MycroProcessor was greatly influenced by GameBop. GameBop, in turn, was equally influenced by Mycro, and the first of many many Youtube Poop Tennis matches they played together happened to be Mycro’s first ever. While it took GameBop much longer to gain the attention their work deserved, MycroProcessor’s videos took off almost immediately with the YTP community in 2008, 2009, and far beyond due to their unique and unprecedented presentation. His signature and often emulated editing style came about after an extended period of experimentation under great technical limitations with WMM and Sony Vegas, conditions which resulted in his trademark usage of “Puzzle Pieces”, to the end that once he began putting out videos under this name, he immediately appeared as a force of nature onto the then-current scene of YTP. Quickly making a name for himself with fast, complex and meticulously edited output, especially in the world of YouTube Poop Tennis wherein he was soon knighted a Second Generation Tennis Fuck; MycroProcessor was one of the big names to watch out for. He introduced new video plugins including Wax 2.0 and NewBlueFX, helping YTP to begin to take on new, strange and interesting appearances. He also proved to be an equally giant influence upon the world of YTPMV, creating some of the most thorough and sophisticated pitch-shift based musical compositions in videos that came to be his best known works (“YOU ARE JOLTOEN YOU’RE ARE SHARP!”, “The proper vowels go inside the ARTICLE TO fiberglass TO potentiometer in 7/8 TIME”, “The Quax was not as prepared as the Quax was”) long before the form was to be the standard of YTPMV and the subsequent forms it took. He fared naturally well in competitive tennis, making it to the final match of the 2008-2009 Doubles Cup I (alongside GameBop) and the 2010 Three-Way Tournament and finally winning the 2013 Triples Cup (alongside GameBop and EletricalMonkey). From 2010 onward, Mycro, in his words, “decided to stop making god videos” and dovetailed headlong into an intensely exploratory and avant-garde direction, notably across the tennis matches he played in the 2010 Three-Way Tournament (a competition he also conceived and hosted) and later works such as “When Did You First Learn About Tennis?” and the mammoth 6-hour epic “Vore. Unbirth. Dinner.” Through decidedly minimalist/abstract editing and repeated usage of blank space, Mycro successfully reinvented himself as a creator capable of editing in almost any style he pleased, and continued to explore both sides of this spectrum until retiring in 2019 for the time being. His videos can be found in the archives below.

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