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Recommended YouTube Poops of May 2018

Crazy Luigi
  • Wow, this got out pretty fast this time around! What were our favorite YouTube Poops this time around for the month of May? Let's find out...

Crazy Luigi's Pick: "Steamed Hams but Skinner makes a Steamed Hams Video" by chincherrinas

Well, would you look at that, another Steamed Hams video showcased in a Recommended YouTube Poops article of ours! In fairness, there are some good genuine reasons to why I've decided to choose this video instead of something like Biodegradable's YouTube Poop on Joe Ligotti, the Guy from Boston (which I should note would have been my alternative choice if I were to go for something else without limitations on my end, by the way). One reason being, and forgive me for talking about this early before its proper reveal here, the fact that Dieathan's favorite YouTube Poop this month involved a creation of Biodegradable's as well, and I didn't feel like wanting to overstep my boundaries in the event he didn't have anything else that would fit in his favor. Another, more fitting reason, would be the fact that when I actually did see this video, it rekindled something inside of me that I hadn't felt in quite some time with regards to YouTube Pooping as a whole. What do I mean by that, you may be asking? It's something best-explained step by step.

With the way this video starts out, you might be expecting something more out of the ordinary for what you'd expect from a Steamed Hams meme video. And honestly, between the laugh track reflecting the subtle Garfield videos some of you have seen and the fact that Seymour Skinner mentions that he hopes Superintendent Chalmers is prepared for "forgettable filler[...]" for Steamed Hams, I wouldn't blame you for expecting something more simplistic under this scenario. In some respects, it also feels rather innocuous enough once Seymour gets into the kitchen and sees his laptop (on the stove) rendering his own (honestly simple looking) Steamed Hams video he was trying to make and show the superintendent in the first place (for one reason or another). However, once his laptop says it doesn't have enough memory to create the proper file for the previously mentioned video, this is where this YouTube Poop starts to showcase its true greatness moving forward. Around this point onward, things get more complex with how things are shown within this video, from Seymour kicking the shit out of his now dead laptop to the scenes of Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers from different episodes of The Simpsons (specifically their 100th episode with the series), which leads to Seymour asking if he wants to join in on the destruction. However, with the superintendent not being in the mood for such shenanigans, he decides to fire him right on the spot for being an odd fellow. It's from this point onward where this video invokes a sense of nostalgia to me, namely with the "final YouTube Poop" done by WalrusGuy (better known as NAveryW here).

After being fired right on the spot, Skinner contemplates the idea of suicide, which he tries doing so by lying on the street nearby his local Krusty Burger. However, with Superintendent Chalmers driving by the area and not seeing the depressed principal until it was too late, it winds up killing not just him, but also five other people inside the building as well! Of course, while I hadn't spoken about the effects used by chincherrinas earlier to make things like Seymour stomping on his laptop and Superintendent Chalmers crashing his car into the Krusty Burger, it's the "Skinner & the Super dead intendent" where the effects and effort truly shine through. It's there where the creator utilizing the background and effects on the original "Skinner & the Superintendent" joke and expanding it into something greater, with even the background decaying after a certain point in time; for me, at least, it helps signify the decay and damage time does to us all, especially towards Seymour for the life-damaging situation his day celebrating Steamed Hams his own way should have been. And yet, despite the heartbreak relating to Skinner's situation after that day (to the point of being Armin Tamzarian again), it results in something that could be considered quite a tearjerker moment if you're in the right mood for it. From reflecting on life to Seymour seeing Superintendent Chalmers once more to even Skinner's mom having the happiest smile of her life after seeing him feel better now, it provides that sense of something complete (even in spite of the twist ending of sorts) that we haven't seen much of lately on YouTube Poops this year. It's a sense of emotional worth that makes you feel for Seymour throughout this video and a journey that makes you feel happy you gave it a fair shot! It's also why I considered it my personal choice for this month's Recommended YouTube Poops article.

TheOneManBoxOffice's Pick: "Michael Rosen and the Battle of Britain" by Hoffy1138

Once again, Hoffy makes it as one of my YouTube Poop recommendations, and this is a very special one to boot. When he made this piece, everyone's favorite British children's poet Michael Rosen also had his 72nd birthday, so as a part of a collab, Hoffy placed Mr. Rosen into the one thing that he has a die-hard fetish for: an aircraft. But it's not just any aircraft. It's a Spitfire plane from 1940. Yes, for this video, he puts Michael Rosen in the middle of a World War II dogfight, where he commands a fleet of Spitfires to defend Great Britain from the Nazis, despite not knowing how to fly, and all of this because he dropped something heavy on his toes and then passed out from the pain. Hoffy not only utilizes the Michael Rosen footage well, but using his talent of 3D modeling and animation, he creates a masterpiece that's as action-packed and epic as the climactic endings to movies involving aircraft (i.e. Top Gun, Iron Eagle, etc.). It is unsure whether or not Mr. Rosen has seen this video, but I guarantee you that he would've been either laughing his ass off or simply astounded as to what we YouTube Poopers can truly do. Possibly both, really. It's not just another kickass video from Hoffy1138. It's a thrilling tribute.

Dieathan's Pick: "YTP 111% Magnified Nonsense (CoPoop)" by Biodegradable and Sixtyforce

When it comes to collaboration videos between just two YouTube Poopers, they're anything but a dime a dozen. However, to see two YouTube Poopers come together to create a YouTube Poop as a tribute to one of their own mutual subscribers (even featuring said subscriber as the source material), that's when it crosses the line into that special territory which makes it that much more special. Both Biodegradable and Sixtyforce make great use of their particular styles, which while seemingly similar with their use of stutters, reversing, pitch-shifting, and generally having a fast pace; they do have their differences where, in this YouTube Poop, are somewhat highlighted. Biodegradable's contributions have more of an emphasis on sentence-mixing and gags, whereas Sixtyforce's efforts are more focused on erosion and even incorporates a YouTube Poop Music Video of Thunder Force III's "The Grubby Dark Blue" into the mix.

The distinct likeness and uniqueness in their styles help to produce a harmonious collaboration that blends them together incredibly well, while also showing off what both YouTube Poopers have to bring to the table. And the fact that this was all done for the sake of one of their fellow subscribers not only showcases the incredible feat that they have pulled off together but also reveals the more heartwarming side of the YouTube Poop community that is willing to give back to its fans.

NitroEdits' Pick: "Robotnik Forges Adoption Papers" by iteachvader

(Sorry, this user doesn't allow the video to be viewed so easily on YouChew. Click the picture here if you want to see it properly.)

10 years ago, a wise fellow named Boogidyboo stepped onto the scene and became popular in a matter of months. While he wasn't the first to use the insane The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog TV show from the early 1990's as a source, he surely brought it to a new level influencing dozens of others to do the same.

About 10 years later, when Dr. Robotnik YouTube Poops were thought to be, for the most part, dead, iteachvader, a YouTube Pooper known for CD-I sentence mixing, created a Robotnik YouTube Poop sharply in the vein of the classics, even using the same aspect ratio from the older ones. As time passed, his Robotnik videos got better and better until they hit the apex. This video takes every classic Robotnik trope and cranks the dial up to 11, delivering jokes, stutters, and reversals at blazing speed, long before your mind is able to take any of it in. Every single moment in this video is perfectly timed, from the sentence mixing that Vader is known for, to all of the classic out of context quotes, to the Team Fortress joke near the end. Even the YouTube Poop Music Video slapped in the middle of the video feels like it fits right in. It all just flows so well. It's a challenge to not go back and watch it all again, just to catch every joke you might have missed. I hope this continues to be a thing for iteachvader, cause while his CD-I poops were really good, these Robotnik YouTube Poops have caught my eye and always make me vie for more.

Mackenzie's Pick: "Robotnik Consumes Too Much Sugar" by DarkSparkish

Sorry for the delay, folks! Last month I completely skipped this due to being in Italy for a majority of the first half of the month (and, more importantly, not finding a video great enough to talk about), the following month I'm late by a couple of days due to multiple smaller errands and events. I'll try not to let this happen again anytime soon. 

Anyways, DarkSparkish certainly is one of those people, who always goes for quality over quantity. Although the beginning of the video is rich in cheap effects, such as sped-up repetition and ear-rape with very few visual catches, the rest of it is pretty fantastic.

Robotnik Consumes Too Much Sugar is obviously a very classic kind of YouTube Poop. The source and style both pay homage to many older YouTube Poopers, of which DarkSparkish himself has named Nineroe and the aforementioned iteachvader in the description of the video. The jokes themselves are fresh and new, despite the source being one of the most popular ones in the history of YouTube Poop, most of them having me in tears during the first watch throughout the video. He is very much on point when it comes to the technical skill and the variety of YouTube Poopisms, each one of his jokes being crystal clear and well-edited, my personal favourite being the ECH-ing Scratch.

Although the past month was overall slightly above the average in my eyes and ears, this video stood out from the rest as soon as it was published. With its short length, one of my all-time favourite sources and a simple but hilarious style, it has a lot of replay value and doesn't fail to please me over and over again.

And that just about wraps things up here. We apologize for the inconvenience in regards for this relatively minor delay. However, fret not, for while this was unconventional, we'd much rather this kind of thing than missing another month anytime soon! Now that this article is truly finished without worry, I have to ask of there were any YouTube Poops released this past month you thought we might have missed out on earlier. If there were, please let us know for sure with a comment down below. Also, we're still open for some new applications at hand if you're interested and haven't put down something yet beforehand. For real, we do appreciate the support for this segment. Beyond that, please enjoy the videos we selected, and have fun with our selections from this merry little month.

Edited by Crazy Luigi

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