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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Tennisicon.png PancakeLord117 is a frequent Poop Tennis player. You can view his/her Tennis Roster here.
User.jpg  This article is about PancakeLord117, a frequent editor and User of this wiki.

In Brief

PancakeLord117 is a semi-popular YouTube Pooper who uploads videos with various styles, usually in the experimental field.


Pre-Pooper Era

PL117's experience with YTPs goes back to somewhere around 2011, when his cousin was talking about them. He was very interested in what he was saying, but he wasn't interested in actual YTPs until 5 years later (2016). At the time, he was looking for parodies of Peppa Pig, a children's cartoon, and came across a YouTube Poop of an episode. He watched it, and it was very hilarious to him. Not long after, he discovered a famous Peppa Pig Pooper called TheWackyWeevil, and a famous Animated Movie Pooper named Yoshimaniac, their YTPs were even funnier, and because of this, he became obsessed with YouTube Poop ever since.

Later that year, he discovered Awful Fawful and Sinnedtragedy. PancakeLord was amazed by the surreal imagery and effects, and learned that not all poops are comedic.

The Beginning

In July of 2017, the Lord of Pancakes uploaded his first but unofficial first poop on his other channel. It was a Flapjack poop that was made with Windows Movie Maker and, of course, it sucked. But hey, no pooper makes a good YTP on his/her first try.

Later, he got Sony Vegas, and, after making a test video, uploaded his first official YouTube Poop, a Hungry Pumkin poop that took around 2 days to make. It can still be viewed today.

After the Hungry Pumkin YTP was released, he started a week of development on a Peppa Pig YTP called "Pepper Pog visits the Office of Insanity", which was much more advanced than his last one, but hates it more today.

Popularity Streak

In Late September of 2017, PL117 upload "Craptain Keenukeles Loses His Overall Enthusiasm" to YouTube and YouChew. It was a 13-minute long Flapjack Poop full of jokes and heavy effects. Almost immediately after being uploaded, it was met with a lot of critical acclaim from viewers and YTPers. This caused many famous YTPers to be subscribed to him. Therefore, his subscriber count jumped from 29 to 34 in less than an hour.

Seeing how much of a success this YTP was, PL117 continued to upload videos using the style, gaining more followers, effects, and ideas along the way. In fact, he still does. :)

Year 2

On January 13th, 2018, he uploaded a late 100 sub special "Running Through Aesthetic Dreams". It was the last video he made before transitioning to a more powerful computer.

A few weeks later, a Chowder YTP was uploaded, called "Gaspatula Invents a New Law of Motion". It brought a whole new table of effects and strenghtened PancakeLord's experimental capabilities.

In March, PancakeLord uploaded his first collab, based on the YouTube Channel Fried Chili Cheese Dogs. It was a success, clocking in at over 30 minutes long and nearly 40 participants.

The same month, he uploaded a YTP on the famous Simpsons meme "Steamed Hams". The video blew up almost immediately, gaining over 7,000 views in less than 2 months. During this period, PancakeLord gained another popularity streak, and some of the most well-known modern poopers subscribed to him.

On the Eve of April Fool's Day, another Flapjack poop was uploaded, "Flarpjonk Becomes a Communist and Harasses a Candy Salesman". Although it was a Tennis Serve, it marked the beginning of the transition to a fully experimental style. The poop contained historical themes, subliminal messages, 3D Models, and many other things not commonly seen in modern YouTube Poop. PancakeLord continues to strengthen this style today.

On May 5th, 2018, he acquired Adobe After Effects to enhance the visuals of his YTPs.

Without warning, on May 16th, PancakeLord blanked his entire channel and alt. He later stated on Youchew that this was due to depression and unprivated everything after he calmed down.

First poop seen

Peppa Pig YTP: The Pew Pew by Pixel YTPs (2015) (Original was Deleted from YouTube)

First poop made

The Big Hungry Pumpkin (2017)


PancakeLord117's style falls in the Experimental side. His videos can contain almost anything, usually surreal, historic, or dark. He does add jokes sometimes, but isn't known for it.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

  • Surreal and/or Disturbing Imagery
  • 3D Effects
  • 3D Rooms
  • Masking
  • Subliminal Messages
  • Erosion
  • Glitch Art
  • Sentence Mixing
  • Datamoshing
  • 3D Modeling
  • Puppet Pin Tool
  • Color Effects
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Image Distortion
  • Electronic Sounds
  • Ambient Music
  • Stutter Loops
  • Jokes relating to Politics or History
  • Scrambling (occasionally)
  • Ear Rape
  • Vibrato
  • Trails
  • BCC Pin Art 3D
  • Bashing things he hates (what a pussy that dude is)
  • Almost anything considered "weird"

Preferred Software

Preferred Plugins

Video Plugins
Audio Plugins
  • IL Vocodex
  • 4ormulator
  • Orange Vocoder
  • mda
  • dBlue Glitch
  • DestroyFX - Buffer Override
  • Glitchmachines Hysteresis
  • Glitchmachines Fracture
  • TAL-Bitcrusher
  • DyVision Videotape Emulator


  • YouTube Poop (obviously)
  • Experimental YTPs (his particular favorite, though he likes almost every YTP style)
  • Funny YTPs with great Sentence Mixing
  • Art of any kind
  • Elephants
  • Most genres of Music (especially Classical, Ambient, Rock, and Jazz)
  • Faggotjack
  • Loyal Fans
  • History
  • Science
  • Writing Stories
  • Surrealism and Aesthetic Things
  • Nice People
  • Traveling
  • Ginger Ale
  • Aphex Twin


  • YouTube's Current State
  • YouTube's bullshit Copyright/Community Guidelines System
  • Badly-Made YTPs (unless ironically)
  • People calling his videos "acid trips"
  • The belief that all YouTube Poops are supposed to be funny
  • Poopers who add subtitles when Sentence Mixing
  • Saying YouTube Poop is dead
  • Poopers using the erosion/experimental style of YTP in a poor way
  • Paperking99 Wanna-Bes
  • Fendy the Fanboy
  • Poopers that Rip-Off or steal from others
  • Most Modern YTPMVs
  • Sony Vegas Crashing
  • The Commentary Community
  • 10-year olds being on the Internet
  • School
  • Assholes and Idiots (aka 90% of the people he knows in real-life)
  • Donald Trump
  • Pop Music
  • Being bossed around
  • Not having ideas


PancakeLord117 has received mostly positive reception from viewers and other Poopers alike. He is especially praised for his unique effects and experimental surrealism. He has often been compared to Sinnedtragedy and Awful Fawful in quality.


  • Anyone who doesn't like depressing or dark scenery won't like PancakeLord.
  • Often criticized for drifting too far-away from mainstream YTP, not having enough jokes and more effects.
  • Uses Ear Rape, which is also something almost every pooper uses.


  • Over 500 subscribers as of June 2018.
  • "Craptain Keenukeles Loses His Overall Enthusiasm" has gotten him a lot of attention from the community. "Steamed Hams But It Makes No Sense At All" increased that.
  • Several famous YTPers have noticed and/or subscribed to him, including giants such as Schaffrillas Productions, Yoshimaniac, Paperking99, NationOfOranges696, and Pie Pivotmontier-O.
  • Runner up of Youchew's Top 10 Videos of August 2017.
  • Two of his YTPs were featured in Schaffrillas Productions' YouTube Poop Rewind of 2017.
  • "Gaspatula Invents a New Law of Motion" and "Flarpjonk Becomes a Communist and Harrasses a Candy Salesman" were featured in Youchew's Recommended Poops of January and March 2018, respectively.



i dont really know


Fans (If you want, add yourself here)

  • Milk Gaming Channel
  • Zackzilla
  • Gvn

Notable Poops

Hosted Collabs

Other Information


  • He is one of the first Poopers to use Duckman as a source.
  • Accidentally deleted his Moana "Shiny" YTP one time, what an idiot.
  • Has Asperger's Syndrome.
  • Wears a Fedora.
  • Once had a channel where he uploaded commentaries and rants, which weren't very well received. PancakeLord hated the videos himself, and took them all down before completely abandoning the channel. He dreads them and the Commentary Community to this day.


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