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Adobe Premiere

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Qsoft1.JPG This article is about a type of Software used in making poops.
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Sadly not as catchy as the title "A-chode-be Premiere".

You won't find it in Nairobi, though they have spectacular hotels. Adobe Premiere is another popular pooping platform, although it isn't used as frequently as Sony Vegas, most likely because the program requires a powerful computer to run it and isn't nearly as easy to pirate. Still, many highly-regarded poopers are known to use it. First released in December 1991, the relatively simple and intuitive interface of Adobe Premiere is frequently compared to that of a Boeing 747-800. There are two types of Premiere; Premiere Elements is the more user-friendly, cheaper version, but also has less effects compared to its more complex brother, Premiere Pro. The major downside to Pro is that it can cost an upwards of $600, at most retailers.


Over WMM

  • Layering (i.e. placing a clip on top of another.)
  • 99 video tracks and 99 audio tracks.
  • Simple reverse effect (In WMM, a reverse effect is possible, but it requires timing. You start by cutting the clips small enough and they are rearranged. The end result comes out jerky and unpolished.)
  • Time stretching (you can speed up and slow down by whatever amount you want. Pitch shift is optional.)
  • More visual effects (Other effects of this caliber can be installed on Movie Maker with the use of custom plugins. Extra plugins do exist for Vegas, but they are expensive)
  • Capable of other methods of Ear Rape
  • Audio effects including pitch shift (popular for YTPMVs) and reverb. (Pitch shift only exists in WMM XP, but even then, you must speed up or slow down a clip with it.)
  • More reliable (the program does not crash as often as WMM, which can crash by itself. Compared to Vegas however, depending on the system, Premiere crashes sometimes to the point that reinstalling the program is required, as Stegblob can attest.)
  • Compatible with Macintosh computers (Pro since CS3, Elements since version 9)


Over WMM

  • Requires a more powerful computer to run properly.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro is extremely expensive, while Movie Maker comes free.
  • Said to be impossible to find in Nairobi.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements had its first version released in September 2004, with the most recent release (Adobe Premiere Elements 15) being released on October 4, 2016. Curiously, the releases skipped from 4.0 right to 7.0, as if Adobe couldn't care less about the numbers in between (although it was likely to match the release titles of the Photoshop Elements series).

Adobe Premiere Elements is kind of like Adobe Premiere Pro, but it is more affordable, has a more intuitive interface, and can run on less powerful computers. Most poopers who don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars on the Pro version instead prefer to spend $80 on this version, since Elements can still get the job done pretty damn well. The differences between the two platforms exist but can be looked over; Elements doesn't have colour correction as advanced as the professional release, nor does it have multicamera editing or time remapping.

Poopers who use this software