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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
User.jpg  This article is about SixtyforceYTP, a frequent editor and User of this wiki.
Tennisicon.png SixtyforceYTP is a frequent Poop Tennis player. You can view his/her Tennis Roster here.

In Brief

I do things sometimes when my brain lets me.


I first discovered it in 2012 Searching for Aladin on YouTube when I was about 11 Years old, hoping to find an upload of the whole movie. And I saw this video that said "Aladin commits suicide" And it was the funniest thing I had EVER seen. After that I didn't hear about it again for about 2 more years. Then around November of 2014 when the big cs188 drought had begun I found, The kids guide to the Internet. And I Saw this other video called "It's all right here at your fingertits". The thumbnail alone was enough to make me watch it. So after watching the original video I sat down once more and started watching the YTP of it. It was again the funniest thing I'd ever seen. I then discovered people like DaThings1, Poops4Theworld, TheSepticFoundry, ChickenPika as well as others. I decided to start making YTPs around January 2015 when I got a copy of Sony Vegas Pro 10 (An infamously terrible version of Vegas) for my Game Review channel. I thought back to all the YTPs I'd seen and thought "Why not?" and it eventually took over. It was more fun for me to make, it got me more traction and by the time I was ready to bring back my Review channel back from the dead after 6 months I'd already made some friends in the community and By then it was too late for me and just decided to focus all my video-related efforts on YTP. During February of 2016 I decided to make some drastic changes to my style. Taking most if not all inspiration from Frozen Cereal. So, I experimented a whole bunch for the time I was using Adobe Premiere (Dec 2015-March 2016) with varied results. Around February/March of the same year, I had received Sapphire and BCC Plugins from Abe Powder. However, they were on the OFX format and therefore, didn't work in Premiere. So I went back to Vegas. (Good thing too, Premiere sucks). After watching videos from Sylv3on, Cupoficewater1 and bolognafullof, I decided to make my own video based off of these styles. The end result was this video. I wanted to keep making videos in this style because I really liked doing it. Since I didn't have my entry to the Michael Rosen 70th birthday collab finished, I decided to start over and make my entry in that style. Except longer, with more varied edits and effects. The end result was Mycle Rowzen tayks da plzmz XDXDXD (Collab entry). This was the video that made me blow up in a way I never had before. It took me from February of 2015 to January of 2016 to gain 100 subscribers. After I released that video, it took me less than a month to reach 200 subscribers. This style of YTP was proving to be more fun and it was gaining me more traction. (Tho, that probably had more to do with the fact that I entered a collab as big as the Michael Rosen Birthday collab). So, I kept the style up and it evolved throughout the year. I also tennissed a bunch of people. Like, a lot of people. Very late in the year, about September/October I "discovered" a YTPer called "Avojaifnot". And I put "discovered" in quotations because, I'd heard about him before multiple times, but never watched any of his videos. When I did watch one of his videos, I watched his video Orel Puppington Sings The No Children Song That Ends The Church and I fucking loved it. I binge-watched most of his videos and took A LOT of inspiration from him. With added influences from other places like Cheechee, TheCaledioScope, Imaperson and SporeDotCam. As well as others. (See "Influences" for a full list). Now with added After Effects. I've owned the software for ages, since early 2016 I believe, but never really used it until mid 2017. I took some time getting used to the software and figuring out how it works and what I could do with it. And the result of my first attempt from using After Effects in a video was this video. These days I make as much of my vidoes as possible with Vegas and Paint.NET. I use Ae mainly for acid trips now that I actually know how to use the camera tool. Anything that requires lots and lots of layers I do straight in Vegas, either in the main .veg or in a nested project. (Idk how to conclude this, way to go me).

First poop seen

YTP Aladin commits suicide

First poop made

{YTP} ~ Matpat proposes a gay cock theory (Deleted)


Shitty Avojaifnot/Chee Chee clone, don't watch.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

  • Scrambling
  • Reversals
  • Stutter Loops
  • Datamoshing
  • Buzz loops
  • Buzz Scrambling
  • Resonant Filters
  • Vocoding
  • TV Simulator
  • Pitch shifting (And lots of it)
  • Ear Rape
  • Bit-crushing
  • Vibrato
  • Phasing/Flanging
  • Delay
  • Masking
  • Hue shift
  • Acid trip

Preferred Software


  • Vegas Pro 14 w/ Genarts Sapphire, BCC, Red Giant Universe, HitFilm, Monsters GT and NewBlue plugins.
  • Adobe After Effects CC 2014 (BCC, Sapphire, RGU, HF, Final Effects Complete and Monsters GT).
  • Paint.NET



  • Video game music. (Especially SEGA Genesis stuff).
  • Fast-Paced YTPs
  • Music
  • Film
  • SEGA Genesis (Mega Drive outside of US and Canada)
  • YouTube's content
  • Story-Based YTPs
  • Pizza
  • AMD
  • Windows Movie Maker (When put to good use. Examples being RoyMcGeeters and TSFToothpaste)
  • SEGA
  • Classic Konami
  • The SEGA Genesis sound chips. (Texas Instruments SN76489 and Yamaha YM2612).
  • Transcribing video game songs to MIDI.


  • Spadinner (When used uncreatively)
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Lack of variety
  • Sentence mixing that makes no sense or is hard to understand.
  • Poor editing
  • My old videos. (That have now been deleted).
  • Bad grammar
  • Censorship
  • Arrogance
  • People complaining about ear rape
  • People who think non-comedy YTPs aren't YTPs.
  • When YTPers abandon their older style, unlist all their older videos and make new ones with Likety/Fiv95 style humour and unpolished/poor editing, making their new style worse by comparison. (See Rey_ and Abe powder).
  • Pretty much everything about Apple
  • Modern day Konami
  • Politics
  • When sites don't allow for gif avatars. (Youchew/Chewiki - 1 Internet - 0).


Idk... Good, I guess?


  • Steals from Avojaifnot and CheeChee a lot. Taking jokes and edits from their videos more or less verbatim sometimes.



  • ThePlamzJoker
  • JacobYTP
  • szjdfgs
  • Fame for sale/Seankeough1991
  • Palette
  • Dave-K
  • Fiv95
  • Sugar_Rin
  • Krazy
  • magnified111
  • Biodegradable

Lotsa other peoples

In Real Life friends

  • School Friends. Some of them think my Vids are okay, I guess, lel.

Online Friends

(See associates)


  • Avojaifnot Rhythm, pacing, effects, a few edits I use and Tech Text Easter eggs. Probably my biggest influence.
  • Sylv3on/bolognafullof For initial inspiration, pacing, effects and a few recurring edits that I use often.
  • Cheechee/Razerek Editing style, effects, edits that I use often and Masking and layer effects. He's basically the reason why I should just stop trying.
  • Frozen Cereal Initial inspiration, pacing, colourful effects and buzz edits.
  • Fiv95's older videos, Back from the Gabrielcol595 account, like this one. (This is a link to a collab, Fiv's is the first entry and starts immediately).
  • SporeDotCam (See Avo)
  • Imaperson (Same reasons as avo, but to a lesser degree)
  • Palette For colourful effects, warp/distortion effects and use of masking. Also, acid trips.
  • Gigawatt Colourful effects, a few edits that I use, faster pace and heavier dosages of Ear rape.
  • Krazy/mapo Heavier usage of 3D effects and visual effects involving a lot of layers.


  • People

Other Information

  • He's gay for Sparkster from the Rocket Knight series.
  • He's also a massive SEGA fanboy and likes pretty much anything good that SEGA did over Nintendo and other companies.
  • Updates his own Chewiki page way more often than any other page. (Wau, narsissizm muhc? Xdddd)
  • Is a furry? Naah, couldn't be.


  • Did you know that the hermit crab is the only crustacean that can climb trees?


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