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Manic the Hedgehog

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Name: Manic
Appears In: Sonic Underground
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Occupation(s): Thief, drummer
Played By: Jaleel White

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Manic the Hedgehog (AKA: Prince Manic) is a Sonic recolour who starred in Sonic Underground and is one of the triplets Queen Alena gave birth to. He constantly has to be watched over by his older siblings because of his habit of thieving and getting into trouble.


  • He has never appeared in a Sonic game. (Most likely because the cartoon he appeared in was shit.)
  • He plays drums that can do earthquakes
  • He was raised in the sewers by a thief named Farrell up until 15.
  • He was raised as a 'street rat' and looks like a punk.


  • Stealing
  • Drumming
  • Kids (especially when he STEALS them and DRUMS them, amirite?)


  • Robotnik
  • His older siblings.
  • Seashells
  • Birds (Rather, he fears them due to him not seeing any of them in the city.)


  • "What's the matter; is the duchess afraid to get her feet dirrrrr-ty?"
  • "Hey, don't worry Princess; I don't steal from family."
  • "O-Hoh, look what I 'borrowed' from Dr. Robotnik, a frequency harmonizer!"
  • "Hey watch the dress, guys, it wrinkles."
  • "We're waiting!"