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YouChew.png This article is related to the YouChew Forums.
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The YouChew logo that we know and love.

YouChew (formerly YouChewPoop) was the former community portal for, yet it later became a site unto itself after Conrad Slater retired as administrator during the shenanigans surrounding Planet Freedom. Conrad Slater bought the domain name because he thought it was funny. (He was wrong.)

To this day people claim to be a little grossed out by the term YouTube Poop so the idea of actually eating Poop must surely conjure such imagery to give reason to quit making or watching Poop altogether and instead turn their attention to re-dubs, bad slideshows, AMVs, Vlogging, and other kinds of YouTube Pollution. Indeed, several people have considered renaming the website - and even YouTube Poop in general - but so far, none have been successful.

Anyway, YouChew is pretty much the hub of the pooping community. It is a discussion grounds where poopers can talk to each other about poops, share good (or bad!) ones, and even give advice. At the same time, a lot of casual conversation is had, showing that poopers really are just like you and I. (See, we aren't a cult. Take that, bloggers!) In addition, there are many news articles, events, and other things that occur, and some things occurring in the past have become landmarks and fondly-remembered parts of poop history.

The YouChew Festival 2010 was held from March 21, 2010 to April 6, 2010, celebrating the website's second and current incarnation's anniversary, and the community as a whole's third anniversary. However, it outstayed its welcome and lasted an extra month, finally ending on May 7, 2010. The event was received amazingly by the community, and it occurred again during 2011, once again with great popularity. As a result of the Oz incident described below, though, the record of the 2011 Festival has disappeared forever.

Shortly after the festival, Oz, who had been on Tech Staff (a group that has since been dissolved due to the general inactivity of most of its members) for several months, showed his true colors and nearly succeeded at causing a rift within the community, but in the end failed and was irreversibly banned. As there would've been risk in continuing to use the forum after Oz left his mark, for a couple of weeks the community migrated to Planet Freedom as a temporary refuge and the main forum had to be restored to a February backup, which was the most recently usable backup from before Oz's impact.

The Site

YouChew comprises three main parts, with some other additional elements. By far the most active part of the site is the Forum, which has been called the heartbeat of the YouChew community, as it is where the most communication takes place. The News Page, also called the Front Page provides semi-professional as well as outright unprofessional news coverage of site events as well as reviews of media. Finally, the site also contains the Chewiki; a place to learn about Youtube Poop and memes; where you are right now.

The News Page

Main Article: YCP News Office

The News Page is controlled most directly by Nozdordomu, the current Editor-in-Chief of the YouChew Writing Staff. He and his editors lead the site's team of writers and attempt to provide enjoyable and informative pieces of writing for the viewers of the front page.

Conrad Slater created the News Page and was the first contributor of articles, the first of them chronicling the site's creation and development.

The Forum

With several hundred regular users, the Forum is the most active place on the site. "The Forum" has been used to describe two discussion boards: the first incarnation, which used Lussumo Vanilla software; and the second incarnation, which used PHPBB3. The Vanilla forums were for a long time archived, but in August of 2011 the posts and accounts from Vanilla were merged into the current incarnation thanks to the efforts of tabull.

Per July 24 2010, Dopply and the other administrators decided to update to the InvisionPower software due to constant glitches with the PHPBB3 software. The update has not removed any posts and almost everything has remained intact. The new software also contains features such as a point system, reputation, status updates, and a shop.

Conrad Slater was the first administrator and moderator of the forum, as well as its creator. Following his tenure, the current administration - first led by Thereisnospork303, later Dopply, and now SuperYoshi - took over following the Planet Freedom incident.

On February 6th 2011, the forums and it's sister sites were moved to the domain YouChew.Net with a new faster server, as part of Dopply's renovations to the site.

The Site Boards

Conrad originally intended the forums as a place where poopers could engage in creative discussion about the visual medium of Youtube Poop. Along the way, however, the forums also spawned additional sections where people could talk about art, TV shows, and many other subjects. As you can see below, the current YouChewPoop forums certainly contain a wide variety of subjects to chat and discuss about.

Forum Center

  • Introductions - Feel free to make yourself at home, and leave a good first impression on your peers.
  • Site Discussion, Questions, and Suggestions - Suggest ideas about the site, collaborate, and ask questions so you can learn.
  • Forum Announcements and Rules - Read up on the rules and important moderator announcements. Protected; only moderators and administrators can post.
  • The Hub - An area where people can collaborate on projects.
  • Articles - Along with the Home Page, it is one of two places where the Writing Staff's articles can be read and commented on.

YouTube Poop

  • Poop Listings - Show off your own poops and get some compliments to boost your ego confidence, or constructive criticism to help you improve the quality of your work. Or just use it for more views; we don't care. Also a great place to laugh (mockingly) at the various meme-filled poops new users tend to post. You can also show off other people's poops, and hopefully brighten up somebody's day. You can learn plenty from poops you post there.
  • Poop Talk - Discussion of YouTube Poop itself takes place here. Discuss sources that are used, or just talk about various poops and some of the culture.
  • Media Library - Exchange sources, software, and find out the source of a certain clip.
  • Poop Collaborations - Here, you can make a Poop Collaboration and have others join in your fun. The helpful Tennis Café staff can help you lock the thread of an completed/dead collab, answer your questions, or have them move a collab thread to another sub-forum as necessary.
    • Collabs: Sign-Up/Wanted - These collabs have just started and are awaiting more poopers to sign up. Once enough people have signed up and begun pooping, they move to "in progress".
    • Collabs: In Progress - Collabs that are in progress; they may or may not have a full roster of poopers. If you come early enough, you might be able to squeeze in.
    • Collabs: Completed - These collabs have been finished. The collab video was put together and each user has sent their contribution.
    • Collabs: Canceled and Failed - Collabs are risky business. Some are successful, and the rest don't make it out alive. This is a life-or-death situation, and if "death" occurs, this is basically where they end up. The road not taken...
  • Poop Tennis - Arrange YouTube Poop Tennis matches here. The Tennis Café staff also have administrator powers here, and can help with the same stuff as in the Collaboration forum.

Chat Center

Media Center

  • Gaming - Chat about games - old, new, or upcoming - and your opinions on them.
  • Film, Television, and Videos - Talk about movies, Internet videos, and rant about Cartoon Network's latest shows.
  • The Internet - Advertise a fun website you found, and chat about other stuff found on the internet.
  • Art and Images - Chat about various art-related stuff, post various images related to a certain topic, post said art you may or may not like, and even show off some of your own artwork.
  • Music and Audio - Discuss your favourite types of music here, such as music-related news or simply talk about your favourite songs.
  • Writing and Literature - Post a story you're working around and get praise and criticism like a Poop. Read other people's literature, and even talk about books in general.
  • Computers & Tech Support - You can talk about computers here, and it is also the place to go to if you're having any technical issues.

Site Peripherals

The Vanilla Forums had a very similar system, though boards were often split into more specific categories (such as a board specifically for Sony Vegas tech support). Perhaps one of the most prominent old boards, however, was the "Showroom of Shame", where users showed off bad poops they found. The Showroom of Shame does not exist as a board on the new forums.

En Grande

It's also quite a little shindig where the peeps and the gents can shimmy all around up on each other, before you get busted by the po-man-chu in the white baron cap. Also known as SnabbitRore, the ultimate king of swing, the jungle V.I.P, and the local solid rabbit. Nobody knows about the influx of news from the news, or if the newcomers are really just bringers. Outside and all that, no one could really tell from what we see around there, except the Sonic things and all the threads with made by the Sonic things and also some other things, not always Sonic. COMBOS.

Also, it's the website that this very wiki is hosted on.

  • 99% of the viewers of this page have absolutely no clue what this section is talking about, which makes it even more awesome.
  • On October 22, 2010, Pimpsahoy returned to the forums. This caused both the spam and the porn forums to be revived for one day. It was the best day ever to those who participated in it. And for those who didn't, well they wish they were there. Some believe that it should be considered a holiday.

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