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Stare into those eyes long enough, and you'll see things no mortal human was ever meant to see.

In Brief

Weegee is a form of Luigi that appears in the awful game, Mario is Missing. He is completely silent. He doesn't speak at all (except for that one time). But inside his mind he hides something humanity isn't ready to know...

He also happens to be a dead meme and is generally disliked by the "professional" pooping community.

Weegee's Mind-Soul Rape

Weegee has the ability to enslave anyone he wishes. This skill is called Mind-Soul Rape, AKA simply Weegee Stare. By talking, touching, eating and even just staring at him for a few seconds, you will get Mind-Soul raped. Your face will become Weegee's and you'll be doomed to be his slave and minion for all eternity. There is no cure, altough the world's top scientists are working on it, Einstein died whilst trying to find it, in fact he died while looking for it, Dr. Rabbit could not be bothered, and few others have the balls to look for it.

The Mind-Soul rape was once used to destroy an airplane.


  • He is the very embodiment of Anti-Uctions itself.
  • He was once in a war aginst recolors, and won with the aid of Bowser.
  • He once stayed at Mr. Krabs' hotel. It didn't end well.
  • He is widely known in 4chan and Encyclopeadia Dramatica.
  • Apparently, in Deepercutt's poop "You're A Meshi", Weegee actually spoke for the first time to the YouTube Poop community's knowledge. The video can be seen here. He also speaks in The Weegee Shuffle, in which he kills Mario
  • Anyone who supports Weegee must be shot and killed immediately.
  • He is a suspect in Dr. Rabbit's March 2009's disappearance.
  • He likes Action 52, because it reeks of Anti-Uctions.
  • He hates Super Mario Bros. 3, because it reeks of Uctions.
  • Like Fortran and his brother Malleo, Weegee had his own Youtube channel. However, unlike his bro Malleo and his dad, Fortran, his channel has since been suspended.
  • If Weegee were to stare at his reflection in a mirror, the world itself would turn into a Weegee slave-clone.
  • He is one of only 2 to not defeat Ivan Drago.
  • He doesn't like it when someone says there's no Adobe here in Nairobi, even if they have spectacular hotels.
  • He once had a penis light saber duel with King Harkinian, who chopped off Weegee's dong.
  • He can shoot fire out of his mustache.
  • He has one Pokemon, a Charizard 'M.
  • Was defeated once and for all by Link's Floating Head of Benevolence.
Contrary to popular belief, Weegee actually first appeared in the PC version of Mario Is Missing!

Liked By

  • Wannabes
  • People new to Internet memes.

Disliked By