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Recommended YouTube Poops of November 2017

Crazy Luigi
  • After about a half a year of rather inconsistent production on a month-by-month basis, we return to our regularly scheduled programming for the Recommended YouTube Poops for the rest of the year.

Crazy Luigi's Pick: "{YTP} Angry Black Man commits suicide with a bucket of chicken" by NitroEdits

Believe it or not, there are some months where finding an entry to talk about can be a lot harder than you think it is. When getting to some of these videos, talking about how unique they are can be quite tricky or challenging, especially when you have a month like November focusing primarily on the Nostalgia Critic above all else. Granted, I don't have a problem talking about him whenever he shows up, but I do like to try my best when it to variety on sources or types used within these videos, which kind of was hard when it felt like a good majority of good to great YouTube Poops revolved around it. Not to mention that the main video focusing on brain rape that I saw kind of dragged a bit too long for my tastes, as much as I appreciate what HerpyWhoovesChew did in terms of trying to make nothing but brain rape seem interesting. Therefore, my last option kind of had to go to the tried, true, and tested method of sentence mixed YouTube Poops since they usually don't let me down. Of course, it took a bit longer than I thought it'd be to find that one video that put it over the top to me, but I think this video did just that for my taste buds.

One of the reasons why this video caught the attention of my eye was that it featured a guy I had almost completely forgotten about until NitroEdits reminded me almost immediately of who this guy (as the primary source of this video) is in the first place! In case you're new here and don't know what I mean, the guy you're seeing goes by the YouTube name of DCIGS (formerly known as siggas), a comedian who currently goes under the "Angry Black Man" series that was previously best known for talking about the new (at the time) Black & White Pokemon games and going on the female Pokemon like Jigglypuff on his nigga dick. Before that, though, he was easily talking about his trips to places like KFC or McDonald's and having a wild time with his trips in those places, using hyperbole at its finest. Here, NitroEdits manages to use his exaggeration and ramps it up from a 10 to an 11 with the way he makes him even funnier than he was beforehand. After the introduction, NitroEdits manages to expand on some of the jokes DCIGS had in his original Angry Black Man Goes To KFC video by going from some of the simple edits that are easy to do (KFC is the only damn chicken place in his area) to some more ingenious moments like the people looking at DCIGS like he's a damn chicken fucker and his reaction to the chicken fucker moment. To add to those sentence mixed moments, there were certain stutters into what he's saying, pitch shifting in certain moments (specifically the "Hello, sir" part making him sound more feminine), and even some visual edits to make him more eccentric then he usually is. It truly says something when you can create some very funny moments out of only minor edits, especially when you find the right sources to use here.

If anyone forgot about the likes of DCIGS after his video on Pokemon all those years ago, NitroEdits really does show that you can provide a second wind for a guy like him, so long as you have the power and creativity to use him in more ways from here on out. The sentence mixing truly is splendid with the imagery in mind, like trying to imagine a fat ass man with five cocks with big ass mashed potatoes and a fat ass judge or seeing squid vaginas on branches in a Hong-Kong City Mall. Meanwhile, the other edits that don't relate to sentence mixing, like when DCIGS went to the aforementioned Hong-Kong City Mall afterwards, still manage to hit well without completely relying on his crass language for its advantage. Honestly, if there's only one thing I didn't like about this video, it's the fact that it ended too abruptly for its own good! Seriously, I would have loved to see how much farther NitroEdits would have gone with him if he continued going on with him for at the very least one minute longer. Otherwise, this truly feels like a revival of a source on YouTube Poops that we haven't really seen much of since either 2009 or 2010, and it's only a tragedy that we haven't seen more of him being used like this earlier than we did. Still, I have to thank NitroEdits for this video he did, if only for reminding me of another guy I thought was real funny during my junior or senior year of high school, and for that, I have to give him my distinct honor because of that fact.

TheOneManBoxOffice's Pick: "Zaboomaf***" by CrispyDragons (a.k.a. Nozdordomu)

I'll admit, I've never seen a single episode of Zoboomafoo growing up as a kid. When it came to kid's nature shows, it was either Amazing Animals or National Geographic's Really Wild Animals for me. Oh, do the memories begin to come back to me. But here's something we don't see often: a YouTube Poop that uses one of these shows as a source.

Made by CrispyDragons, better known here as our Writing Staff colleague Nozdordomu, "Zaboomaf***" uses the aforementioned show, as well as a couple bits from Between the Lions (a children's show about reading and vocabulary) to give us one quick minute of hilarity involving two overly-happy gentlemen who apparently hang out with a puppet lemur (more than likely to be made of a real lemur) educating the kiddies about different types of animal defecation. Throw in some hilarious editing and a nod to that "I dunno what's happenin' to me" song from Donkey Kong Country, and I can clearly say that this video got me laughing.

Short. Sweet. Hilarious. Not everyone can master all three at once in making a YouTube Poop and nail it, but when it's done right, it's golden, and that's why it's my pick for November's Poop of the Month.

Dieathan's Pick: "YTP: Robotnik Auditions For a Game Show He Sucks At (3K+ Special)" By RyanYTP

When it comes to the many types of YouTube Poops that exist out there, they often only focus on being one particular type. Whether it be something regular that relies on a number of modern techniques that only more advanced video editing software can provide, sentence mix-core that makes heavy use of sentence-mixing, brain-rape / rape-core that smashes several video effects together to create a marvel of psychedelic visuals, a YouTube Poop Music Video that gives us a neat musical tune structured from carefully placed and pitch-shifted audio clips, or something that apes what one would expect from YouTube Poops circa 2006 and 2007. It's not all that often for a video like this to tackle all of these at once, as a YouTube Poop to cover all these distinctly different types is a real ambition, and it would most certainly take a huge effort to pull off such an accomplishment. And this November, I think I may have found a poop that does exactly that. "Robotnik Auditions For a Game Show He Sucks At" proves itself to be a jack-of-all-trades that provides a little something for everybody, and to great success. It gives us some reversing and visual jokes to fill that regular YouTube Poop quota (Robotnik partaking in a game of Wheel of Fortune is a real standout in this category), a decent amount of sentence-mixing throughout, many visual spectacles to behold (namely the credits sequence which I find very impressive), a very well crafted YouTube Poop Music Video to the tune of the Cascade Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey, and this is topped off with a few classic YouTube Poopisms such as repeating and ear rape. The inspiration from other Robotnik YouTube Poops created by the likes of BoogidyBoo and thechairman45 is definitely evident, and this video feels like a natural evolution from them on top of that. But regardless of what you look for in a YouTube Poop, "Robotnik Auditions For a Game Show He Sucks At" is sure to not just deliver, but also exceed expectations.

Mackenzie's Pick: "Sorsaqoski & Aqents Live Waqken Open Air 2017" by jubduk

This video is a piece of totally unedited footage from Sorsaqoski & Aqents' live show. It starts with a cacophonous kantele solo by Seppo Mario, which only sets the impending tone for what's to come. The singer, who's had a few too many, tries his best to hit the notes, but ultimately fails. At everything.

The YouTube Poops from jubduk have been pushing the boundaries of what we're accustomed to expect from a usual YouTube Poop. He started as an ordinary YouTube Pooper nearly ten years ago, but over time evolved into a hybrid of a YouTube Pooper, an artist, a musician and a Lovecraftian monster. Not only has he mastered the more usual and simple YouTube Poopisms, he also seems to put an absurd amount of effort into the sections, that we could call even artsy, which he has been featuring in every single video of his for the past couple of years.

With simple reverse-forwarding, stretching and pitch-shifting, jubduk effectively turns the usually charming singer into a hungover mongrel. His sentence-mixing, which is solely Finnish in this particular video, is funny and unexpected. Although the mixing tends to feature profanities, his choices for the rest of the words are unusually funny and original, which is just one of the many reasons I, after all these years, think he is one of the best YouTube Poopers of all time.

Now, when it comes to his artsier side... where do I even begin with this one? It's some of the most absurd stuff I've seen anywhere on the internet, nearly Madanonymous-esque when it comes to the YouTube Poop universe, although not at all comparable in the terms of the overall aesthetic. Nothing about the parts made in this style ever make any sense. They're flashy, surreal and pointless, but they do always seem to follow a plot. A plot, that ultimately is so abstract, it never comes anywhere close to making sense. If you're a normal human being, that is.

thebluespectre's pick: "• youtube poop • i want you (uωu人)(uωu人) very good!" by fiv95

The eye! THE EYE!!!

No seriously though, the imagery in this YouTube Poop was a load of fun. I would say that it uses footage from familiar sources, but that's a bit presumptuous; not everyone has seen the Nostalgia Critic or the Angry Video Game Nerd, even though they've influenced the face of YouTube as we know it. Even a comedian like Micheal Rosen seems better known for being a YouTube Poop source than his actual stand-up routines. It's easy to assume that everyone has had the same life experience as you, but there are people out there who seriously only use YouTube to watch funny animal videos and clips of news shows, perhaps even the majority of YouTube users. Then again, the original point of YouTube Poops were to confuse and mystify viewers who left their auto-player on - or to at least alleviate their boredom. On that note, yes, "I Want You" is a real attention grabber.

Though it may have the scrambled audio of an "ear rape" clip, this YouTube Poop has enough restraint to not actually damage your speakers, which is always welcome. The colors are also purposely clashing and hard to follow, but don't seem to be an epilepsy risk. Very unusually for the genre, there are a few segments that slow down and show a single confusing image. The pacing whiplash really works to this YouTube Poop's advantage, preventing the viewer from becoming too numb to the chaos. The loads of Paint program art floating around are an unusual touch, since they seem to be custom made for the YouTube Poop.

Actually, you know what this reminds me of? Kitajima's experimental YouTube Poops from a few months back. It's always good to see change come to any media, especially one like YouTube Poop as a whole. I hope to see more like this in the future.

And that concludes out Recommended YouTutbe Poops of November 2017! It might have taken a bit longer to complete than expected, but at least it's done before the end of the month came up. Not to mention how close we are to completing the end of the year altogether. If we missed any YouTube Poops for this month, please let us know about it within the comments section below. Otherwise, enjoy whatever's left of 2017 while you still can. After December comes to a close, we'll finally be entering 2018, which will hopefully provide better things for us in the process.

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Once again i feel very honored ; ). Congrats to all the other guys who made it here as well. You all did fantastic. :D

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Wow, I didn't think I'd ever make the list. Thanks, Bio! I'm glad you liked it.

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Wow, I made it! Glad to have pleased you people.

Everyone else was awesome too.

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