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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Newstaff.png Combuskenisawesome has contributed at least one article to the YouChew front page.
IcoKO.jpg The account(s) Combuskenisawesome has or have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright, but got unsuspended later. YouTube Poop salutes you!
Combuskenisawesome is part of the Design Staff from YouChew.


May encounters a great cock

Name: Combuskenisawesome
Real Name: Daniel
Sex: Female
Country: USA

First Poop: 001- Ash and co. defeat Makuta
Year Started: 2008
Preferred Sources: Pokémon and other cheesy kid things
Preferred Software: Editstudio 6, Wax, and Paint.NET

YouTube Account: Combuskenisawesome
Alternate YouTube Account: Combuskenisawesome2
Other Alternate YouTube Account: HoohPlus


First poop seen

Bowser the Foodstealer by WalrusGuy. This was when a few posters at Lemmy's Land Forum linked to a few YouTube Poops, leading her to discover everything.

First poop made

001- Ash and co. defeat Makuta This was a simple first attempt at a YouTube Poop using 3 things. One of them was CD-i, which at the time she thought to be something that should be in every YTP. The other two were just pieces of a Bionicle movie and a Pokémon Movie. This poop ended up spawning a 'Trilogy'.

Other history

  • Link123456 introduced her to ES
  • Has been suspended once in 2010, twice in 2011
  • Going since January 1, 2008 (a starting date specifically chosen to be easy to remember)


There's some visual distortion, audio distortion, some masking, some stuttering, some flipflopping, basically what she has absorbed over the years ends up in the videos.

Source list (Counted as the, or a, main source in a numbered video)

  • Pokémon
    • OS, AG, DP, BW, XY, Movies 1, 8, 3, 11, 12, Chronicles, 3 Mystery Dungeon specials, Japanese Movie Announcements, Pinball RS, various Mystery Dungeon fan animations, various commercials, official videos, and trailers
  • Bionicle
    • Movies 1-4, 1 fan animation series, 2 fan stop-motions, Toa Matoro toy review
  • Digimon
    • Adventure 02, Tamers, Frontier, Data Squad
  • Power Rangers
    • Mighty Morphin', Zeo, In Space, Operation Overdrive, Samurai
  • Kamen Rider
    • Saban's Masked Rider, Faiz, Dragon Knight, Decade, Double, Kabuto (English dub)
  • CD-i
    • Faces of Evil, Wand of Gamelon, Hotel Mario
  • Ben 10
    • Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, Omniverse
  • My Little Pony
  • James Rolfe
  • Spider-Man
    • Movie 2, Spectacular
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
    • Main series, End
  • Nickelodeon sitcoms
    • Drake and Josh (Japanese dub), iCarly, Victorious, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Best Player (movie)
  • Nicktoons
  • Cartoon Network
  • Disney Channel
    • High School Musical 2, Phineas and Ferb, American Dragon: Jake Long, Jessie
  • Live-Action Movies
    • Bruce Almighty, Son of the Mask, Oscar, 2012
  • Animated Movies
    • The Incredibles, Dooly, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Trailer for The Flashpoint Paradox
  • Anime
  • Cookie Jar/DiC/DHX/whoever
    • Johnny Test, The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Horseland, Arthur, Pocket Dragons Adventures
  • Live Action TV
    • Pride and Prejudice (BBC 1995), Psych, Breaking Bad, Magic Doors bundle (Damages, Good Luck Charlie, George Lopez), Endurance Hawaii, Go-Busters, Akibaranger, The Twilight Zone
  • Commercials
    • Lotte gum, Education Connection, Amazon Kindle, Gatorade Peyton Manning
  • Web Original
    • Fake Super Smash Bros. Brawl review, Eddsworld, Band Banquet videos, How Spider-Man 3 Should Have Ended, PBS Idea Channel
  • Music Videos
    • Bad Romance/Lady Gaga, Never Ending Love Song/Davey T Hamilton, Breakfast at Tiffany's/Deep Blue Something, Headline News/Weird Al, 50 Ways To Say Goodbye/Train
  • Other
    • Captain Midnight Incident, Max Headroom incident, THE INTERNET EXPLAINED, Jehovah kids videos, Hasbro toy videos, Upin and Ipin, Littlest Pet Shop, The Real Ghostbusters, Red Eye, Domino's Pizza Hatsune Miku Campaign, Animal Crossing fan animation

Preferred Methods

  • Sentence Mixing/Word Splicing
  • Volume distortion
  • Color distortion
  • Chroma Key
  • Stutters and Loops
  • Reversing
  • Insert text
  • Masking


  • Popular enough so that when she got suspended that there were people who actually uploaded backups of her videos that they had downloaded.
  • Her April Fools Day joke for 2012 led to the video for Los Luchadores's theme song mentioning her in the comments


  • Used to get jealous easily.
  • Some videos will end up dragging on, or the 'rhythm' of the video falls flat.
  • Uses quite a bit too many personal running jokes.
  • Uses inserted images/references in a way that may not work.
  • Tends to get extremely anguished over minor aspects and also tends to take very long hiatuses.
  • Evan Baxter Fails at singing and Vakama sings the Piraka Rap are stumbled upon by normal YouTubers and flamed accordingly for not being what their titles suggest. She finds this as a sign that she's managed to have both kinds of YTP, the ones we think of as more regular today, and the kind where someone is fooled and gets upset about it.


  • Approx. 4000 subscribers as of March 2015
  • First Featured Pooper to make regular use of Bionicle-related sources, if that's considered an achievement
  • 129 made it onto YouChew's September 2011 recommendations.
  • 139 was made and released before the source's release date, thanks to a leak
  • 199 is fairly highly acclaimed, with an IMDB article made for it as well as recommendation on SpaghettiBicycle's YouChew blog.
  • Her contribution to Stuart K. Reilly's Broadway Musical Collab (and her name) was included in Geibuchan's 2012 YTP intro
  • Suspended 3 times and came back each of those times
  • 008- Dawn Fails at Pokémon is currently her most viewed video, at around 281,000 views despite the multiple suspensions and being unlisted since early 2012
  • A YouTuber (whose name is not remembered) once held an amazingly short contest to poop his videos. She ended up winning, likely because the contest ended so quickly there was hardly time for many competitive entries to get in.



  • Good friends with fellow YTPers/YouTubers: MAZZ0Murder, LightningLuigi, SBP, DinnerWarrior, Crazy Luigi, Geibuchan, RetroWinnipeg, YamiMario, Fergzilla, and others.
    • Speaking of Crazy Luigi, I've actually met up with him on June 11, 2012! It was around the Glendale area near the Phoenix Coyotes' arena and that DeVry University building that was around there. We chatted about a few things, took some pictures (with Crazy Luigi's 3DS), and even did a funny drawing for him, with Crazy Luigi showing me that Insane Clown Posse's "Miracles" music video. I even put in a message in one of him posts here.
      • We met once again on October 16, 2012 for tabull's special card signing. I even gave him a generic Circle K brand slushie as well.


Poop Listing

2008 (40)

  • 1-40

2009 (31)

  • 41-71

2010 (34)

  • 72-105

2011 (29)

  • 106-134

2012 (50)

  • 135-184

2013 (15)

  • 185-199

2014 (11)

  • 200-210


  • 211-



<- Means the matches CIA made

Vs. SergeantBacon


Vs. SALTEDHAMSUPERSHOW (second match, officially canceled)

Vs. Calcbox

Vs. Erikz

Vs. PlasmaFetus

Vs. Rougeofmv

Vs. MiffTheFox

VS. Patreck0

  • -
  • -
  • The "Acid" Miley took actually had a ph of 14 which is OVER 7 <-

VS. Vvaluigi

  • -
  • Whattya supposed to rape then, fire!? <-
  • -
  • -

VS. Magmalord

  • Mei, have you decided if you're going to use Munschlacks in both battles yet? <-
  • -
  • CN acidentally trips shitpuddin over to Disnep XD <-
  • -
  • Rick Astley only thinks he did that <-
  • -


  • Misty invites May over for sex
  • Reggie invites Misty over for some Ben 10 Alien Force <-
  • -
  • Tai and a Hen drew some ashes in the mist which may not be good at ĐáƜȠ <-
  • Dawn is flat and slutty and Misty is boring so May is the only sexy one really
  • Dawn's flat in the slums are boring, so May is bringing Sexy Back <-
  • When Misty pinches Dawn's flat, May brings sexy back
  • Where there's mist, may pinch back. <-

VS. Supercoolerman

  • -
  • Kirby wants to go to Universal Studios instead and tells Adeleine to f*ck off <-
  • -
  • Batman wishes he could be an underwater Charmanda <-
  • -
  • Mini Mario is terminated for abovewater galactic printing <-
  • -
  • I. M. Lazy <-
  • -
  • M I Saigo <-


  • I have a Whitney Fetish
  • I have a fetish for the worst vacation ever <-
  • Konata and Whitney go on the best fetish vacation ever~!
  • Konotoa and the cast of Bionicle The Legend Reborn interrupt the previously mentioned vacation <-
  • This took too many fucking uploads
  • This upload took too many fuckings <-

VS. Magmalord (2)

  • pokemon is so 2 seconds ago
  • So 2 seconds ago, ϷōķéʍȍȠ was <-
  • your mom goes to collage
  • Well your mom only lasted half a minute in COMMUNITY college :P <-
  • your mom is also ugly
  • Ear Rape is no longer entertaining after the 28th time <-

VS. Gamebop

  • I couldn't get Sea Water so it's Tap Water with Salt in
  • I couldn't get Tap Water so it's Sea Water with Salt out <-
  • I couldn't get Water so it's Water with Salt
  • I already have my own water with salt, so you didn't need to bother... <-

VS. PokemonSpoofingInc

  • -
  • -
  • What there is is there what <-
  • -
  • But is it true? <-

VS. Gamebop (2)

  • Face looks like a face <-

VS. Superjoe96

  • Oak教授はゲットーのBayleefを攻撃する <-

VS. WiiNutt

  • Soda <-
  • Joda
  • (ジュプトル) Juptile <-

VS. Totalrapidfanfirl

  • It takes Courage to vote for a Lousy Typist <-

VS. VVALUIGI (2, under the username Ilovemytails)

  • Tails Loves To Scream For Girugamesh
  • Scream confesses his Love for Tails <-
  • Tails Screams for Sonic's Love
  • Ice Scream Tails unlockes Sonic's love Syndrome <-
  • Eye screams for Tails' cream all over Sonic's love for ice cream

VS. FezzyFay

  • I still love tornados <-
  • -
  • Tornados still love Misa-Misa <-


  • -
  • Tails shouted a bad word in response <-
  • -
  • The state annoys Robotnik and Tails with HAMBURGER <-


  • Nobody loves Ray because he's a prick and so is Rei <-
  • Everybody Loves to Hate Rei the Pricky Hedgehog
  • Everybody loves to rate the vertex of the angle made by two Reis <-
  • Everybody Loves to Tell Sweet Eddy He's Cool Man
  • Everybody Loves to tweet that he's The Greatest Eddy-day! <-


<- Means the matches CIA made

VS. Emperor Ing

  • Christine's daring and Totally Dramatic adventures on the Island of PARIS 1890<-
  • Christine and her Gormitis Go-On to the afterlife<-
  • Christine, Pierre Boulez, and the others experience a Blistering case of déjà vu<-
  • The Phantom's Wiles Result in Many a Hotcake-Induced Injury
  • BirdoBot resists the Phantom's Advances, yet gets pregnant through a GoOnger Orgy
  • Boulez And the Persian Force the GoOngers to Come Over [for] Omerrettes

VS. Jintai

  • Angela Anaconda is completely invincible <-
  • Mr. Satan is not invincible, but he can start strippin <-
  • She's not only invincible, she can hurt krillin

VS. MAZZ0Murder

Other Information


  • Likes the Pokémon Combusken. (OF COURSE!!!!!!)
  • Uses an edited picture of Sir Aaron in practically every single poop she's done.
  • Wrote her first ever Writing Staff article on Pokemon: The First Movie.


Other Links