PowerWalrus, now known as BradSee, was at least a year or two ahead of his time, or perhaps in a time completely of his own. To watch his videos is to have no uncertain idea as to when they were made, and to then hear that the bulk of them were made in 2008 or 2009 is to come usually as a complete surprise. While almost a completely unknown figure, he nevertheless won the attention and interest from more prominent names such as Triple_sSs, XBR4D3NX and MycroProcessor among others for his absolutely original and untethered approach to video making. Among his strange and hallucinatory catalogue of works include “mickeyyekcim”, “YTP: Bugs’ 4 Minute Ether Frolic”, “GRAMPA”, “A Kindergarten Cop Poop”, “Indy Punches Everyone And Gets Punched”, “Full Of Country Goodness” and “Youtube Poop: Fred Mercury”. These and many others can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive