You may have noticed a different logo and URL, huh? After much deliberation, I have decided to embrace the roots of the community and relaunch the site as the YouChew Network…a resource and directory for the video remixing phenomenon known as YouTube Poop and all of its other creative offshoots.

Other than the name and logo change, the objective of the site hasn’t changed – a resource and directory for YouTube Poopers, and a network to keep creative folks in the community together. Embracing and continuing a 12-year legacy is also a nice bonus.

YouChew the forum will not return. It has run its course, and it died its death. The archive, however, will return at some point and be login read-only accessible. But for now, let’s focus on the future and continue the exciting momentum we’ve built up thus far.

If you would like to join our community, I highly recommend hopping in the Discord featured in the sidebar. If you prefer the forum format, YTPMania continues to operate and be a lovely place.

Thanks for checking us out, and I hope to see you around the community for years to come.