When searching for YouTube Poop in YouTube’s search bar, there was a time where the first result would be “Toys Gone Wild”, and not far under it would be “Braw Taunts”. This was the most popular work of a YTPer named MTB710, otherwise known as Temeku, one of the early harbingers of fast, intense and visually-loaded editing and one of the most famous to do so. His videos regularly reached the 10,000 view range throughout 2008-2009, and he left a notable mark within the 2008 Tennis Cup I, his only competitive tennis tournament. His most famous match in it was that with Domorato, with his Round 4, “ROBOTNIK IS A TERRORIST”, managing to reach over 16,000 views. His other famous works include “Youtube Poop: Sonic Gets His Dick Ripped Off”, his many Drake & Josh, Fresh Prince and iCarly Youtube Poops, “I’M HASSID DAVELHOFF”, and “Yoshi Talks About Sex For 5 Minutes”. His last video was uploaded in June 2009, after which he went “Out at sea on an Aircraft Carrier from June 29th – July 7th” as per his channel title. He has however never been seen within YouTube Poop again, leading to mystique about his current wherabouts. His work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive