One of the four major post-Boogidyboo Robotnik YTPers of 2009-2010 and one of the bigger names in the United Kingdom, pilli10 is recognized as another early king of sentence-mixing and for the simplistic, accessible and often UK-based humor of his work which has won him a wide audience since 2008 and beyond. While Robotnik is his signature, he is also greatly known for venturing into many other areas of YTP, being no stranger to YTPMV and the latest fads of the day with the humorous original contributions he has made to each. He is also known for a long-time association with Stuart K. Reilly and the YouTube Poop NEWS show, to which he made many contributions during the show’s early years. Among his most well-known works are “The king goes to the cinema”, “Sam I am samples Greggs”, “Steve finds a bigger blue”, “The loli loving captain bones”, “1. Tommy Gets Tanked”, “Robotnik searches for food in sand canyon” and “Robotnik Bounced Like a Fatterfly”. These and the rest of his works can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive