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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
User.jpg  This article is about Morshe, who doesn't have a life, a frequent editor and User of this wiki.
Tennisicon.png Morshe is a frequent Poop Tennis player.
Morshute has changed their username to Morshe.

In Brief

I love doing YTPs. That's all I can say.


Before YTPing: 2011-2015

When I was in my aunt's house, me and my younger cousin stumbled across YTP somewhere between 2011/2012. I remembered when I asked my older cousin how they make that kind of videos. Also, I made bizarre video edits in my older brother's old phone before discovering YTPs. I believe I made this stupid edit in 2011. After over 3 or 4 years I rediscovered YTP thanks to Mario Head and Zelda CD-i YTPs.

First try at making Youtube Poops: 2015-2016

However, I started YTPing in May 2015 with Windows Movie Maker. In June 2015 I downloaded Vegas Pro 13 and I started YTPing with Hour Zero: Disaster in Chernobyl (I wanted to make a story based YTP with that Hour Zero one & another documents about Chernobyl disaster) and with Polish E.Leclerc commercials. And thus, I was born as a YTPer :)

YT Account Creation: 2016-2017

I created my first YT account in 13th July 2016 (and it's still running) with first name "Morshute Official" (before that, Fegel legeF). after that I uploaded some Downfall Parody and deleted hours later because I was worried about getting copyright strikes. On the same day I changed my screen name to simply Morshute and in July 2017 changed to "Morshe" (I thought about changing my screen name to Morscheck before). Over a week later, I uploaded my YTP called "VHS logo YTP Collab Entry" and it's my most watched YTP on my account.

A Magical Improvement: 2017-Present

After I watched BigEyesLuigi's YTP tutorials, I made "Inventor The Archie" to test some things I learned from this. And thanks to this, my YTPs improved greatly thanks to the Sapphire and NewBlue plugins. For the sake of experimenting and improving, I made 8 YTPs at the same month.

First poop seen

  • (Reposted from my post in Request poops that you can't find thread)

Some Spongebob YTP. I remember that Squidward was in Krusty Krab, SB in outside (or vice versa) few moments later SpongeBob (or Squidward) explodes like atom bomb, the SMB (NES) Game Over or Player Down music was played. I don't remember name of the poop and the user who uploaded. One of the first poops, I watched. I doubt this is in YT anymore...

First poop made

  • (Translated from Polish) The workers from power plant and Bretagne in phase (Unlisted for a year) NOTES: It was a repoop of the original version which are not posted.
  • First uploaded to YouTube: VHS Logo YTP Collab Entry


Whatever I feel with it.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software


  • Different cultures (notably British and German also French)
  • Kraftwerk (For [non]German-speaking people: Yes, it's a band.)
  • BBC related stuff
  • Using Wave and Swirl
  • Constructive Criticism
  • Retro Games
  • Good YTPs
  • Downfall Parodies
  • Big Cook, Little Cook
  • Acid Trip
  • You know who


  • Overused sources (Mostly Michael Rosen, I like him as a person.)
  • Lack of Video Brinquedo YTPs
  • Haters and people who doesn't give constructive criticism.
  • Undertale and its fandom
  • Spadinner (when it's used in new YTPs incorrectly and overpowers the whole YTP, I don't mind old YTPs with these and joke YTPs)


  • You improved alot - MilkGamingChannel
  • Now, it's art - ARS


  • Slow pacing
  • Incorrect pitch shifting (on Morshu Islands)


  • Reached 30 subs (November 2017)
  • Reached 50 subs (13th Feb 2018)
  • First used Never Rest as primary source
  • First used the Sprout BBC ident as a source
  • First used music from Rosenkreuzstilette in YTPs (Inventor The Archie) (specifically, Liebea's Stage music)
  • Nobody deleted her Youtube Poops yet by the third party.
  • Her most watched video (not YTP) is DEFEND KEBAB G MAJOR (again)
    • Additionally, three of her G-Major edits have reached over +2300 views
  • Using the same joke for over 5 YTPs and nobody complained about it.


In Real Life



  • TheMovieSequelDude49


(These below are Polish YTP'ers)

  • FilaTheUndying
  • CMC/CDDZeo (He's retired because of account suspension in June 2010)
  • Grubcio12
  • materatzowy
  • NomiLOL
  • Doofenschmirtz666 (for my first YTP, his Youtube Poop, that influenced me to make my first also used Hour Zero: Disaster at Chernobyl (his YTP of HZ was first YTP ever of that source in Polish YTP)

My Favourite YTPers


(you can add yourself if you're fan of me and/or my YTPs)

Random YTP Thingamajigs

Collabs I've Joined

  • VHS logo Collab by Zackzilla (Spazgoodwarthogma the VHS Super Advert Boy at the time)
  • Rapsittie Street Kids YTP Collab by DatRandomGuyTho
  • The History Of Japan YTP Collab by GSgiraffes
  • The Worst of Animation Collab by Matt0417 (deleted because account suspension)
  • The Vocodex Collab by Teh memer
    • and also Vocodex Collab 2 by Teh memer.
  • Cooking Collab by RyanYTP
  • The Fastest Collab by GSgiraffes
  • The Worst Collab Ever 2: Electric Boogaloo by G33Tube
  • The 30 Second Collab V The Final Frontier by LordSmeagle (now published)
  • The Squidward Collab 2: The Breezening by Nitroausome
  • The British Comedy Collab by NKpower
  • The Tourettes Guy Collab by Equiduo

Poop Listing

  • My playlist of my Youtube Poops

Upcoming YTPs




In Progress

Other Information

  • Originally, she wanted to do Downfall Parodies back in 2016 but decides to return to YTP.


  • Probably I'm one of the few (or first) pooper(s) to poop Little Britain (I'm not sure). This also applies to my Never Rest (a farm safety film) YTP called TSER REVEN.
  • Her favourite movies is Amadeus (1984), Azur and Asmar (my all-time favour.), Eddie the Eagle and Downfall (2004)
  • Has made 2 Downfall Parodies and other 2 DPMVs but the latters are unlisted and the 2 formers weren't uploaded (however, her first parody was uploaded but she deleted as she doesn't want to get a copyright strike, the second parody wasn't uploaded. If you wonder, the parodies tell about how Hitler was hyped for radio audition about German electronic music and how he discover that certain band began as 'Organisation' [true story, BTW]. The End.)
    • Seriously, why he played a elf? firstworldproblems
      • More seriously, why that Damodar guy got BLUE LIPS?
  • Currently aspired to become a music composer for video games despite not working often on music software, since all, I have is trackers and/or illustrator (also VG)


Other Links