tabull is a rare case of YouTube Pooper whose community contributions far outshine the actual videos that they made. Many people who will read this will probably be surprised to learn that tabull did in fact make videos long, long before his in-depth involvement with the YouChew forums. As a forum community member, tabull rose up from the ranks of the old tech staff to an admin position, proving to be a bonafide computer tech wizard with much to offer to the site, and in October 2012 became YouChew’s fifth and longest owner. He is credited for essentially doubling the lifespan of the forums, beefing up the server strength to its absolute strongest point and outfitting the forums with many useful tools and add-ons, even managing to reconnect the vanilla era posts (2007-2008) back into it. He passed the site down to final owner Whelt in 2016 and largely retired from site activity, and is fondly remembered and held with very high respect amongst all of the surviving community for the work he did during his tenure. As a YouTube Pooper, his primary video activity happened between 2007-2008, focusing almost exclusively on dissecting the CD-I cutscenes. While these videos have long been little-known outside of other members of YouChew, they definitely deserve a revival of retrospective attention. They can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive