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Graphic done by TheOneManBoxOffice.

Just as late as last year (sorry!), the time has finally come to reveal the Writing Staff's top YouTube Poops of 2017. This has been a tough list to put together, with nearly every single one of us having a hard time narrowing our lists down to just one pick. That's why, unlike last year, Crazy Luigi and TheOneManBoxOffice have chosen to talk about multiple Poops instead of just one, with me and Biodegradable initially having more than one video on our lists, as well. So, it has definitely been a good year, if we're only looking at YTP and ignoring all the terrible events that happened!

Some of the entries you see here you are most likely familiar with already, most of them being showcased in the Recommended Poops articles of the past year, but there are a couple of newer videos on the list, that we haven't had the chance to talk about yet. Whether you have or have not seen them elsewhere, we felt like they deserve their very own spotlights either way. So, without further ado, here are our personal favourite Poops of last year!

Any possible hiccups featured in the article are sponsored by my flu and fever.

Mackenzie's Pick
"Suomalainen mytoloogia" by jubduk

jubduk is the king of preferring quality over quantity. Having blessed us with just two new videos during the entire year, of which I briefly addressed the other one in the Best Poops of November list, both of them were more or less perfect in all of their visual absurdness, stylistic randomness and immature funniness. However, as I already talked about the other one earlier and to keep this list fair for others, here I will only talk about the better, longer video, Suomalainen mytoloogia, released back in August (yes, his first video of the year was released in August).

While the video itself is considered a SinäTuubaPaska, a Finnish alternative to YouTube Poop, it's still really universal as a whole. More reliant on visuals and non-Finnish jokes, with occasional Finnish sentence mixing, it makes sense that jubduk is globally the most popular "paskisti", a Finnish YouTube Pooper.

Finland turned 100 years old last year and this is jubduk's tribute to our country. Starting off with a beautiful rendition of Our Blue Cross Flag, a song that we tend to play at any public event during reeling up our flag as a nation. Each and every source showcased in this video comes from a Finnish origin, making it a surprisingly beautiful tribute.

jubduk is famous for his MS Paint-centric visuals and other simple effects and methods taken to their limits, which are heavily used in Suomalainen mytoloogia, too. Another characteristic of his videos would be going from long, calm sections into full-on erosion and ear rape, which we aren't spared of either. As I previously mentioned in my November's entry, he also really loves Death Metal loops, most notably this song, with a title too longJumping from a source and style to another, he keeps the video thematically consistent, trying to keep the repetition at its smallest (aside from the drunken babbling minute in the end of the first half of the video, which was still quite funny). 

Being one of the only STP tributes to the 100-year-old Finland (coincidentally overlapping with the 10th birthday of the STP community, which spawned an entire collab), this definitely deserves a spot on my list just for the notability alone, but the video being so masterfully crafted definitely makes Suomalainen mytoloogia my favourite video of the year, by far.

Crazy Luigi's Top 5
5. "Mama Luigi watches Dinosaur Adventure" by Waxonator 3.0

I admit this was one of the videos I originally missed out on watching the first time around, and if I'm being honest, it should have had more exposure than it really got. This was released around the time the voice of Luigi in the animated series, Tony Rosato, died earlier in the year due to symptoms relating to dementia, and it helped showcase why exactly we enjoyed his voice as (Mama) Luigi so much. Every clip of Tony's speaking voice here truly has that sense of genuine care put into his end that we probably didn't realize at the time. Not only that, but both Luigi & Yoshi watch Dingo Pictures' Dinosaur Adventure in a clever way, with the two going about on the movie like you'd see in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode. While the premise may be basic, the dialogue they provide when talking about the movie does make for some truly good laughs against the movie. It also goes to show that sometimes, the best law to follow is following the simple ideas to gain the best results in something. In this case, this YouTube Poop manages to do exactly that, and it works as a fantastic tribute to Tony Rosato to boot.

4. "HEY DIE AZZ" by ThemOldaBoys

As someone that was born and raised by a sports family (even having a relative who once played for the Buffalo Bills at one point back when they were considered respectable), let me be the first to say I'm a sucker for some sports related YouTube Poops. That being said, while I might like seeing them every now and then, there has to be something truly special involved with it in order to make my list of favorites for any year. In 2015, one of my favorite videos that year involved the sport of soccer (or football if you're not American) utilizing special effects to truly make it a one-of-a-kind experience that you'd never forget with your own eyes. This year, however, involves our good friend ThemOldaBoys taking apart some New Yorker's meddling yelling against the Atlanta Braves' Matt Diaz, and breaks it apart into something magical in its own right! Seriously, the way he manages to modify the guy's voice still amazes me in terms of the variety in how he edits him in only a minute's time. Like, I sometimes have trouble with that kind of thing myself, yet his methods of editing downright enthrall me that very few people here do. It also helps showcase that just about anything could truly be worthy of YouTube Poop action.

3. "Rick Morticus" by GSgiraffes

You don't need me to straight up tell people that Rick & Morty had a rather rocky 2017, despite its promising start on April Fool's Day with its Season 3 opener living up to expectations. However, some Rick & Morty fans horribly misinterpreted the point of that opening episode's conclusion, which understandably left some of the show's fans feeling like pure turmoil was left in its wake once the show entered its season finale. That being said, if there's one video that helped showcase why Rick & Morty still leaves a warm feeling in some of our hearts, even to this very day, it's this video by GSgiraffes. While I haven't seen many YouTube Poop Music Videos throughout the year, I think it's safe to say this ranks up there as one of the best released that year, if only because of the unique take on the genre. Usually, the genre revolves around the source trying to fit the rhythm of the song they're using as best as they can, sometimes with nice-enough effects to help enhance the visual aspect of the video. This video, however, goes for a different approach to how it wants to do things there, which is a direction I can actually appreciate. What GSgiraffes did for this video was have things be more glitch-heavy within some of the more famous scenes of the show, like for the songs "Goodbye Moonmen" and "Get Schwifty," and implement those scenes to the timing of the song as cleanly as it could be. It helps make the visual experience a lot more fascinating to experience from beginning to end, which results in a more memorable experience in the process. I hope for 2018, we have more YouTube Poop Music Videos like this around, because they can help the genre out in making sure things don't get stale there.

2. "⋲⩕@|\|?⌶Ᵽ/-\┼?ዐⁿ ⨕ℕ†⍷ℜȠᗩ⎿⌶⎺/_⍲⍡I꒧ⁿ ⑫⑱⑳⑰ [THE FOURTH] ⑫⑱⑳⑰" by 喜多嶋 / Kitajima

If there was any YouTube Poop released in 2017 that made me rethink what I value the most with YouTube Poops as a whole, it'd have to be this one. Being introduced by the Writing Staff's through thebluespectre (thanks to his interview with Kitajima), this video showcases Kitajima at what might have been his absolute best for the year. Pretty much anything that you could ever ask for in relations to brain-rape YouTube Poops (or even some YouTube Poops in general), you'd easily find here! You want brain-rape? You got it to start things out here! You want horror to celebrate Halloween early? Well, you're pretty much bound to get it here! Sentence mixing is here, masking is beautifully crafted here, and above all else, that sense of pure spirit that was held throughout over a decade of YouTube Poop's own existence is there, only in an evolved sense that I rarely see these days. Honestly, the way Kitajima describes this YouTube Poop also describes what his anti-thesis on modern-day YouTube Pooping has been like for this video in particular; being against commercialization and going against the mold of what mainstream ideas of what makes these kinds of videos enjoyable in the first place when compared to what most people see these days with the medium. That is why if I ever get back into making YouTube Poops again someday, I want to take Kitajima's words in his interview with thebluespectre and especially the video he made to be my inspirations moving forward! That being said, as downright amazing as this video was for me, there's still one other video released earlier on that did a bit more for me that just impressed me from the moment I first saw it.

1. "Aqua Hunger Patrol of the Hills - King of the Hill YouTube Poop (YTP)" by HinaTan250 & Hankster Hillington

At the end of the day, though, I had to go with the video that ultimately impressed me the most, no matter what. If there one regret on my end towards listing my favorite YouTube Poops throughout the entire year of 2017, it's that I didn't talk about this video when it first came out around the merry month of May. However, this is my second chance at this, and by God, I'm going to give it my all for what this YouTube Poop downright amazed me this year more than any other! Never did any other YouTube Poop released this past year give me this many different emotions from one scene to the next, going from sadness to whimsy to laughter to even horror and disgust, just within the first four and a half minutes or so alone. What both HinaTan250 and Hankster Hillington do is utilize the best of both the King of The Hill and Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Forever) franchises and combine them into something truly unique that somehow would work as an official collaboration episode if there ever was one between them somehow. Not only that, but the special effects used throughout the entire process makes the story especially come alive from the moment Carl's invited to watch Super Bowl XIII with Hank and his friends onward. Just about everyone important to both of these series' has something important involved with this video, even if they're minor like Master Shake's moment with Peggy Hill or Boomhauer's stay in Carl's house in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force universe. And while I wish I could continue going on and on with what makes this video in particular so fantastic when compared to anything else, let me just say that if you want further convincing, check out these last five minutes more than anything else. If you don't get that special, tingly feeling inside your heart or soul when watching those moments, there's probably something wrong there.

TheOneManBoxOffice's Top 4
"Aqua Hunger Patrol of the Hills - King of the Hill YouTube Poop (YTP)" by HinaTan250 & Hankster Hillington

"Aqua Hunger Patrol of the Hills" by HinaTan250 and Hankster Hillington may not be one of the more fast-paced poops, but let's be fair here, a YouTube Poop doesn't have to be fast to be good. What makes this one in particular so damn good is how absolutely flawless the masking is between the two sources, Fox's King of the Hill and Cartoon Network's Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and how they work off one another as if this was an official thing conjured up by Adult Swim, since the block aired both shows. Now if only Fox will stop going after this thing so it doesn't get re-uploaded so many damn times.

"YTP Angry Grandpa Ascends to Bacon Godhood" by Biodegradable

"Angry Grandpa Ascends to Bacon Godhood", made by my good friend and Writing Staff colleague Biodegradable, is not only one of the greatest and funniest YouTube Poops of 2017, but it is also something that is not that common amongst the YouTube Poop community. By that, I mean this one was also very heartfelt, as it was dedicated to the YouTube celebrity, Charles "Angry Grandpa" Green, whom unfortunately is no longer with us anymore, as he lost his battle with liver cirrhosis. May he rest in peace, and may his legacy live on.

"[YTP] Ripto Goes to In-N-Out" by ReakMayhem

And another great example of great masking appears yet again on my list. Yeah, as someone who absolutely loves the Spyro the Dragon trilogy on the original PlayStation, I enjoy seeing some great YouTube Poops using cutscenes from the games as a source. With this in mind, our residential PlayStation fanboy, ReakMayhem, made one of the funniest and one of the best of the year. Interestingly enough, though it stands alone quite well on its own, it was really made for NPCarlsson's collab entitled Spyro Collab: Ripto's Regicide, which I highly recommend you check out.


Lastly, we look at an example of simplicity done right with ThemOldaBoys' comeback piece, "CHRIS FARLEY IS UNSTOPPABLE". Using a hilarious scene from the comedy classic Tommy Boy, he simply just plays around with the speed of the footage, speeding it up and slowing it down to make this already crazy scene of the late Chris Farley's desktop demonstration even more batshit crazy, all while having the volume at ear-rape level. Even if you haven't seen the source material, this is still just as hilarious.

Biodegradable's Pick
"[YTP] - Eddie's Morphine Delirium" by SerialK86

This was a pretty difficult choice to make, honestly. 2017 was a terrific year for YouTube Poop for me personally as I feel many poopers who I've been following for the past few years have really come into their own and put out some of their very best work so far, one of them being SerialK86. To end the year, he pulled out all the stops with this one, going full ham and injecting his personality and everything he loves into this one video. Taking some inspiration from his tennis match with Sixtyforce last year, he revisits Eddie Murphy's Delirious stand-up show to play around with all the places ripe for exploitation that were missed during the match. Taking Murphy's already hyperactive performance and cranking it up to 11 that is just a perfect example of a Pooper working with the source they've chosen to exploit rather actively fighting against it by editing it into oblivion. Everything Serial manages to do in this Poop perfectly complements, juxtapose, exaggerates and exploits everything the source offers him to the absolute fullest of his abilities and pooping sensibilities, which is just magical and goes to show that if you're creative enough and having way too much fun, you can really go the extra mile to take something as silly sounding as a "YouTube Poop" and make it into something truly wild and woolly that's damn fun to watch.

Anything over the 5 minute mark in regards to a Poop usually has me worried I'll get bored, but thankfully there's never a dull moment to be found here. Serial manages to keep everything flowing at a steady pace with a cavalcade of wickedly funny editing tricks and poopisms warping in and out of each other with awesome synchronicity, so no edit necessarily dominates over the other. Also, damn this Poop is funky; the constant onslaught of tiny YTPMV intervals, mashups and musical moments will keep you dancing all the way through. It's utterly dripping with fun, cleverness and variety. It's my kind of Poop and I haven't stopped watching it since he put it out two months ago. I am severely-addicted to this video and I refuse to go to rehab!

Dieathan's Pick
"YTP: Robotnik Auditions For a Game Show He Sucks At (3K+ Special)" by RyanYTP

Of the many poops I have picked out over the past year for the Monthly Recommendations, there is plenty of reason as to why I chose it as not just my pick for November 2017, but also as my absolute favorite poop for the whole year. It encapsulates everything that that a poop can be at a base level, accomplished by incorporating multiple styles together into a single poop, balancing them amongst one another, and succeeds on delivering on all fronts, making it a jack-of-all-trades, yet a master-of-all. Aside from mixing up several poopisms both new and old including ear rape, reversing, slowdowns, and speedups, it throws in some sentence-mixing to form some wonderful jokes, a combination of various visual effects to craft some entrancing imagery with the ending credits sequence being a real highlight, and a well-timed and pitch-shifted YTPMV to the tune of Super Mario Odyssey's Cascade Kingdom. The fact that the Wheel of Fortune segment in particular has ended up becoming something I personally am always amazed by how well-presented and polished it appears, and can consistently get a good chuckle out of with it's use of comedic timing is astounding.

This poop has otherwise managed to cover all of the basic poop styles, those being Regular, Sentence Mix-Core, Brain-Rape / Rape-Core, YTPMV, and Classic, providing a little something for every fan of YouTube Poop while blending all these distinctly different styles seamlessly with little to no drawbacks to speak of. And for it to encompass such a wide variety of poopisms in a matter of four and a half minutes really goes to show how much ambition is behind this poop, and for it to accomplish its goal on top of that is something I can't help but applaud. I'm honestly quite hard-pressed to find anything quite like it come out from last year, which despite using Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog as a source (A source that has been done to death over the past decade of poops), manages to bring something that has left such a strong impression on me that has lasted to this very day. That alone is enough for me to consider it as one of the Best Poops of 2017.

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I felt even more impressed that that a foreign YTP get featured because there is a whole world out there when it comes to multimedia art at the hands of creative artists like those who do under "Youtube Poop"

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lol, never thought there are people out there who like to re-watch my more recent viddos multiple times, lol.

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Gabrian CETVMedia


Maybe next year some of my videos will be featured in the best YTPs... that's pretty impressive.

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I think posting personal favorite poops and labelling them as "Best of the Year" can be kinda problematic. It seems like a few poops made this list simply because the writers were familiar with the source. That's why the best of 2017 poll works, it takes into account everyone's interests.

That Chris Farley video especially makes no sense without having seen the movie, and clearly it didn't require much effort to make. And that same pooper made the list twice, when you could use this outlet to promote someone else. I find it really discouraging and I'd wager other people would feel the same.

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Awesome. I've actually thought about making more datamosh music videos but never really got around to it. :p

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