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User.jpg  This article is about Yoshit, a valued Chewiki Staff Member and a User of this Wiki.
Yoshit's former avatar on Youchew. He made it with a 1989 Macintosh SE.
Yoshit's Reliant Rialto.

Also known as SirSnivyofNottingham, this user is a proud sailor in the United States Navy, as an Operations Specialist 2nd class.

This user is also a scalie from Pennsylvania.

His Nintendo 3DS friend code is 3050-7890-0358. His Mii is ツタージャ, from Nagasaki prefecture, Japan.

Templates Made


It's a ][, bitches.
He also owns one of these.
  • His 4 favourite Pokemon: Snivy, Totodile, Vulpix, and Ninetales.
    • His current favourite of the 4 is Snivy.
  • Designed a few forum games involving random numbers and player input. The 2 most popular of these are:
    • The Youchew Trail (a remake of the Oregon Trail. The first incarnation was lost during Ozgate, but a second incarnation was made later, that went dormant.)
    • Youchew Dodgeball (his first one, which was once dormant, to be resurrected later, only to go dormant again.)
  • Is stuck in the '80s, not just in technology (25% of which is from the '70s, 50% of which is from the '80s, 10% of which is from even earlier, and 15% of which is newer), but also in mind, with mostly Right-wing views.
  • Owns two cars: a 1985 Reliant Rialto II (pictured above), and a 1972 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.

Has Been to These Countries

Avatar/Signature Snivy

In his various avatars and signatures, Yoshit has images of Snivy, save for his first sig/avatar. These Snivy differ from each other in personality.

  • His first avatar Snivy was a male Snivy living in county Nottinghamshire, England, UK, on a large estate, complete with a torture chamber. This Snivy acted very snobby and very cruel, sending people to his torture chambers for fun. He even took over Yoshit's account in 2010. He has since, however, retired to his estate.
  • His second avatar Snivy is a female Snivy living in county Essex, England, UK, as the Duchess of Essex. While snobby, she is not as snobby as the former, nor as cruel. She likes shopping in London, manicures, pedicures, colonics, and Stilton cheese. She used to be mean, though recently, she has become nicer. She took over Yoshit's account in 2012, only for Yoshit to take back his account and force her back as his avatar, with threats of "cat-o' nine tails" vine whips. She was replaced in 2012 by a royal Snivy living in Buckingham Palace with an unknown title.
  • His third avatar Snivy [now Serperior] is a female Serperior of royal blood whose blood line extends back to Britonnic times, prior to the Anglo-Saxons and Normans. Her egg was laid on expensive high thread count cotton sheets, and hatched on same sheets. She is known mostly for demanding that she be respected, and has a narcisistic tendency to summon her guard to remove individuals from her court. She also looks down upon most commoners, especially "Pokemon in dirt", or Pokemon that are either wild or belong to trainers. She is, however, friends with educated Pokemon of world leaders that also speak human languages. When enraged, she will switch to a Cockney accent and will fight back on her own with a lot of power. Her favourite dish is macaroni and cheese, which her staff makes for her almost daily.
  • His signature Snivy is a male Snivy in the United States Navy, that is also a sailor. He originally hatched in Bristol, England, UK, but emigrated to Pennsylvania while young. Like Popeye, he tends to be physically strong, and he also has a pirate accent, while also making constant references to the sea and the ship. However, he is sometimes found drunk on rum, occasionally trying to fight while drunk, and also claims that Neptune was his father. His 2nd avatar dislikes him for making her wear a maid outfit.

Snivy Gallery

Yoshit's former sig. Again, made on his Macintosh.
Yoshit's current sig. Of course made on his Macintosh.
Yoshit (Tsutarja/Lady Snivy of Essex)'s Halloween sig. Originally used in 2010, but reused in 2012.
Yoshit's Thanksgiving sig.
Yoshit's Christmas sig.
New Year's sig.
Current sig, relecting his status as a US Navy sailor.