Glue70 is now becoming a well-known underground musician with a respectful cult following, thanks to the attention brought to his work through the mashup “You Reposted In The Wrong Neighborhood”. He is roughly the third, along with Graham Kartna (aka Kurkop) and DanielRadcliffe777, to do so after first cutting his musical teeth in the YTP and YTPMV realms of the internet. His work in this area very much gave off the air of a smoother, more clean-cut version of DR777 with colorful After Effects visuals abounding, and his musical prowess when it came to YTPMV was as equally unmatched and spectacular as the former. His well known works include his breakout hit “CD-i The Source”, “National Interest”, “Photography The Tip”, “Jaffa Cake Jam”, “Animal Crossing: Weed World”, “Still D.E.A.D.”, “glue uses no more nails” and his long lost THE STAGE series, only on YouTube for a very brief time and since entering into legend for those who were there to see them. What survives of his YTP/YTPMV work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive