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Recommended YouTube Poops of October & November 2016

Crazy Luigi
  • Due to problems beyond our control (such as sickness), the Recommended YouTube Poops of the year segment will take its last hiatus of the year. We will provide the last of these articles for the year in time (starting on January) for December. In the meantime, enjoy some of the shit we've seen these past two months.

Crazy Luigi's Pick: "225- ♪ If you're looking for me ♪" by Combuskenisawesome (October)

You know, I usually have a particular style of YouTube Poop that I search for every single month. It isn't always the same things that I want to look for (mainly because I do want to showcase some variety in between months), but sometimes, you'll have a typical idea of what I'd look for more than anything else with what I choose for each month here. However, the one constant thing that I do look for in terms of the month of my birth for YouTube Poops is if they provide a good spook for a viewer, especially if it's from one of the more unlikeliest of places (such as Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory or The Adventures of Pete & Pete). While a part of this motif might stem due to it being the month that I was born in, most of it more due to the traditional nature that I've seen throughout my time living throughout this month. In fact, while this video is mainly on here due to the good laughs I got out of it, it's also here due to some of the things done to make it feel genuinely spooky at times (at least for a child).

What Combuskenisawesome done during certain parts of the video (including the start and the end) of the video kind of reminds me of what I might find from fellow Writing Staff member Biodegradable's work in terms of how to present (and conclude) the video in question. More specifically, using some of the effects you'd normally find for a regularly scheduled program for TV and make it work for a YouTube Poop's purpose, which will be revealed later in the video. In the meantime, Combuskenisawesome does her own unique spin on a Pokémon X, Y & Z episode "Dream A Little Dream For Me" that involved the Pokémon talking to each other like humans (and vice versa) with Pikachu somehow being revived from the dead and trying to avoid the presence of Brock and his strange eyes. While most of the video does play out relatively similar to the episode at hand in terms of synopses, the way Combuskenisawesome handles not just the effects, but also the jokes here (both with sentence mixing and text) really makes the experience feel very enjoyable throughout the video, such as with Pikachu's reaction to waking up and seeing Ash with Brock's eyes, Pikachu seeing his friends talk for the first time (including the aftermath), and Pikachu and Meowth seeing Squishy, the Zygarde Core and the Pokémon casually telling them to save money at Chase with a fireball chasing after them. Speaking of which, the way Combuskenisawesome manages to make the fireball appear to be a threatening force to the Pokémon despite having the song Fireball by Pitbull and John Ryan playing continuously when it appears helps give off a terrifying feel for the video when first watching it. Of course, it's a bit more like child's play when compared to the second half of the video.

During that time, some old commercials and blocks from Cartoon Network (and Adult Swim) show up as a break from the disappearance of one of Pikachu's friends, and that point provides some... rather fascinating results at hand. From a relatively disturbing experience with Super Mario Sunshine having an emergency broadcast service with a terrorist and an ax to an advertisement comparing Brita to ZeroWater to Cartoon Network promoting some of their usual fare with a six-hour special event from Steven Universe and a special appearance from The Eric Andre Show to the return of that old "The Dawn Is Your Enemy" piece from Adult Swim that used to air to end the program with Cilan doing his usual sick shit you'd probably expect from him during one of Combuskenisawesome's YouTube Poops, each one provide something to the viewer that is sure to give you some sort of reaction at hand. If I'm being honest, my favorite parts there were the beginning and ending break segments due to the misdirection they both provide the view and how unexpected they both could be. In any case, I should also mention that the way one of Combuskenisawesome's characters that she drew appeared in the video was very creative and cleverly done, especially considering the purpose that was done for the video. Combine all that with the ending and the other things that I didn't have the time to mention for rather unfortunate reasons, and you can see why I'd say it's my Recommended YouTube Poop of October.

TheOneManBoxOffice's Pick: "Kiss the Who? A Disney YouTube Poop" by JokeyBRBG (October)

Hoo-boy! Have I got a big one for you. The Little Mermaid was the movie that kicked off the Disney Renaissance back in 1989, and one of the most memorable moments from the film was the "Kiss the Girl" scene. What happens when a YouTube Pooper like JokeyBRBG gets a hold of it? You get "Kiss the Who? A Disney YouTube Poop!", my pick for YouTube Poop of the Month for October. This was something I first came across via an "in the works" preview video he uploaded (the preview started at 6:17 of this video and ended at 7:29). After seeing that, all I could say was that I couldn't wait for the final product. About a couple months later, he didn't disappoint. Watching this for the first time, you could say that it goes through an evolution process. Jokey starts with the basic editing tropes that we see in a lot of YouTube Poops in the beginning, but then as it goes on, he slowly, but surely cranks it up to full gear with more advanced editing techniques, from green-screening to image warping. As a result, we are, in a way, descending into madness in the form of a Little Mermaid YouTube Poop. As a whole, this is easily my favorite YouTube Poop from Jokey, and I really do hope he does something like this again.

Biodegradable's Pick: "Dipper Goes To Taco Bell" by Jallerbo (October)

Finally, after so many rather lousy videos I've seen using this source for the last year and a half, we finally have a Gravity Falls YouTube Poop worth watching. Jallerbo harnesses the true potential of an already fantastically-funny cartoon and cranks the dial up to 11. A wonderful display of vigor when exploiting the source itself, sentence-mixing everyone to say deliciously outrageous and goofy things, plenty of well-paced YouTube Poopism patterns, audio replacement gags, clever Photoshopping and neo-classic SpaDinner jokes that make you laugh, rather than groan. For some, including myself 6 minutes might be a bit too long in the tooth for a poop, but I promise you that every minute is interesting, wacky, funny and full of YouTube Poopy goodness. Jallerbo knocked it out of the park with this video, and I can't wait to see what he does next.

Crazy Luigi: "[YTP] - Trump Ruins Clinton's Rigged Debate And Makes Wii U Great" by MorimotoYTP (November)

I think it's safe to say that I'm not the only one who felt they were getting sick and tired of the same old political shit with this year's YouTube Poops in particular after a particular point. Oh sure, there certainly were some good, if not actually great YouTube Poops involving Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and even Bernie Sanders during the times they were released, but much like how we felt like we would have probably been alright with the end results (how wrong we were on that end), we felt like enough was enough in terms of the pure insanity that was known as this year as a whole (or at least, the Presidential election for 2016 in the United States of America) and that we should get this shit over with already! What we've encountered by this point of the year is the mood whiplash where we're just completely tired and exhausted with even mentioning politics in the first place. If a video even mentioning the word politics (let alone featuring a Presidential debate even after knowing who won at the end of the day) is being featured this late in the game, it has to showcase something that completely mocks and exaggerates things to its advantage, while also probably having a message that says a whole lot more than anything this Presidential debate provided for us this year. Luckily, for the case of Morimoto, he managed to hit the perfect sweet spot for me that kind of hit home a whole lot more for me in ways I bet not even Morimoto himself thought about at the time.

One thing that you could notice almost right off the bat is how it appears at first that things are revolving completely around the way of Hillary Clinton's favor, almost similarly to how someone might have viewed it in the eyes of a Republican. It was first noted by Chris Wallet that ABC's Presidential debate was illegal this year and that his Presidential debate was sponsored by the Hillary Clinton Foundation, which was likely a viewpoint that I'm sure plenty of Republicans likely saw there at the time (even with the point of her being the Secretary of Sex, albeit not with the President of the American people). Secondly, some of the things Hillary Clinton stated in her debate (where she decided the topics and the questions in each topic) were likely viewpoints not just Republicans, but also those that didn't vote for Hillary in the Democratic nominations saw her under, such as statements like "I will say no to our democracy. I demand you elect me President, or I will deny you your life," and "The United States government should be stepping in and making your most personal decisions. Hillary Clinton is watching you." Third, and probably most important in terms of the viewpoints of a Republican at that time, would be how Donald Trump would say statements that normal politicians wouldn't have said otherwise in any normal year, yet somehow manage to make them sound like positives for their eyes, such as "We have to have heroin!", "One of my first acts will be to terminate the Constitution," and even "I smoked heroin! You did not give me vodka, bitch." Combine that with some of the things that Hillary Clinton said/did in response to Donald Trump's statements and even Donald Trump complaining that the debate he's in is rigged (with a repeated notion on Hillary Clinton's cum, which showed how prone to repetition he is), and it almost makes you wonder why Donald got the votes he did to become President of the U.S.A. in the first place. However, once the topic changes from the typical political bullshit that we're forced to deal with every single year to Nintendo's latest consoles, that's where things went from a good sentence-mixed YouTube Poop to a great one worthy of my praise.

It probably wouldn't be much of a surprise to note that I am a fan of Nintendo and their video games by now. Well, with the last debate in regards to supporting the Nintendo Wii U against moving on completely to the Nintendo Switch, it really showcases exactly how much like no one's completely right with every issue at hand, no one's completely wrong on them either. In fact, Donald states some rather great motifs in regards to it being disrespected in spite of it actually being a great video game console (which was more marred by poor third party support) and that it needed the help that it never really got; the fact that Donald Trump is originally known as a businessman more than a politician until recently actually makes the statements that Morimoto sentence mixed into Donald sound like they can be rather realistic under his end, even with the statement against Hillary Clinton with how "all she does is suck my cock" due to the statements before and after that line. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, first mocks Donald Trump's slogan of "Make Wii U Great Again" by having her wonder when it was ever great in the first place, and then continues to make statements that belittles the console to the point where even though I do agree with Hillary's idea of the Nintendo Switch saving Nintendo for the new generation of video games, it really makes her become genuinely awful and proves Donald's point more in that she would not help out Nintendo whatsoever. Really, both sides showed that they do have generally awful ideas in mind to go with ideas that could honestly be good for the future moving forward, and the fact that a video like this can be made to the point where you could honestly believe that something like this could have happened in the 2016 Presidential elections (excluding the ending, which was honestly a rather humorous way to conclude the video) almost feels like it can be a joke in and of itself. That's why I feel that, as a result of the humorous sentence mixing and special effects combined with that partially scary truth, it's my Recommended YouTube Poop for November 2016.

TheOneManBoxOffice's Pick: "YTP- DELIVER US -PTY" by THE NEW FAWFUL ADVENTURES / AwfulFawfulFalafel (November)

This month, I chose one of the more bizarre YouTube Poops out there, and it happens to come from a non-YouChew member that goes by the name AwfulFawfulFalafel.  "YTP- DELIVER US -PTY" is a poop that primarily uses the Spongebob Squarepants episode "Pizza Delivery" as the source, but as I started watching, it didn't feel much like a traditional YouTube Poop whatsoever. In fact, it felt like a trippy underground music video, and I can see why. Fawful made it in part to support an independent musician named Atronach, in which she uses several songs (the music is quite good, actually). The editing style she uses here also makes it apparent of its art house-like uniqueness. I know there are others that use Vegas in a similar way, but here, I just feel like I'm in some sort of a trance. The use of 3-D is quite good, and the green-screening and custom effects are beyond impressive for a YouTube Poop.  It is clear that Fawful spent a lot of time making this, and I'm glad to say that it more than paid off. If there is one SpongeBob/SpingeBill YouTube Poop you should check out, even if you're not a fan of the source material, it's this one.

Biodegradable's Pick: "(YTP) An Adventure through Dinnertime & Space" by Nintendom64 (NOVEMBER)

Story-orientated Flash Poops have faded in popularity throughout the years ever since they first popped up back in early 2008, but Nintendom64 aims to change that as his new video is a tour-de-force of technical brilliance and wonderful absurdity. Heavily-influenced by the great works of our beloved Geibuchan, Nintendom64 takes you on a wild, cartoony ride filled to the brim with classic YouTube Poop characters and shenanigans that any hardcore fan, young and old, can appreciate. With skillful editing, masking and cut-out animation, great timing and a homage to classic cartoons, Nintendom64 offers us a wonderful treat that could inspire a revival within the Flash YouTube Poop genre, or at the very least, be seen as a loving tribute to it.

Thebluespectre's Pick: "[YTP] THE UNUNITED STATE OF HYSTERIA" by cs188 (November)

Is it too late to post a favorite for the month of November? Is posting something similar to Crazy Luigi's choice lame? Is picking someone as famous as cs188 cheating? I don't care. I have things to say regarding the obvious topic at hand. Specifically, I want to talk about the attitude this YouTube Poop has, and how it reflects on the nation as a whole. Pretty much every issue that led us to this election shows up here, even in the damned thumbnail. Observe as we have a choice of two celebrities who got in by being familiar names! Gaze in wonder as the debate's host fails to control the audience! Beam with delight as both Republican and Democrat alike refuse to show respect to their opponent in what is supposed to be an open debate! See the bipartisan system shed its formalities and become no more than a choice between two NFL teams, different logos playing the same game! Perhaps I'm just angry, and perhaps I'm biased. Doesn't mean there were not issues.

The 2016 elections felt like... well, think of it like this. In an early season of American Idol, one of the contestants who "went to Hollywood" was a comedian who did impressions and dressed in wacky outfits. He was booted early, but he still made it. Other less successful candidates had gimmicks; the guy who dressed in a tunic and brought his own self-published CD comes to mind. Do you know why we can't remember their names? Because they were nothing but gimmicks. They still got to appear on TV, because gimmicks appeal more than actual talent. Can you name any of the American Idol winners from season 4 onward?

Wait, you can? Oh good, I thought I was uncool for remembering most of them. Where was I again?

I'm not here to denounce a President-elect who hasn't actually done anything as of the time I wrote this. Nor am I here to spread conspiracy theories about someone who was more likely to damage the United States by changing nothing while it's already pretty bad. Honestly, if I want a picture of what needs to change, I need to look in a mirror. I felt nothing during this election, believed nothing would change for the better no matter who won. I saw demons, I saw nose-pickers, I saw old YouTube Poops recycled into new ones. It was my lack of reaction that got me this circus of an election.

You know what? I'm just rambling at this point. It's a very good YouTube Poop. The way cs188 sentence mixes this particular video has it become smooth while making it just janky enough to be funny. He brings back the likes of 'HOS' and 'SIS' just to mock the people who tried to censor his dumb ass jokes. He makes a dick joke because it's actually pretty funny when it's obviously sentence mixed. At least a half dozen gags he does are things I was thinking when watching the election live. It's a really well-made satire, and a successful YouTube Poop. We don't need to "learn" anything from it. Hell, if it was meant to teach a lesson, it would be dated in a year or so. Yet still... remember to have a gimmick if you want to be successful. It's worth a shot.

Well I think that wraps things up for the past two months now. While I think we're all glad to see 2016 is about to end its grubby little hands on the world real soon, at the same time, it has produced us with some great videos, to the point where I think I might provide a Best YouTube Poops of the Year segment for once! Only fitting, considering it's the 10th Anniversary and all. Check back next year for our picks for the best YouTube Poops of the Year, and don't forget to come back for the final Recommended YouTube Poops of this year... for next year.

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I am happy that my youtube poop has reached the front page, and it takes extraordinary use of techniques and contextual personality to reach to the stars!

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