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Kim Kaphwan

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Name: Kap Hwan Kim (김갑환)
Appears In: Fatal Fury
Sex: Male
Age: 30
Nationality: Korean
Occupation(s): Hero, Tae Kwon Do instructor
Played By: Satoshi Hashimoto

Kim Kaphwan is a hero. The defender of justice in his home country of South Korea, he fights by flipping around in circles and yelling like a girl. Kim doesn't forgive evil and has two sons.

Also, Kim picked the worst possible people to be on his Korea Team.


Kim used to be a fireman. Well not anymore. When Kim's firetruck was raided by a group of mentally-retarded bandits looking for raw gold, Kim discovered that though he used to think being evil was cool, now he sees that villains are thugs. Becoming a master of Tae Kwon Do, Kim's quest to find the One Piece destroy evil has begun now. Even though killing would render him evil. (OH SHI--)


  • Aku wa yurusan! HA! (I cannot forgive evil! HA!)
  • You can't do anything against Tae Kwon D. (sic)


  • He is the Korean version of Tom Cruise.
  • His son's name is Dong. HAHAHAHA!
  • "Kim" is his last name. But shouldn't that be a girl's name?!
  • His ex-girlfriend is his arch-nemesis. Awkward.
  • It has been rumoured that his ex-girlfriend is Juri from Street Fighter IV. Or not, I don't know. If this was true, then it is likely that Juri developed a hatred of men from this, leading to her decision to become a lesbian.