Aesaun’s time in YouTube Poop was brief, cut off by very strict and conservative parenting that forced them to vanish from the internet entirely in 2009, almost never to be seen again, not the least in YTP. But for the year that he was around, he managed to make a definitive mark within YouTube Poop Tennis, the community where he made his home. Often compared to and close to MycroProcessor around that time, Aesaun’s crowning achievement within Tennis was his win in the 2008-2009 Doubles Cup I alongside AjaxCubed, beating the opposing team of MycroProcessor and GameBop in what is often considered one of the greatest doubles matches in history. He also played in the ill-fated 2008 Tennis League III and the 2009 Tennis Season as part of the team The Electric Teal Joltoen Of Terror, with his failed match with RideTheCatfish containing his last ever output. One of his more well known moments is the YTPMV section of “Because”, done in waltz time, later to be directly referenced by trepmaws in one of his rounds in the 2010 Three-Way Tournament. Aesaun’s work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive