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Recommended YouTube Poops of January 2018

Crazy Luigi
  • Well, it's the moment you've all been waiting for. These are our Recommended YouTube Poops of January 2018!

Crazy Luigi's Pick: "237- Serena Becomes the Protagonist of Moon" by Combuskenisawesome

You know, it's pretty rare that I would have my favorite YouTube Poop of the month down by the very first day of it. It's especially the case where the video is that good and it comes out on the very first day of the year! Still, if there was one user that would figure out to do exactly that, it was bound to be Combuskenisawesome. Granted, it might very be one of those cases where you know a person well enough with what they're doing in regards to video making that you're happy with the end results anyway (and if you saw the recent update video, that would probably be a somewhat fair assessment to make), but let's be realistic here for one minute. What this video does is a bit of everything you could possibly ask for with a regular kind of YouTube Poop. And if I'm being honest here, I couldn't be any happier about that fact.

While the video does start out with the usual Pokémon related stuff that this user typically does, the way the video transitions into the proper source that's there for the majority of the video gives me a good laugh towards how it was all done. However, it's when we enter the world of Sailor Moon that the laughs become more frequent, stating with Fat Mario asking where's Sailor Moon at the introduction onward. After Queen Serenity tells her loyal cats Luna and Artemis the most important information she has to them, we enter "The Incredible World of DIC" as a permanent guest, which includes Serena's mom going on a major rampage against her daughter and husband, which got some hearty laughs out of me. Once we get into Serena's school life, we have some very interesting interpretations on scenes like Serena failing her test (for Morse code?), Melvin telling Serena and her friend that he didn't study and that he got different grades there (which ends with his head exploding like that one infamous scene from Scanners), and Serena coming to Luna's rescue and taking her band-aid off of the cat's forehead. Honestly, I could go on and on about how the first half of this video is truly funny in each of their own ways (like the bus driver), but let me just say that from the moment Serena sees Luna again (with that ominous choice of soundtrack being noticed and all), it's where this video goes from something great to something downright fantastic!

One Luna sees Serena again and briefly tells her everything (after the Plumbers Don't Wear Ties blooper that's not a blooper),  the tone starts transitioning to a bit of a darker tone to reflect with the original story of the Sailor Moon opening in its own way (like when Serena hears cries of help from far away and Jadeite's evil monologue soon afterward). Of course, the dark tone doesn't stay for too long, as Serena and Luna notice a lone Gardevoir guarding the rogue radio station, which to Luna warping reality to give Serena a magic pen to first imagine her getting it on with Ash as a Greninja (like in the thumbnail of the video) before actually transforming into a bus and wrecking just about everything in sight (including Jadeite). However, Queen Beyrl still has a trick up her sleeve when the infamous bus driver (from one of those Pokémon Game Boy commercials) unleashing the Negaforce (the thing that turns everything, including the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers into inverted colors), which turns Morga Troy into a demon. Sailor Moon then says her truth and justice speech to Morga while still being a bus (which gave me some fantastic laughs out of me) before the Negaverse ultimately made her turn back into a regular human and the universe become nonexistent... if only for a brief moment. However, there was still one last, unique trick up Sailor Moon's sleeve, as she transformed into the Pokémon Arceus to give back life to the universe as we know it in one of the most ridiculous, yet downright brilliant moments I've ever witnessed in a YouTube Poop. While there are a very few brief moments that stop it from being perfect (primarily in the aforementioned loud Morse code noises and my admitted bias against the original "You Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record)" by Dead Or Alive), they don't even come anywhere close to stopping my enjoyment towards this YouTube Poop. While I wholeheartedly wish Combuskenisawesome the best of luck in the recent hiatus, I know this was a fantastic way to not only start out 2018 as a whole, but also send off the YouTube Poop saga of a good friend (at least for now).

TheOneManBoxOffice's Pick: "You Always Were A Kidder Steve" by LieutenantGwo

Blue's Clues is a rather underrated source for YouTube Poops, especially considering how the entire show (in reality) consists of a man on a green-screen-covered stage professionally making a complete ass out of himself in front of a camera for all the young kiddies to see on cable television. Here, we have one of those YouTube Poops by LieutenantGwo (or LieutenantGwonam) that's pretty much on par with FishTitan64's 2012 classic Bring On tha Bluz. The good lieutenant gives us a showcase of his different tricks of the trade, from random YouTube Poop Music Video segments, to his uses of masking and green screen effects to make good ol' Steve seem more like a human-like being from another dimension. After all, what other reason could their be for him to think that he was a dinosaur with a Sling Blade voice? He even gives us a bit of an intermission by throwing in what can be described as a mini-YouTube Poop within a YouTube Poop, using some old animated re-telling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears as an additional source. This video can also be seen as a sign, that LieutenantGwo, after almost 10 years of making YouTube Poops, still hasn't lost his touch.

Dieathan's Pick: "YTP: Gaspatula Invents a New Law of Motion (Collab Entry)" by PancakeLord117

What better way to kick off 2018 than with an impressive YouTube Poop from someone who had only started only half a year ago. PancakeLord117 has flown under my radar up until now, but looking at what this Chowder YouTube Poop here has presented us with, he's certainly gotten my attention. It features several gags here and there, both in the visual and sentence-mixing variety, both of which work well enough, but the real star of the show in this video would have to be the visual distortions used throughout, largely achieved in part through various 3D effects. Said distortions ended up leaving me in a state of complete awe, having been presented with sights from the likes I had yet to see in a YouTube Poop, and I found it almost hypnotic and hard to keep my eyes off the whole time. The pulsating cube in the beginning of the video especially serves as one of the video's highlights in that regard, followed by the way that it takes 2D renders of the characters places them in a 3D space, and proceeds either stretch and contort them around or add depth to them to make them appear as though they're in 3D. Needless to say, it makes a good mix of regular-style, sentence mix-core, and brain rape YouTube Poops altogether, and it really feels like PancakeLord117 is starting to create a sense of identity for his own YouTube Pooping style. This year is already off to a good start for the YouTube Poop community, and I hope to see more mesmerizing wonders like this from him.

Mackenzie's Pick: "Lil Oxycontin - Absinthe Filled Pizza Rolls" by MassimoV

I'm going all in - this one right here is going to be my favourite Poop of the year, all year. Come at me, 2018.

Absinthe Filled Pizza Rolls by Lil Oxycontin, alias MassimoV, is a surreal, psychedelic YouTube Poop bordering perfection. Not reliant on generic trips or unimaginative gags, MassimoV blesses us with insanely good visuals and music choices, including some of my favourites such as The Prodigy, Tobacco, and Flying Lotus.

MassimoV has gone all in with the unpredictability. Not once does he pull off a visual effect or a gag in a way, place and time you would expect. The precise combinations of landscapes, layouts and effects, that he has planned out, are extremely original, deeply thought of and masterfully pulled off. When the video isn't in the middle of a psychedelic dream segment, it's actually pretty funny, too. The "Pussy Gang" part was hilarious in all of its simplicity and the part at 2:05 has me rolling in tears every single time I watch it. The sources are just as random and diverse, with any category you could ever think of represented a dozen times. I'd like to think there's quite literally something for everyone. The sources range from old movies to music videos released just last year. While, stylistically, the video might not be everyone's cup of tea, there's always those short, humorous and stupidly stupid parts, that appear out of the blue. For the most part, the entire video is just about the polar opposite of stable and formulaic.

I hadn't previously paid too much attention to Massimo's work, but this is going to be a huge turning point. It's not every day, or month, that we get such a tightly packed, relatively lengthy video, that's nearly perfect from the beginning to the very end.

And thus concludes the look at what January 2018 had to offer us. If you feel we had somehow missed something that you thought was great released the previous month, please let us know about down in the comments section below. We really do like seeing some great videos that we feel we might have missed out on (especially since, let's face it, YouTube's algorithm kind of sucks these days). Otherwise, stay tuned for next week, because we have something big planned here. Something that might very well put the best of 2016 into literal shambles! (Not that it wasn't hard of do that, of course, but the point still stands.) Before YouChew votes for what the best were the best things 2017 had to offer us, there's still one more major thing to take care of first and foremost.

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It's great to see PancakeLord177 on the list. His YTPs deserve all the praise that they get.

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Wow! I would've never thought I'd be featured here! Thanks! All the other poops featured here are great as well.

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Awesome seeing PancakeLord on here. He's a really underrated YTPer.

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Hell yeah pancakelord117's cooking collab entry is in the list! I thought it was possibly one of his wors......nah i think it is one of his best videos he made. Glad to see it here. : )

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