The “Robotnik Golden Age” can be best stipulated has having lasted from about 2007-2013, from the dawn of PINGAS until sometime after The Robotnik Collab III. If there was anyone who could have singlehandedly been a driving force behind Robotnik’s perpetuity in YTP during those years, it would have to be none other than BigMarioAndTailsFan, better known as BMATF, one of the most influental and respected of all Robotnik YTPers. Even when he was dwarfed in popularity by figures such as Boogidyboo and TheChairman45, his own videos often still had a sway in the direction other Robotnik YTPers took in both his past and present work. His three-way all-Robotnik YouTube Poop Tennis match with UncleChuckTH and Wikiwow laid the groundwork for Robotnik Tennises that were to come. He started and hosted three Robotnik Collabs, with the Robotnik Collab I (2009) and the Robotnik Collab II (2010) featuring contributions from just about every big name Robotnik YTPer that existed. The Robotnik Collab III (2012), which was completed by dew, became at the time the longest collab ever created in the YTP community, and saw participation from all generations. He is an indisputable pillar of the subgenre, and Robotnik YTP has not been quite the same since he retired. He is also known for equally making quality YTPs using The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, The Powerpuff Girls, Panty and Stocking, and for being one of the Original Five, among the first five people ever to play a game of YouTube Poop Tennis, with his 5-round match with Markie being the second game ever played. Among his well known works include “Luigi refuses to do the mario.” “Robotnik’s Fatal Kitty Litter Incident”, “Robotnik is Helpless”, “Steve’s Unhealthy Obsession”, his Powerpuff Girls Collab, and the joke video “SHABBA DOO”. His incredible oeuvre of work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive