commentary in its own right. Another example of how she managed to utilize visual effects into a greater detail is when Shoe0nHead decides to see the world through a feminist's lens, which manages to be rather bleak, distorted, and a bit terrifying in its own right before ending with a loud "God can't save you now!" from Shoe0nHead to end her own experience with those glasses she wore. Even the sole problem I had with it beforehand, with the remix of Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" involving Shoe0nHead singing out "today I'm a male, and tomorrow I'm a female!" not sounding all that natural at the start, managed to help kick itself up at the end with the visual experience that's provided to the viewer. Really, the way PaletteBlockhead manages to combine the visual experiences that she's usually known for with the comedy that was utilized from the help of Shoe0nHead makes it a treat that I'm glad to have watched, even with involving a topic that I'd rather stay out of to the best of my abilities.

TheOneManBoxOffice's Pick: "Burger meister meister burgster meiger meisger burgerster burger" by ThatManGuyFella

So once again, the holiday season was upon us all. For the Christmas folk, like myself, we chopped down a tree, brought it into the house and turned it into mother nature's prostitute for the umpteenth time, then we gather around the television to watch our favorite and not so favorite Christmas movies and specials. As for the folks on the Chew, again, myself included, we did that and either made YouTube Poops using Christmas-related media, or watched said YouTube Poops. For this month's YouTube Poop of the Month, I chose "Burger meister meister burgster meiger meisger burgerster burger" (and no, I am not typing that again) by ThatManGuyFella. Now if there is one source that surprisingly hasn't been used and abused yet, it's the countless stop-motion television specials made by Rankin/Bass, so of course, seeing YouTube Poops like this are a treat to watch if done right. TheManGuyFella doesn't disappoint in that regard. Along with the usual SOS and momentary ear rape, the editing in this is hilarious, from the sentence mixing (i.e. "♪ You're a disability ♪") and green-screening, to the sudden references to Satanism, which had me laughing my ass off. I only wish that we had more YouTube Poops like this that rip on Rankin/Bass during the Christmas season, because they are few and far between (Hell, I've even made one myself). The best one I can think of is a Rudolph YouTube Poop by cartoonlover98, but this one is a worthy candidate for second place, and should be something to watch alongside the Rudolph video I just mentioned and dew's numerous Grinch YouTube Poops. In conclusion, give it a watch, even if it's out of season.

Biodegradable's Pick: "An Argument for Anarchy" by MassimoVTV

Over the past year, I've seen a lot of experimental YouTube Poopers who unfortunately cross the line between inspiration and copycat as they try their best to essentially make videos extremely similar to LinkOnDrugs, SiNN3d_Tragedy and SightOfDelirium to the point where once you've seen one, you've seen them all as they all attempt to do the same thing, but not truly understanding what it is they're trying to achieve. They imitate the look, but they don't put any substance behind it. But finally, I've found one fella who knows how to do it right. MassimoVTV came out of the woodwork and has once again dazzled me with his technical prowess and ability to take me on a journey beyond space and time with an interesting, atmospheric piece of Poop that's just a treat to watch. While he comes from the same school of trippy, 3-D room filled tableaus of weirdness like the other YouTube Poopers I mentioned, Massimo very much does his own thing and his work feels utterly different to anyone else I've seen from this branch of experimental pooping. It feels tangible and there's a sense of thought and specific choices in the editing that has something to say, rather than just being weird for the sake of it. If you enjoy the experimental side of YouTube Poop, but have been getting tired of people do the same old thing over and over, then MassimoVTV is the breath of fresh air you've been waiting for.

Ben's Pick: "Turtle Christmas 5: Leonardo spouts racial epithets and everyone feels awkward and wants to leave" by cantflyman

I pretty much immediately recognized the source of this particular YouTube Poop. Even though I've never considered myself a big fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, I've seen this Christmas special enough times through YouChew's Livestream to know that it's pretty ridiculous. Of course, that makes it a great potential source, what with its overall lackluster production quality (the turtles' lines seldom match with their mouths), along with painfully cheesy songs and one-liners. As a matter of fact, I'm a bit surprised that I haven't seen more YouTube Poops of this particular special from other people. Maybe they just haven't shown up on my radar and I'm just missing out? Who knows.

Anyway, former Writing Staff member cantflyman delivered a nice little present for us not long before Christmas Day. We start things off with some use of repetition, shortly followed by a well-placed Hey Arnold reference that I certainly hadn't expected to hear. Then we're treated to some more repetition, along with some particularly hilarious zoom-ins around the 00:54 mark. Maybe it's because the video quality of the source is so bad and the faces end up being so blurry, or maybe it's due to the repetitive notes in the background, but this little sequence is probably one of the highlights of the video, and it's hard not to smile when you see it. A little further down the line (circa 1:47) we're treated to some funny sentence mixing, punctuated by Raphael yelling into a phone. I always appreciate it when a YouTube Poop is injected with some sudden loudness, as long as it isn't, well, painful. That's a matter of personal taste of course, but being able pull it off without crossing the line from "unexpected and hilarious" to "physically discomforting" is important. As we continue, we're treated to a simple but amusing edit of "The 12 Days of Christmas". In addition to being one of the more famous (or infamous) parts of the source video, the edit is also another one of highlights of cantflyman's video. Before we wrap things up (pun partially intended), we are given a short, but funny YouTube Poop Music Video of the Tetris theme.

This isn't the first time that cantflyman has used the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Christmas special before, and I hope that he can continue to squeeze more entertainment out of it for us. Overall, this YouTube Poop doesn't hit us with a huge amount of visual effects, but when they're used, they work well. The video is largely self-contained, with only a handful of other sources thrown in. That makes it better, in my book, because it takes a lot more effort to stretch out one source, especially after you've already done it multiple times. Perhaps the lack of emphasis on in-your-face visuals and audio distortion makes it more like the more classic, old school YouTube Poops in that regard. Either way, it's a fun video that should help you get into the Christmas spirit.

And that does it for the Recommended YouTube Poops of 2016. We're sorry that it not only managed to take some time together for each month, but also that it took us almost a month to get something down between our last article and this one. Some of us had been exhausted throughout the end of the year (and after what 2016 had in store for some of us, can you really blame us there?), while others have been hard at work with other things in life. That said, we definitely are ready to kick January 2017 off with an extravaganza of new content to celebrate some of the best of 2016 off with movies, albums, and for the first time since 2010, YouTube Poops! (For real, guys.) Stay tuned all throughout the month of January as we talk about what some of our best entries in each category listed was like for us, as well as get ready to look back on some of your best (and especially worst) moments of 2016 were later on this year with YouChew's The Best of 2016 later on this year by Dopply (and the rest of the Writing Staff). Until then, have a great day, and let's hope for a better 2017 moving forward, especially with YouTube Poops!

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'Eyyyyy, I made it into another one of these things! :D

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Once again, congrats to everyone who had their poops featured!

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Congratulations to everyone who had their YouTube Poops featured!

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