Insector has, to some degree, managed to single handedly define the landscape of YTP for a decade and counting. Under the name Insector, he became the individual to thank for the introduction of Michael Rosen into YTP, in addition to Only The Brave Can Rescue The Kindnapped Princess. Under the name Ricesnot, a clever anagram of Insector, he became the supreme purveyor of “bone vids”, a series of videos that began with the repeated usage of a commercial for a toy called “Rattle Me Bones”, that took off and became one of the most well known trends in YTP during the early 2010s. These days he mostly uploads under the name Icesnort, returning again to an unthemed format, with the occasional focus on specific sources such as the Snow Miser from The Year Without a Santa Claus. Insector remains a supreme master of internet comedy, still capable of making every source he touches turn to gold, with Michael Rosen in particular having spawned a subculture entirely of its own at this stage. His work under the names Insector and Ricesnot can be found in the archives below.

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