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Recommended YouTube Poops of February 2018

Crazy Luigi

Every month, we pride ourselves in finding what we think are the best YouTube Poops that were released in a certain month. Doesn't matter if they were released in the first day of the month or the last, as long as we find what we find as our favorites along the way. However, one thing that we usually don't expect for certain reasons is having shared favorites for a certain month. Usually we don't allow that for certain reasons, one of which is because we do like having some variety with our entries. However, during one of our conversations, fellow staff member Biodegradable mentioned the idea of how we can have similar favorites under differing perspectives, which actually got me thinking that it could work for at least one month. Worse case scenario is we go back to the way things have been otherwise, claiming this month as an experiment that ultimately failed. For now, though, enjoy that interesting idea as best you can when it comes up. Until then, here's our Recommended YouTube Poops for February 2018.

Crazy Luigi's Pick: "'Steamed Hams' but it's Zelda CD-i (YTP/Simpsons Sh!tpost/Whatever it is lol)" by Nintendrew64

You know, with the way the Steamed Hams meme has grown throughout these past few months, it was bound to be only a matter of time before a proper video would be a pick for at least one month here (at least on my end)! And in this video's case, it managed to do a lot for me to say 'yeah, I can accept this as my own personal choice.' Don't get me wrong, there have been times where a video involving Steamed Hams was close; in fact, I still recall that one reason why I didn't choose The Forbidden Douchebag's "STEAMEDHAMARAMA" video back in December last year was due to the fact that it felt a bit too long for my personal tastes, and if that second half were cut down a bit, it probably would have made it instead. However, when it comes to things like this, they always straddle the fine line between being something I could potentially say it's a YouTube Poop and something else that could have been done just for regular shits and giggles otherwise. Hard to explain, I know, but when it comes to meme videos like the ones involving Steamed Hams, that line can be hard to cross once you do think about it long enough. That being said, I think I can say this does exactly enough of what's needed for me to consider this not only a YouTube Poop, but a fantastic one in its own right, and not just because of the Steamed Hams meme.

When it comes to videos involving Steamed Hams, you usually get the expected piece of Superintendent Chalmers ringing Seymour Skinner's doorbell (I say usually because it's rare to have something like reversed Steamed Hams videos or something like that involved). While you do get the usual expected source material of sorts from The Simpsons in one of the best episodes the show's offered us, it's the way that this video brings it up in the old-fashioned CD-i video sources like with Link: The Faces of Evil, Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, and even Hotel Mario at one point that helps set up something spectacular in its own right. For starters, just about everything involved with this video has some usage of these characters' video game dialogues either by regular words, sentence-mixed words, or even reversing some words to fit them well into the narrative as best as it reasonably could be done. I say that because if you were hoping for a "Gwonam & The Stupid Potentate" version of the "Skinner & The Superintendent" somehow, you're not going to get it here (although the way it subverts that planned scene definitely gave me a good laugh all the same. More importantly than that, though, is the way Nintendrew64 manages to make the kind of Flash settings of YouTube Poop that first began their lives sometime around 2008 and make it somehow look as fresh as ever before.

For many of us older, veteran users that are still around, there's bound to be some memories of finding videos like the Dinner Blaster (just to name the most primary example in mind) and how they ultimately challenged the ways we look at YouTube Poops as a whole, regardless of what was thought of them at the time. In this case, those memories kind of came rushing back to me, and the surprise and joy I felt during the first time I watched a video like that around that time came through here with this video, only it managed to do it a lot more effectively, to the point where some of the things at hand almost feel professional, all things considered. Granted, there are some moments that help showcase its silliness, especially as a means to justify the Steamed Hams and stretching Gwonam's carpet, but going from my memories of what the original Dinner Blaster looked like with things like the titular blaster and Link's legs when he was exercising to this video with Gwonam seeing the appliances (i.e., stove) that probably looked like they were digitally drawn at times (correct me if I'm wrong on that assumption), the sign for Morshu Burger, and the actual hamburgers used showcased to me how far we came with making things work for the betterment of our own editing skills. Even if it wasn't based off of the obvious things that make us happy about this video, I still would showcase this video above all others for the sole purpose of the visual stylings that feel reminiscent of 2008 for a more modern-day era. Because truth be told, it's videos like this one that tells us we're going to be just fine moving forward.

TheOneManBoxOffice's Pick: "Händel Messiah - Ha" by FireRed☔

Audio YouTube Poops, to paraphrase a quote from Stuart K. Reilly, harkens back to the days when we fiddled around with tape recorders as kids. I was one of those kids growing up, and I couldn't tell you how much I made several kids music tapes I had sound like a bunch of chipmunks on crack cocaine out of boredom. Removal YouTube Poops, which are self-explanatory, have also been a new thing as of late, thanks to the likes of GangStarRunner (or G ☆ as we know him right now). Enter my pick of the month, "Händel Messiah - Ha" by FireRed, which is a funny combination of an audio YouTube Poop and a removal YouTube Poop, complete with a warped, content aware-scaled portrait of composer George Frideric Händel (who wrote the original Hallelujah! chorus).

Aside from that, there's nothing visual involved in the making of this YouTube Poop. What should interest you is the audio that would probably make Händel himself believe that Satan possessed his music a la playing a vinyl record backwards. Even if you can't fully understand what the chorus is singing about after FireRed's specialized treatment ('cause I sure as hell can't), it's still nonsensical hilarity that just takes you back to when you did something similar with your own music collection. In fact, to me, this serves as a bit of inspiration for myself and others to try and give other songs the same treatment, and hopefully, we might be flooded with stuff like this. Pray that it happens, 'cause I want to see more of this shit! Well done, my friend!

Dieathan's Pick: "(YTP) - M&Mageddon" by NKpower

With the recent M&M's Super Bowl commercial featuring Danny DeVito, it seems to have reignited the use of M&M's commercials as a source in YouTube Poops, and NKpower's M&Mageddon proves that. The edits come at a fast and snappy pace, providing some good variety primarily through stutter loops, reversing, and ear rape, and backing it plenty of visual jokes and erosions. There are also some parts of this video that simply wouldn't have the same effect as they do here if they were just left on their own. This is shown by the sentence mixing used early on to advertise a free Mall Cop DVD, and Red uttering the phrase "EPIC FAIL", but the video goes the extra mile to append them nicely with Robbie Rotten cutting in and exclaiming at the notion of a free Mall Cop DVD only to be interrupted, and the implied yet hilariously overblown sadness of Yellow's failed attempt at comedy respectively, which makes these jokes work way better than they would otherwise. And even though Danny DeVito's appearance in this YouTube Poop is relatively brief, it still manages to set itself up for a plot twist as part of another good joke. The M&M's characters are certainly some of the more iconic mascots of food marketing culture, providing plenty of laughs and creating all sorts of memories, and it's great to see them used in YouTube Poops to such brilliance, even to this day.

Biodegradable & Mackenzie's Picks: "Robotnik Consumes a 747" by Hoffy1138

Biodegradable: This is a terrific YouTube Poop from Hoffy that's just teeming with delicious variety. There's something for everyone whether you're a fan of classic YouTube Poop editing, YouTube Poop Music Video segments, wacky sentence-mixing, quick-masking jokes or you're like me and just love to see a bit of everything. A few things that stick out for me are the pacing, timing of jokes and there's a sense of rhythm and musicality to Hoffy's editing in some parts that really speaks to my own growing appreciation for that kind of thing in my own work, so this video does an excellent job at pushing some specific buttons I like personally. It's another modern-day Robotnik YouTube Poop that really just goes to show that the classics can never truly grow stale when new people come into the YouTube Poop game and add their own humour and editing sensibilities to a beloved source. It's a wonderful example of recycling and renewal that keeps classic sources utterly timeless and to be exploited by YouTube Poopers far into the future.

Mackenzie: Every once in a while, it's wonderfully refreshing seeing a modern YouTube Poop made using a highly classic source. This video is one of the most spot on instances of that particular case I could think of. I initially had a very hard time picking my recommendation for this month, but after seeing the abstract effects which I highly enjoy, mixed with jokes that had me rolling, I knew I had to pick this one.

It has been a while since I last saw so many generic explosion gags in a single YouTube Poop, but to this date, they stand as one of my biggest YouTube Poop-related guilty pleasures. The stutters and repetitions were effective in all of their simplicity. As a huge fan of YouTube Poop Music Video sections in the middle of regular YouTube Poops, I also gotta give the segment at 1:20 a mention here. With the line of the dialogue that comes right before it, not only is it creatively fit into the plot that way, but it's actually very neatly produced and mixed, too. The basic media-generated background shall be excused.

I do have one small criticism. I was very excited about the length of the video at first, but the credits sequence hogs a whopping 40 seconds from the end of the video, bringing down the length of the actual poop to around 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Which is still good, but, you know, not the 3 minutes and 12 seconds I was promised. The "predictable" gag in the very end killed me, though.

And that does it for the Recommended YouTube Poops of February 2018. If you feel any of us might have missed something, please let us know of that down in the comment section below. Beyond that, inform us of what you think of this experiment in mind. There's a reason why I felt hesitant about this kind of thing at first myself, but if the response to it is positive, we might try something like this again in the upcoming future. However, if the response to this is more lukewarm than encouraging, we'll just chalk it up as it is and move on to the next one. Either way, I say it's worth the idea for this month. Next month, though, I don't anticipate this kind of experiment going through once again.

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As usual, congrats to everyone who got here.

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喜多嶋 / Kitajima


「Händel Messiah - Ha」was an interesting selection choice. Comedic audio remixes of pre-existing songs seems to be something not many partake in, aside from mashups.

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