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Recommended YouTube Poops of September & October 2017

Crazy Luigi
  • Before November ends, we want you to take a quick look back at the last two months before entering the end of the year as a whole.

I know, you're probably expecting the same-old, same-old here. In fact, I admit I originally planned on waiting until earlier in November to get this article down just so I could have a proper spooky article down. However, the sad truth is I couldn't find one under the conventional manner of celebrating the month of October, meaning I couldn't have a proper spooky YouTube Poop to celebrate the occasion. Not to mention the recent addition of Mackenzie as our newest Writing Staff member (and yours truly as the newest Editor-in-Chief after Nozdordamu relinquished his position to become just an editor for us instead) kind of took things out of focus a bit. Even so, I didn't want to leave it out as three months in a row without an article talking about YouTube Poops. So without further adieu, enjoy the Recommended YouTube Poops of September & October 2017 as we get ready to enter the end of 2017.

Crazy Luigi's Pick: "⋲⩕@|\|𠥓⌶Ᵽ/-\┼𝔧ዐⁿ ⨕ℕ†⍷ℜȠᗩ⎿⌶⎺/_⍲⍡I꒧ⁿ ⑫⑱⑳⑰ [THE FOURTH] ⑫⑱⑳⑰" done by 喜多嶋 / Kitajima (September)

Throughout the past month or so (as of the time I wrote this), I had thebluespectre's interview with Kitajima in the back of my mind. More specifically, the idea of what he said in relation towards YouTube Poops and how they have worked best with the unexpected at hand. I think the reason why I have chosen most of my YouTube Poops the way that I have throughout this past year or so is because they manage to provide the unexpected in some of the best ways I would have wanted from these creators. With most of those particular videos, they've gone and done something rather unconventional or unpredictable from what some people would consider the norm for YouTube Poops. Whether it's from brain rape, YouTube Poop Music Videos, or anything else that would fit the conventional mold here, some of my favorite or memorable YouTube Poops nowadays consist of things that hold a bit more of an unpredictable result here. That's why I figure that for this month, there should be no better example to showcase what I mean then by this video done by Kitajima himself.

With Kitajima, you can never really know where he'd want to go with his particular style of video making. In this instance, Kitajima looks like it's going all out with complete insanity in regards to where it's going from the very start. Between the introduction of a tune that you might hear in an old alarm clock going off on and it showing off some sort of structure in what looks like Washington D.C. and Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop during his last moments of living before showing off what appears to be a dead person from a movie of sorts (with the loud yelling of hysteria going on), this video wastes no time in setting you up for something you won't be forgetting about anytime soon. All the visual effects used, especially during the parts with the animated eyeball moving around from one eyeball to the next while showing off a bunch of Wingdings text definitely help enhance the mood of unpredictability that this video wants to offer here. However, just when you think the rest of the YouTube Poop is just going to be essentially what I've already mentioned, it cuts directly into a black-and-white video from back in the day that focuses on the more simplistic things there. During those moments, the focus there only revolve around sentence mixing of an older gentleman talking to an eventual victim (later mentioned to be "Willy Boy" in the video) that he despises so much and some blurry pixels on the other person's face. To me, this particular scene is honestly one of the most clever moments I've seen in a YouTube Poop for quite some time.

In that scene, the focus was done to accentuate the despicable nature the other person had (done a bit further between the sentence mixed bits and the blurred face towards said person), as well as showcase the eventual path the older man would take, which would either be just as bad or even worse than the person he shot in the first place. Seriously, the spliced moments between the gentleman and the person shown in that ultra-violent film that was displayed earlier on in the video was just ingenious with the way Kitajima put the moment in! Not to mention the visuals placed when the guy was shot in to display what probably was the visual representation of facing death when shot really helped put things in perspective there. After one more scene with the guy the in that violent movie sitting down listening to music (presumably some sort of Vaporwave), the video ends in a similar way in terms of how it began: with visual effects that you probably won't forget about anytime soon and providing a sense of unpredictability that I very much appreciate seeing. Sometimes, we kind of forget that one of the best things we can YouTube Poopers can do is provide that sense of unpredictability that originally attracted some of over here in the first place. Every now and then, though, we have someone like Kitajima helping us reminding us why we remain that way even after over a decade of video making and other things with our lives. That's why Kitajima's video is my Recommended YouTube Poop for September (although part of me wishes it'd be for October instead, if only because it fits that mold a lot more than my actual video choice); anyone that goes all out in their craft definitely earns my all-around praise.

TheOneManBoxOffice's Pick: "CHRIS FARLEY IS UNSTOPPABLE" by ThemOldaBoys (September)

For my pick of September's Poop of the Month, ThemOldaBoys impresses me yet again with a video where he doesn't alter any of the visuals whatsoever. Instead, he mainly focuses on the audio. Using a clip from Peter Segal's 1995 comedy film Tommy Boy starring the late Chris Farley, he takes a scene that was already funny to begin with, and makes it even more so by increasing the volume to ear-rape level, and manipulates the speed and duration to variable levels, much like how you'd play around with a vinyl record like a DJ or spastically moving the tracking marker in a video editor for the sake of entertaining yourself. Let's be fair, most of us on this site have done the latter. It's absolutely hilarious to hear the voice of Chris Farley get manipulated in pitch and speed, especially during a scene like this where he completely goes bat-shit as his partner, played by David Spade, just sits back and watch. This kind of thing reminds me of how dew made her YouTube Poops of Ron Howard's film adaptation of How The Grinch Stole Christmas some time ago, and I absolutely love it for that. I would love to see more videos like this using other movies. ThemOldaBoys, never change, my man.

Dieathan's Pick: "[YTP] Harry Hill Goes to McDonald's (Collab Entry)" by TheWackyWeevil (September)

What I'm about to share here is not just a YouTube Poop, but a tale about a British comedian by the name of Harry Hill taking a trip to McDonald's, but not quite for the reason you would think. Yes, TheWackyWeevil has presented us with a rather entertaining YouTube Poop this September, chock full of amazing visuals, sentence-mixing, and well-constructed jokes, all of which tie into Harry Hill's antics very nicely. Said antics range from shooting down a magical pony from the sky, only to have its head land right on him (though he doesn't seem to mind that at all, funnily enough) to renting out the room upstairs to Peppa Pig, resulting in them jumping around and falling through the floor, and pitting cs188 and YouTube Poop against each other in a one-on-one brawl, with all of it flowing together at a good pace. The visuals themselves were also a real spectacle when they presented themselves, with special mention going to the opening sequence that utilizes 3D effects and erosion, all of which is backed by synth-wave music which fits the tone of the scene perfectly. This all culminates to Harry hearing news about the knitted character who was oddly absent, having gone to McDonald's, only to discover that the restaurant itself is burning down with Ronald still trapped inside. And so we get our curiously missing knitted character swooping into to the rescue and saving the day. This in itself I feel sets it apart from other YouTube Poops that follow the title structure of these "[Character] Goes to [Restaurant]" videos, and to describe this YouTube Poop in the words of Harry Hill himself, "If that's not entertainment, I don't know what is."

Crazy Luigi's Pick: "It's Not Nice To Break The Angry Video Game Critic's Focus" by MemeKirisame (October)

Usually, when it comes to October, I wind up waiting until the very end of the month to find my video because of some very obvious reasons. One of which includes the idea that some of the best material would come from our annual contest we do once per year. I mean, I remembered that one year where I entered the first contest we did back in 2014, and I did surprisingly well, to the point where if I could have nominated my own entry for the Recommended YouTube Poops article that month and year, I would have! However, it might be because of my entry for September still fresh on my mind, but none of the entries in this year's contest quite matched what Kitajima's video on September had in terms of intensity that I'd like to see during the month of October. As a result, I've decided to go for a different direction for this month (but only this month in this year). Instead of focusing on horror, it's time to look into something that brings out laughter! Something that's done by quite a familiar source under a name that on the surface might not quite sound like it'd fit the mold for pure comedy at hand. More specifically, a video on the Nostalgia Critic done by MemeKirasime.

Of course, when I say the Nostalgia Critic here, it's not quite the full case here; rather, it's the video where he plays as the Angry Video Game Critic from all those years ago with Bebe's Kids. Regardless, it's definite a video that wants to go all out with the different styles that this video's going for here. More specifically, the video has quite a bit going for it in terms of visuals effects, from the simplistic with the inter-splicing of the original AVGN theme song with the Angry Video Game Critic's theme song to the more complex with moments like the "it burns" between Gir and the Spy from Team Fortress 2 and the transition from one YouTube thumbnail to another for the video. The introduction just one example of many in regards to how MemeKirasime uses his edits almost masterfully. From the trailer of the Bebe's Kids movie and the introduction scene to the Bebe's Kids video game to the Critic's explanation on the Bebe's Kids video game's origins (reviewing this fucker in the process) and the infamous "No vibes, no Bevis" sign within the game, there's a bit of everything one could just about find in the video, thus helping its cause overall. Not to mention the way the segments where the Critic wants those spy guys to die over and over again and the reaction to finding out Bebe's Kids game has a time limit with a scary-looking moniker (and a great reaction back towards it) truly were clever in their own unique ways. In a way, it truly showcases a great mixture towards what made the Nostalgia Critic look so great in his earlier days in the first place with how things can be spliced together in the process.

In regards to the Nostalgia Critic reviewing Bebe's Kids for the SNES, his segments in this video really accentuate the high energy and great timing that was had in this video in the first place. This was best exemplified through the second half (or rather, the ending segments) of the video, especially when wanting Spider-Man to help him out of the maze and his destruction of the SNES Bebe's Kids video game. As for the other sources used, I can definitely say that the cows repeating "Baby!" over and over again to the beach song in Plok and the motherfuckin' (scary) maze were used rather memorably, to put this lightly. Honestly, the only complaints I could genuinely have here are that it did get a bit too meta at times and that it wasn't really spooky, which is what I'm primarily looking for in the month of October. Otherwise, this definitely earns the right to be my Recommended YouTube Poop for October!

Dieathan's Pick: "YTP: iCarly sells Spanish dolls to buy real estate at Crystal Lake" by Prince Goat Cheese (October)

I find that there's a certain enlightenment to be had from simpler poops that emphasize only a select few YouTube Poopisms. But what really makes such videos stand out is how they utilize these YouTube Poop-isms and make them work together as a whole. Prince Goat Cheese, using iCarly as a primary source, gives us such a video that does just that through stutter loops, reversing, and pitch-shifting, along with a number of visual gags, distortions, sentence-mixing, and ear-rape. The picture it paints it otherwise one that creates a particular harmony amongst all the YouTube Poop-isms that are used all throughout the video. Yes, the former pouTube Poop-isms I mentioned are the ones that are emphasized the most, but it weaves them together in a way that gives the poop a brilliant sense of balance wherein they all get a good amount of time to shine without overshadowing each other. As for the latter YouTube Poop-isms that are used, they're often implemented alongside the more emphasized YouTube Poop-isms to further enhance their effects and add some variety, like how a clip of Carly screaming has several distortions made to Carly's face in an ear-raped stutter loop coupled with reversing, which honestly cracked me up when I saw it. This YouTube Poop is definitely one I enjoy for its simplicity and how it's structured to ensure that it remains entertaining all throughout despite that, and I honestly can't think of anything but to commend Prince Goat Cheese for accomplishing such a feat.

Mackenzie's Pick: "{YTP} ~ Alex Jopes Rants about the Happy fun times and the shoes on his head" by Sixtyforce (October)

Sixtyforce recently bestowed upon us this piece, showcasing a variety of humorous aspects and modern, LSD-driven special effects. This video is enjoyed to the fullest when you are able to commit to watching it more than just once; it flies past at such an incredible pace that it's prone to leaving you in a state of total confusion, mixed with pleasant, titillating awe. Although you can also find some classic effects and YouTube Poop-isms, that are sure to satisfy even the most seasoned veterans, the pacing throughout the entire piece is more reminiscent of the new age poops.

The subtitles popping up every once in a while have some humorous additional commentary, usually referring to the couple of frames they are displayed on, which is one thing I have never seen in a poop before. I initially disliked them, requiring me to pause the video, perhaps even forcing me to skip backward for a half a second, but it should be obvious that, by now, they have grown on me a lot.

Sixtyforce's choices of jokes are witty and even cheesy sometimes, ranging from "getting shot while playing baseball" to the classic penis jokes and lo-fi explosions. His choices of words to sentence mix into the bundle, aside from a couple of penis jokes, are mostly original and random, which I personally prefer over videos that revolve around nothing but profanities. Although his sentence mixing technique does not seem to be at its best yet, some words occasionally turning out poppy and unclear, you could understand pretty much everything after the third re-watch. Which you will probably go through in any case, considering the overall quality of this video.

To those unsatisfied with this overview's ending, watch the video's ending again. (Insert a cheesy wink here.)

And that about does it for our Recommended YouTube Poops for September & October 2017. We hope you enjoyed this look back into the past, especially since we're going to be near the end of the year already! Before you wonder whether there's even going to be an article out for December 2017, considering our newest writer's commitment to the Writing Staff and my new power, consider that ready for action one way or another! Until then, take care of yourself for the rest of the year, and have a pleasant journey back to the past this year. Also, if you feel we missed something these past two months, please let us know in the comment section below.

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I always get excited when I see a new recommended poops article. Congrats to everyone who had their poops featured!

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It's great to have me as a recommended pooper. Also, it's not the Spy from TF2. It's the music videos of "It Burns" by Loco Loco.

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It was fun to get my first proper touch in working with the Writing Staff! Looking forward to continuing so in the future & finishing my first standalone article, which I'm slating to happen within a couple of weeks!

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Woah! What a great surprise! Being in the Recommended Poops section is something that I never thought I would achieve. Thank you!

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喜多嶋 / Kitajima


Thank you for the mention and taking the time to write. Two things I wanted to simply clarify in regards to my video: "Willy Boy" is actually a sound clip saying "buddy boy," and the song believed to be vaporwave is far from it, it is a song from Michael Karoli (of the group Can) & Polly Eltes' album Deluge:

Overall I enjoyed the diverse selection of videos from these last two months, it is a great reminder of the many complimentary and contrasting types of pacing and styles that can be found under this one common genre. 

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