Previously known under other names such as Kortez3000, SantaWithTeeth is regarded as the essential godfather of “Spingebill”, a YTP subculture of Spongebob-focused YouTube Poops consisting of many videos done under some derivative of Santa’s own signature editing style. His work was made primarily between the years of 2007-2009, with his last work being made as recently as 2011. He helped to popularize the MOAR KRABS meme, featuring it in almost every single one of his videos, and his known for his frequent battles with YouTube’s Copyright system due to the Viacom-owned content of most of his work, losing many of the accounts he originally uploaded on. He was also known to make videos featuring other sources including Seseme Street and Barney and Friends. Thankfully, the sheer popularity of his work and the subsequent influence they had on the generations that came after him have assured their preservation through some means. What has been saved can be found in the archives below.

Video Archives