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    Upvoting sometimes not working

    Goro Majima
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    I was casually browsing current and archived threads I fondly remembered and upvoting posts that I liked, and then I noticed that when I clicked the upvote button and either refreshed the page or manually made my way back to the posts I had just upvoted, they're gone and there's no record that I had ever upvoted the posts that I did indeed click the arrow to the right to upvote. I should mention this started occurring when I was browsing the old TruthSaves thread and started upvoting old posts I liked and then affected current threads and any thread with post upvoting still enabled I could browse.

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    Okay yeah, 9 hours later upvotes aren't working for me at all still. I click the upvote arrow and it's highlighted in green as if it worked, but I can't find my upvote on the post and if I refresh it's just gone. Is anyone else having this problem?

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