Proudly southern, proudly furry, most people would hear Stu’s name at least at one time or another in some context from about 2009 onward. This was the year that he began YouTube Poop NEWS, an informal and irregular show that would commentate on the current happenings, trends, and YTPers to watch out for of the day, often from the point of view from Stu himself but also featuring a large cast of collaborators including pilli10, HoZKINZ, Insector, LieutenentGwo, MSTRadock and others. It stands today as an accurate time capsule of what the attitudes and culture of YouTube Poop were from 2009 until about 2017, which was the most active period that YouTube Poop NEWS would be updated, and it stood along KevinTAckerman’s Top 10 as another institution that was the subject of hot debate, criticism, but nevertheless, lots of attention. Stu interviewed many different YTPers through this show, often being the source of many interviewees first ever voice recordings, with particular highlights being the interviews with big names such as SuperYoshi and WalrusGuy. As a YouTube Pooper absent of the NEWS show, Stuart absorbed and featured a small amount of everything in his work, but almost always favored the joke-laden post-classic style popular throughout 2009-2011 with a number of flash poop elements thrown in. He subsequently moved onto other ventures including music and video game reviews, but something of him has always remained in YouTube Poop even to the present day. His work and NEWS shows can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive