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AVS Video Editor

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Qsoft1.JPG This article is about a type of Software used in making poops.

AVS Video Editor is a video editing software that most the logo poopers use for effects that are not in vegas/wmm/etc.

Wikipedia also has an article about AVS Video Editor.

The AVS interface.

List of Effects

People who use this software

  • Gabrielpika
  • lolmanXD444
  • Megan Woodmansee
  • Jayden Galipo
  • Juan Seminario Michaelosky
  • Doodle Bob
  • TeamTaito Nahtanoj
  • Justin Suministrado
  • SuperAlexandre177 (He just used one time, but doesn't use anymore.)


  • The watermark gets in the middle in the trial version.

Over WMM

  • More effects then WMM.