• I'm forced to crop my avatar regardless of size

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    Alright, so as you can tell by my avatar, I had to crop it. Even though it's well below the size limit (150 x 150 if I recall). I want to be able to use the whole 65 x 90 sprite for my avatar but can't because something in the "Change Profile Photo" feature forces me to crop my avatar, and makesĀ it look like poor little Dhelmise was sliced in half

    and it MAKES ME ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!

    so yeah can any of you help

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    Sure, this was from a few months ago, but the way the avatar functions work is that they crop it into the shape of a square so that it fills the whole 150 x 150 avatar. If there's a way for you to modify the avatar you want to use so that it is a square, say 150 x 150 or 200 x 200 or whatever you want to use, that would work best.

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    You can also refresh the page without cropping, and the new avatar will stay.

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