Recommended YouTube Poops of January & February 2017

Crazy Luigi
  • While it was produced a bit later than anticipated, the delivery for the best of January and February 2017 are right on time! Enjoy some of the best these past two months had to offer for us.

Hey, sorry about having yet another delay around these parts. Of course, this time around, it can be rather understandable for one due to the fact that we had previously talked about the best YouTube Poops of the entire year of 2016 last month. As a result, we unfortunately had no time left to talk about 2017's videos without combining the ones from January into the ones from February. That being said, we don't expect this to be a sign of things to come for the rest of the year, especially if some of these videos are as great to watch as the one's we are talking about right here and now. So without any further delays, let's get on with the show!

Crazy Luigi's Pick: "{5K Special} - Little Mac unsubscribes to Nintendo Fun Club & gets beaten by an Infuriated Irishman" by NKpower (January)

You know, time has a very strange way of slipping by your fingertips. I mean, it wasn't too long ago where one of the sources that appeared to get quite a lot of YouTube Poops on was Punch-Out!! of all things for the Nintendo Wii. It was quite a surprising source, sure, but the game had quite a special charm to its name between Doc Louis saying (and doing) some fun things and the plentiful opponents that Little Mac faced off against like Disco Kid, Bear Hugger, and especially Aran Ryan and Super Macho Man (to name a few examples) having their unique quirks that truly helped make the game stand out in ways I haven't seen any other game without Mario or Zelda (or collaborations of sorts) in their names do. The odd thing about this now is that it's now been close to 10 years since the game was released, which strangely coincides with the amount of time YouTube Poops have existed in the first place. Even then, the strange thing about it is that, until I did see it in action for myself, it was something I didn't fully realize that I wanted to see at this point in time.

With the way YouTube Poops involving the Nintendo Wii's version of Punch-Out!! go, you can usually involve a bunch of things involving Doc Louis and the montage with Little Mac, maybe even some quips from the other fighters here and there to boot. Of course, this video here is no exception to that idea of mind, but you can tell from the opening segment that NKpower's willing to bring about his own twists to some of the classic jokes at hand with this game's cutscenes. For example, the idea of using the old NES training music for Little Mac running through downtown New York City to suddenly stop dead in its tracks and stutter to the point of removing the scene altogether as the transition definitely caught me off guard the first time I watched it. Not only that, but the jokes that he came up with in regards to the game like Von Kaiser bearing the resemblance of Nigel Thornberry from the Wild Thornberries, some of the things done with the numbers being counted up (including a snippet from Lazy Town), and the things with Aran Ryan (or rather, AAAAA'aaaaaa, as he's referred to in the video) in general really help make him stand out in terms of YouTube Poops involving the source, similar to what TimoteiLSD would do with it back in the day. Really, I think a good part of what hits me above the belt here is the sense of nostalgia it provides to me, while also making it feel like it's something completely new. Of course, that's not to say the video is completely dependent on Punch-Out!! for the Nintendo Wii to make it great.

Right around the second half of the video (more specifically, after the admittedly real funny joke involving Simple Plan's "Untitled" song), a new source appears in something that any fan of SiIvaGunner would actually recognize (to the point where it even references the guy in question). That's right, I'm talking about Mr. "Ban all mash-ups" Rental, and what NKpower does with him ass is downright glorious! I wish I could reveal what it was that made me laugh up a storm the first time around, but the only thing I can say about him is that he's now Mr. Mental instead, and he definitely lives up to that name in question. Another British source that he uses also shows up, and while it's less recognizable to an average user than Mr. Rental would be, NKpower still manages to provide a good laugh and a half to me, a person who has no idea what's even going on in that source in the first place. Seriously, the only thing I can really remember about it (besides it looking like Horrid Henry's source) is the rampant mentioning of "RAT, SPLAT, HAT" for some unknown reason, but the things that were done to it really help make that portion of the video stand out like the rest of this video did. Combine all that with a bit from Super Macho Man and a mini-YouTube Poop Music Video bit with him and Von Kaiser, and you've got a video that really stands out for my eyes. Is it the best video that I'd seen during the month of January? Not necessarily, but it was the video that hit home to me the most, and that's something that you can't take away from, no matter what.

Biodegradable's Pick: "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" by EmpLemon (January)

After months of making more politically-orientated satirical videos and rants on the more self-entitled, childish side of his audience and baiting their lack of self-awareness for comedy gold, EmpLemon returns to his roots with a wonderful YouTube Poop that feels like a partial tribute to a more traditional format chock-full of classic Poopisms that are seldom seen in his recent work and other massively popular YouTube Poopers like him, as well as a final, triumphant statement that bites back at his detractors for wanting to return to making videos for his own sake, rather than pandering. He learnt his lesson the hard way and with this video, he re-solidifies the position that making YouTube Poops for yourself is really the the only way to truly make them. This video flies out of the gate setting up a wonderful cacophony of classic Poopism patterns and peppering them with a dozen fun gags and recurs them in many delightfully different ways that keeps them funny all the way through. The video never slows down and culminates in a spectacular way that perfectly complements both the wild, fast-paced, gag-filled style of the New Wave (post-2010) and the stuttering, repeating, pitch-shifted, audio-distorted weirdness of the Old School (2006-2009). This YouTube Poop works as a celebration of the medium as a whole while also serving as a personal, final retort for EmpLemon and how he wishes to do things from now on.

Dieathan's Pick: "Mama Luigi watches Dinosaur Adventure" by Waxonator (January)

This January unfortunately came by with tragedy; as of January 10, 2017, Tony Rosato, the voice actor of Luigi in both The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World has passed on due to a heart attack. He may not have had many notable roles to his voice work outside of these aforementioned cartoons, but it's sad to see such a man who represented such an iconic character in YouTube Poop culture leave us like this regardless. And in memoriam, Waxonator has kindly presented to us his tribute to our fallen hero who had recently lost his life.

As the title implies, Mama Luigi gets down with Yoshi to watch the mockbuster hit from Dingo Pictures, Dinosaur Adventure, and it pans out from there. It's a simple premise for a story-driven YouTube Poop, and it almost exclusively makes use of sentence mixing to keep itself going. The way that Mama Luigi and Yoshi riff on the movie as it goes on was very entertaining and fitting of the both of them, and the comments they make bounce off each other rather nicely. Mama Luigi confusing some of the characters with Land Before Time characters, claiming that the newborn dinosaur was "official size", and addressing the bad lip syncing of the animation was enough to give me a warmhearted smile. You would think that's all there is to this video, but it manages to surprise me partway through with Mama Luigi having to get the door for Edgar and his partner, fresh from Disney's The Aristocats, who claim to be a part of the Electric Company and seem quite insistent on inspecting his switches' switches and his switches. All the while, these Edgar yaps on and on about his business and why here's at Mama Luigi's doorstep, with Mama Luigi screaming internally and with a cross-eyed shot of him shortly following after very well conveys his predicament. And so Mama Luigi tells the boys to wait, and to stop calling him not Mama, but "Mom", which I found to be a small but neat twist on what we would otherwise expect him to say.

Sadly, that's where this YouTube Poop ends, as it was left unfinished upon being uploaded in light of the recent passing of Rosato. It's a shame too since it already has constructed a good foundation to build upon from what's here, and while I wish that it did get finished if only to bring out more of the potential this video has, I still think that it's a noteworthy YouTube Poop all the same not just because of its well done sentence mixing and storytelling, but also because it serves as a respectable tribute to Tony "Mama Luigi" Rosato. And may he never be forgotten.

Dieathan's Pick: "|YTP| Mabel Goes To Wendy's" by jallerbo (February)

Coming hot off the heels of Dipper Goes To Taco Bell, jallerbo brings us another Gravity Falls YouTube Poop which, much like its predecessor, leaves a lasting impression.

His fast-paced style shines through brilliantly, blending together sentence mixing, stutter loops, Photoshop editing, and audio replacement to create tons of and truly memorable gags filled with energy and passion all throughout. Hearing Dipper mention how he had been staring at a page of naked Grunkle Stan for hours after being found out by Mabel, Mabel telling Stan to eat her poop followed by Stan about to take a sample of a sludge-like brown substance (To be continued), Mabel unleashing her violent tendencies to Dipper which then turns out to be Dipper having a horrible dream (or meme). These here are kind of things that really take a creative mind to come up with, and the execution of the gags themselves is completely spot on. All this sounds very similar to jallerbo's previous Gravity Falls YouTube Poop, but one thing that did bother me it is that its length can be a bit tough for some people to sit through. This video manages to be a bit shorter, clocking in at about 4 and a half minutes, so it feels more concise in its execution and overall feels easier to process and digest as a whole.

There is a lot of effort and polish evident in this YouTube Poop, and it manages to be everything that was great about Dipper Goes To Taco Bell and more. And after watching this, I can only wonder what jallerbo is up to next. Whatever it is, I look forward with anticipation to see what more he has in store for us.

Biodegadable's Pick: "[ʸᵀᴾ ᵀᵉᶰᶰᶦˢ ⁻ ᴿᵒᵘᶰᵈ ³] Philbert GayMan Faces Evil" by NPCarlsson (February)

It's really a rare sight to find any of the most popular YouTube Poopers play a game of YouTube Poop Tennis. It's not entirely certain why this is the case, though if I were to take a wild guess, perhaps it's because said YouTube Poopers are afraid that their mass of subscribers will whine and complain about it being a bit 'different' to what they're used to seeing. Thankfully, that doesn't seem to be the case for Jimmy D and NPCarlsson who recently started a Poop Tennis match late last year. Both these guys are two of the most tremendously talented guys actively making poops today, and the fact they're not afraid to experiment and try new things really says a lot about how some of us really need to change their attitude about quote en quote "mainstream YouTube Poopers" and how they're all pandering, talentless wankers who put more effort into their thumbnails than their actual videos. Considering just how well made this match has been, It's absolutely incredible considering neither opponents have any Poop Tennis experience, but either they clearly did their homework or were simply able to understand the basic fundamentalism of constructive style 'conversation' so naturally, it's positively staggering and only adds more credit to their abilities and creativity.

Recently, NPCarlsson made Round 3 of this already phenomenal match. He goes the extra mile to not only respond to almost everything his opponent both established and responded with, but also manages to successfully continue the momentum with such precision that at first it felt like Jimmy D's second round to a T. NPCarlsson illustrates his ability to be a complete chameleon with this round, never loses a beat, keeps the pacing and timing of gags short and sweet, and perfectly complements every element brought to him from Round 2. This tennis round is a perfect, textbook example of constructive style Poop Tennis at its full potential and pushed to the very edge of insanity. What also has me excited is the possibility of YouTube Poop watchers becoming a bit more open-minded towards Poop Tennis in general thanks to Jimmy and Carl's match showing them just how much fun it can be and how it's no different to a standard solo YouTube Poop.

Crazy Luigi's Pick: "Stu invades an innocent round of YTP Tennis" by GSgiraffes (February)

If I'm going to be honest here, these past two months for me haven't been all that eventful for me in terms of finding YouTube Poops that I could genuinely like around those particular points in time. Most of that is on me, though, simply because of the fact that my kind of tastes of what I'm looking for kind of changes month after month. I mean, you could kind of notice if you looked through my entries from one month to the next throughout most of these articles even throughout the last year, let alone with this one between January and February. However, these past two months in particular were rather difficult in finding fitting entries to my eyes, partially because of there being videos near the top that kind of felt so-so to me for some odd reasons. That being said, if January's entry of mine had a sense of nostalgia being revolved all over the place, then February was the month where I wanted some contained insanity all over the place, while not taking too long to finish up in a sitting.

For a bit of background information relating to the video in question, the video does involve some YouTube Poop Tennis involving multiple users at hand. In addition to GSgiraffes here, the people involved with him apparently revolves around multiple users that might as well span six ways through Sunday. That's not necessarily a joke, as the participants GSgiraffes was involved with include JokeyVids, NitroEdits, Im Another Channel, ThornBrain, and Boozab99 (the last of which I don't think released his video as of this writing), and from what I've seen from his video, he managed to utilize some of the best stuff from the rest of the users that participated to his advantage. From the usage of the window from JokeyVids to the twist on the usual shtick involving Kanye West from NitroEdits, as well as a bit involving a local repairman of sorts from where Im Another Channel likely lives in and even screwing around with the percussion from Timothius "Tee-Bone" David thanks to ThornBrain, GSgiraffes manages to take the best elements out of each of the respective users' gags and provide special twists that take them to a whole new level. However, that's not really the only reason why this video manages to take my spot for February 2017 over any other video that might be considered better otherwise.

With this month, at least, I was kind of looking for a video that would be a bit crazy, but also wouldn't go too overboard with itself, preferably with its time spent on it. I was also looking for some good jokes to go with the time spent watching it, mainly to know that my time wasn't completely spent on a pure brain-rape video. Luckily, this video provided me some very strong jokes from the very start between making the YouChew logo become a sound for a train, a dog having his eyes cut out, and having someone ask what's wrong with Kanye West's face at the exact right moment of time. Furthermore, while the stuff that GSgiraffes used from previous users in his six-way match was done in great ways, it's the things revolving around his own source in the match with Stu Pickles making chocolate pudding that makes it downright spectacular to watch. Some of the jokes that he did with Stu Pickles and his chocolate pudding revolve around the pudding in rather creative ways. Other jokes there involve spectacular jokes that I think would be better left unsaid, to the point where I have to say you need to witness them for yourself. Overall, for a YouTube Poop Tennis match video, it not provides a fantastic job for an early round video (for the kind of match that it is, at least), but it also showcases why it earns my honor of a Recommended YouTube Poop for February 2017.

And that's it for the months of January and February for 2017. We hope you've enjoyed some of the videos we've talked about here. If there are any videos from these past two months that you feel we should have taken a look at, please don't hesitate in mentioning them at all! (Seriously, it's always nice to hear second opinions on these kinds of pieces here.) Otherwise, we hope you've enjoyed the start of what 2017 has in store for us as we enter the month of March. Until then, stay golden.

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I've never expected to be featured here in the list, thank you! Also, many congratulations to everyone who's YTPs are shown in the list, you've all done a lot of effort in them and deserve a mention here. ^_^

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Seeing GSGiraffes get here is lovely. Congrats to everyone else as well :D

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I felt so happy that I started this tennis match because it was meant to take something "plain and template-based" and turn it into something better.

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i swear, if emplemon still goes on about how YouChew hates him now...

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Guess I'll check these out when I can watch videos. Haven't really watched any in a while!

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