strong414bad was reportedly only 13 when he was initially knighted among the first generation of Tennis Fucks on YouChew in May 2008 by RabbitSnore. He is well remembered in recent years as being one of the top Windows Movie Maker YTPers of his day, and was among the very early players of Tennis, most active until about 2009, following his participation in the Tennis Season as part of the team Incredible Laser Sword. His 2008 three-way match with Emperor Ing and NS2 was informally titled “The Windows Movie Master”, which served to be the primary inspiration of the 2009 Cup-style tennis tournament of the same name, a tournament that he and Emperor Ing would participate in. He is also known as the first player to tennis himself, playing a 6 round match off of his own videos in late 2007. He briefly resurfaced again in 2013 to play one more match and to contribute a second round to the Tennis Fuck Multi Way match and has not been seen since. His YTP work can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive