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The Best YouTube Poops of 2016

Crazy Luigi
  • You thought it was over? Well you thought wrong, ladies and gentlemen! This time around, we're bringing back a segment that used to be had with the Best YouTube Poop of the Year. Enjoy some old favorites that you may or may not have seen earlier on this past year.

Graphic done by TheOneManBoxOffice.

Sorry for taking a bit longer than anticipated. It turned out that some of us actually had a harder time finding a YouTube Poop that we would ultimately consider the YouTube Poop that we'd consider the best of the year. So if you ultimately find the size of the article to be a disappointment for what you're seeing here, I apologize in advance for this, simply because it turned out to be a bigger problem than I originally thought it was going to be. That being said, there are a few videos that we had enjoyed for one reason or another, but ultimately weren't talked about in previous Recommended YouTube Poop articles throughout 2016 for whatever reason (save for one entry talked about by our newest member, Dieathan). So don't expect to see any previous favorites on here if you thought some of our favorites were talked about in the past twelve months of 2016. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy what we thought were some of the best videos released this past year!

Crazy Luigi's Pick: "YTP: Squidwarp Completes the Ritual" by william_ (Best of 2016)

You know, before I found out that the release date for this video was on the same day as my grandpa's 69th birthday (November 30), I was originally going to talk about this video for December 2016 instead of the one I actually went for. However, because I've been so damn mesmerized by this particular video in question, I just had to bring about this notion of a best YouTube Poop of 2016 simply because I just had to talk about it! So many different elements to this video here are particularly utilized so damn perfectly that it'd be extremely hard to talk about them all in just one paragraph like I would in my older days on the Writing Staff. From the subtle, yet disturbing motifs of Squidward's "ritual" at hand to the usage of different SpongeBob SquarePants episodes and music clips (one of which he created mainly for this video) to the general usage of many different sources to make his story work, it really manages to do everything perfectly! Not only are the effects that are used here become downright amazing at points, but the story that was created from this video is both humorous and creepy, yet somehow it flows together to make for a spectacular story of sorts that I really do come back to time and time again. Really, if there was ever such a thing as the perfect YouTube Poop, I think this one's it, mainly because it has everything that I could ever hope to desire from a YouTube Poop (and then some), combined with the fact that it manages to do things that I don't think I've ever witnessed in a YouTube Poop before. I really had no other choice than this video for my YouTube Poop of 2016, and I would honestly think it'd remain my choice for the Best YouTube Poop of the Decade if that chance came up! That's how spectacular this video was to my eyes, even for a video that's 3:30 long.

RGS' Pick: "YouTube Poop Dies" by bop

Oh, bop, you did it again! I swear that this guy could make a YouTube Poop out of basically anything. In 2015, bop released "2001: A Space Leability", which was probably my favorite YouTube Poop of that year. So it makes sense that the following year, he created "YouTube Poop Dies", a YouTube Poop that nearly tops it. Set to be his final YouTube Poop (which you could've guessed by the title), bop goes out with a bang. Based on editing alone, this is on a whole other level. The amount of sources, that range from The Shining to Hello Kitty to The 70's Show to 12 Years A Slave (I didn't even expect that last one could be a good YouTube Poop source!), just to name a few, is outstanding, and the transitions between each and every one of them are masterfully done. And the jokes, effects and running themes and gags all flow extremely well. There's great sentence mixing, there's some of the best masking jobs I've ever seen, there's a bit of YouTube Poop Music Video around the middle that serves as a nice change of pace, and of course, there's a ton of earrape. I might prefer "2001" a little bit more because overall it's a little more cohesive, but "YouTube Poop Dies" is an amazing YouTube Poop experience and an appropriate final project from what was a great YouTube Pooper. Check it out!

Ben's Pick: "YouTube Poop: Kill Will Pt. 2" by DurhamrockerZ

After a long and mostly interrupted hiatus, DurhamrockerZ returns with another excellent YouTube Poop. While he's known primarily for his highly-quotable King of the Hill YouTube Poops, this time around, he's brought us something primarily based on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, as you might have guessed from the video preview above. After a short intro featuring a coughing Santa (keep in mind this wasn't even released around Christmas), we instantly jump into the Fresh Prince material, with a quick round of some YouTube Poop standbys, like sentence mixing, stuttering, and video distortion. Things really start to pick up around the 0:57 mark, with a hilarious line from Uncle Phil, immediately followed by one of my favorite parts; the first time I heard the scene transition music continue on into the courtroom, I must have been grinning like an idiot. Shortly thereafter, we get a well-timed explosion around 1:23 that makes for some good laughs. Explosions are often overused in YouTube Poops, usually being placed meaninglessly and with tiresome frequency. Sometimes they work (like this case), but other times they just fall flat and come off as predictable (which this video doesn't do). As we move on, we are treated to some other visual effects (none of which are hard to look at), some stuttering/audio distortion (1:53 and 2:26 are some other favorites of mine), and the like. To wrap things up, things take an unexpected turn when Uncle Phil kills Will, followed by some footage of WCW Nitro.

Is this the absolute greatest thing that DurhamrockerZ has ever made? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, it's really good, and we can only hope that he isn't about to take another hiatus.

Dieathan's Pick: "(YTP) An Adventure through Dinnertime & Space [Sourcey Stories Collab Entry]" by Nintendom64

When it comes to story-driven YouTube Poops, it’s generally as basic as sentence-mixing and word-splicing character dialogue in order to form a narrative. However, there are those who go that extra mile and not only do as stated, but go above and beyond to give them an “animated” feel that truly brings the story to life. I wish I had discovered Nintendom64 sooner, because his Sourcey Stories Collab Entry, "An Adventure through Dinnertime & Space", in my eyes encapsulates what makes an amazingly well-executed story-driven YouTube Poop.

It starts off with space alien, Tommy Wiseau, losing his prized football, followed by his own demise as his UFO explodes in a blaze of glory. This brings us to our fellow King Harkinian having said football smack him right in the face, with Luigi then explicitly stating the obvious as to what had just struck him. The King not willing to have football in Hyrule, proceeding to state that the only sport allowed in the land is Harkinian Ball, and that is where his adventure begins. The football rises up into the air, tears open a rift in time and space, sucks the King in, and hurtles him back 365 million years (and a bank holiday) back in time. From there, the poop only proceeds to get crazier, slamming joke after joke in rapid fire succession, and the entire time I found myself giggling along with whatever pandemonium that was transpiring. The scene where King Harkinian finds himself on Wiseau’s UFO stands out to me in particular with how dynamic it comes off as. When the King finds the football that sent him off on his adventure tp begin with, he only succeeds in sending the entire UFO tumbling through time and space, with the King panicking in a cry of ships, all the while the Wiseau piloting the UFO remains completely ignorant of the state of emergency the whole UFO and his own being is currently in was all too hilarious for me to not mention here. Said scene even brings the whole video full circle ending with the UFO blowing up, much like how the poop begins, and it gives me the impression that this YouTube Poop was incredibly well planned out from start to finish. Nintendom64 uses word-splicing to the nth degree with King Harkinian to great effect as well as with Tyrannosaurus Alan and the Wiseaus, and also makes the most of the limited frames of animation of the King himself, even using several self-edited frames of the King to convey certain expressions we would not normally see him portray otherwise. Even the range of music used throughout the poop conveys the mood of each scene very well, including both high energy tunes and softer, more relaxed ones.

The whole YouTube Poop really feels like an adventure as the title implies, in that takes you on quite the ride, showing off all sorts of strange and bizarre things, in just a mere three and a half minutes, truly living up the video’s namesake. I’ve seen some amazing editing from the poops I’ve seen during 2016’s course, but Nintendom64 accomplishes this astoundingly with many clever visual gags being cleverly strung together in a way that feels organic, each and every one of which gave me a good chuckle that lasted all throughout the entire video’s duration. And so I personally consider this my favorite YouTube Poop to come out of 2016, and I look forward to seeing more of what Nintendom64 has to offer in 2017.

thebluespectre's Pick: "Infowork Harder" by smelku

Okay, first of all, YouTube Poop TV. smelku is a fairly new artist who has been making mashups for fun, and doesn't really have concerns about the hows or whys of it, exactly as a YouTube Pooper should. Their previous exploits include "List of people who want to kill me", which is literally a list of people smelku believes they have offended with their videos (that it includes voice actor Tone Loc suggests it's a farce) and "My name is", a meme regurgitation with magical girl anime wrapped around it (as a YouTube Poop should be). Regardless of how stupid the subject matter of their video is, they put actual effort into all of them. Getting anything to sync up with something that was not originally music is real tough. Human speech is easier, especially a very passionate news anchor, but it's always a struggle. 

For anyone who does not recognize this track, it's "Work Harder" from the OST of that suddenly popular Steam game "Lisa: The Painful RPG". The Lisa trilogy brings something close to the classic Hong Kong Kung-Fu movie feel to video games, with its blend of somber reflection, slapstick humor, really creative violence and the realization that nobody is going to achieve their goals if they keep acting like giant children kicking each other on the playground. Severe mood whiplash might seem strange, but it's a crucial ingredient for Chinese cinema in general. Notably, the track also samples a voice clip from the Dreamcast game "Shenmue 2". Yes, the voice clip sounds just as dumb in context. 

Now, let's talk about Infowars. Let's talk about "problematic" stuff in general. The implication of syncing this track to this news anchor is that he's the equivalent of a grunting middle aged pro wrestler. The mistake is imaging that everyone who disagrees with you is like that. Come to think of it, his whole speech is about what he believes are his rights as a living being. Regardless of how nasty he is elsewhere, you can really tell that he believes his whole way of life is in danger. That is why so many YouTube commentators are being nasty little manchildren. It's not because they want to destroy the world, it's because their world is already destroyed from their perspective. Regardless of if that's true, we're not going to get anywhere diplomatic unless we can give the whole world respect, not just the people who can afford it or the people who look sad on television. That we have an angry red potato in a business suit making a whole point of view look bad is besides the point. 

Long story short, this is my YouTube Poop of 2016 for being tied into everything wrong with 2016.

Like I said before, I'm afraid that's about it in terms of entries this time around. While I do wish more entries were included for the Writing Staff (or even the entire group joined in, for that matter), at the same time, we do hope we got you into some new favorites for the end of the year that you probably didn't even know existed at the time. I mean, I sure didn't recognize a couple of entries myself at the time before this article came up, yet look at them now! Of course, there likely were a few more entries that year that you probably think deserved the spotlight just a little bit more in that regard. In that case, please let us know about their existence(s) right down in the comment section below. Otherwise, we hope you enjoyed the last remnants of 2016 before trying to move forward. By the way, the article for January 2017 is going to be moved into February's article in March, simply because it feels more convenient in that regard. Consider this a head's up warning for you guys!

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